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  1. It does with mine. Others report they have problem with locking. At 11-16 I have slight vignetting at the left bottom corner. Didn't notice it at once.
  2. Shot by Lumix LX100. Light travel tripod. Gimbal Beholder MS1.
  3. If the size of LX100 doesn't look impressing for the customer smile emoticon FOTGA rig, Zoom H4N, RODE stereo mic, RAM mount, LCD-V3, Opteka 58mm extention tube. There is no need for a belt to attach a follow focus. The follow focus blocks access to the focus mode switch.
  4. Exactly. The moving part of the lx100 lens is seems to be the most vulnerable part of the camera (apart from SD card slot). I had warnings to re-power lx100 a couple of timestimes because of the lens gotten stuck. That is why I will use the heavy closeup filter only with the tube (I already have it). I also have variaty of 77mm ND filters left from Canon lens with an appropriate step up ring. Note. This opteka G7 tube is too short for the lx100 in full zoom.
  5. Just found that 58mm Opteka lens conversion adapter tube for G7 fits lx100. If there is an appropriate ND filter or macro lense they can be attached to the camera without load to the moving part of the lx100 lense.
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