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  1. So does this mean the R6 does shoot 4k 60p but via HDMI and not internal?
  2. Used a D850 i think i also used a Tamron 24-70 with VC and its perfect for shooting handheld, just get used to holding your breath. This was the first video we did, it lacks movement so i don't like that much. But in this setup he brought his mic which we plugged to the recorder, same with the guitar. The thing is, we prefer to do it without the mic to look even more acoustic than it already is. Also it was my second day with the Mavic Pro and flew it between some trees and didnt crash it so i got that going for me
  3. All handheld, both him and me are just doing this for fun so we try to make it simple, and thanks! Sure! Had a D750 on a tripod and was shooting with a D850 handheld, we had 3 takes i think, so i set up the D750 with the tripod on 3 different places on each take and did the same with the D850 and used a 35mm 85mm and 105mm, and placed the recorder next to him he only had to turn his guitar a bit away from the recorder so we could have an almost equal volume on voice and guitar sound.
  4. I am not an audio guy, i am completly ignorant in that department. I did a couple of videos of a friend of myne playing guitar in the middle of trees and i just used a Zoom H4n Pro to record it, its not perfect but it works!
  5. So i heard about the D850 when it came out, and was willing to pull the trigger on it and sell my a6500 and D800 to cover it and as soon as i read what Andrew wrote about it, it confirmed what i was expecting. Fast forward 3months and i did my first little job with it and really liked what it came out of it, i am still trying to figure out how to get the footage from the mavic pro to look cleaner and softer without becoming too mooshy so excuse that part, but the colors straight from the camera are awesome and the detail on the 120fps are amazing coming from an a6500 this is night and day
  6. I personally don't find that accurate, if you want something done right, photo or video, its hard to make. For some people getting a good video out is easy if its hard for you or me it does not make it a hard thing, good content no matter what format it is is hard to create period.
  7. I think it actually made me be more patient and only click when i feel i got the photo instead of clicking away and hoping for the best
  8. if they do lets hope they delete the pics from it :P
  9. When i started shooting (stills) all i did was grab the camera walk around the city where i live and try to look for interesting things happening around me and i do remember the feeling i had when i actually captured something nice! And at the time i was using medium format so i only had 12 chances to get something awesome, and i really miss the ritual of going out shooting and then developing those rolls just to find what came out of it, they werent always the best picture one could take but it was my own personal ritual which i think i will go back to.
  10. I was already interested on the D850 and after reading your take on it @Andrew Reid i bought one the day after, only had the chance to shoot photos on it and a small portion of video but i already see the potential it really is an amazing camera! Will try to do a bit of video this weekend. Im really excited because i loved the video coming out of the D800 and D750 so this can only be better! BTW also bought a Tamron 24-70 VC (not the G2)
  11. Really nice looking footage @Gregormannschaft what lens did you use?
  12. Great job @kidzrevil do you mind sharing your S-LOG3 settings with us, or is it just 'straight out-of-the-box'
  13. I currently own a D810 and a D750, the D750 is an all-round camera and i really really love the colours, the D810 is a whole other level of camera regarding resolution & detail, with that being said i would always choose the D750 because i know i can do everything with it and with the D810 there are some things i will struggle with, low light and low light focusing
  14. thank you! Cine4 with Slog3 Gamma so you can shoot at iso200 and still have a bit of leverage
  15. I got mine for a while now, and it sill surprises me video & photo wise, its a very impressive and versatile camera once you know how to work around its weaknesses (video frames)
  16. Thanks! All shots are handheld but i got lucky with those, warp stabilizer worked really well with these clips. The bitrate hack is a firmware hack that ups the mbps from 24 to 64, only real drawback is you cant playback the videos in the camera, here is a link with more info here http://nikonhacker.com/ Porto is a really really beautifull place, the architecture the city the people it all makes for a great package, i would gladly live there its full of interesting things. Well the backwards part was just me trying out something different :P
  17. This is a simple clip i did from a vacation to Porto last year, used a D800 (with the bitrate hack) wth 35mm art lens and Samyang 14mm. It really is a simple clip, not that much storyline, just wanted to have fun grading the footage and assembling it to have something to look at thats all. Graded in premiere.
  18. Did you ever get to use a D800? i think the D5500 has nothing on a D800 for video
  19. I used to take my 500CM to weddings too, and once took a Mamiya super 23, but there is no market for that where i live, and its not practical for most types of weddings.
  20. I beg to differ, i shoot weddings, and the guys i 'worship' and really like to look at their work still use the D700, working hard gets you a long way, having the lastest and best gear isn't that important, most people tend to use what they are more confortable with and that allows them to focus on other matters besides the technical ones.
  21. If your livelihood depends on the absolute best gear, than maybe you are doing something wrong. Don't get me wrong, having adequate gear is important, but it doesn't solve everything. If you haven't got a good eye its not the latest camera that's gonna save your ass.
  22. Its in the making! hopefully ill have it ready soon
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