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  1. Totally... and it's more than welcome. But i've been around this forum long enough to know how things work here. Some people will always just give you the pat on the back, but I've seen good honest feedback on this forum... and I think that's mainly what I was getting. I think you were honest, and I also think the others were honest. Thanks for your feedback!
  2. Hi guys! Big thanks for all the feedback!! Good or bad, I trust you guys a lot!! I had some major problems on the way... limit was 10 minutes, so I had to cut out at least 3 minutes, so every second counted (that's why the ending is really rushed, and some things don't make sense). I had 48 hours to edit the final cut, and good old murphy's law... my premiere started to play up, so I had to start again at one point, losing around 12 hours on work... long story short, it was crazy, so I focused mainly on the emotional tone of the story, hoping that the viewers could fill in the gaps. The gear I used was: The 2 canon cameras (600d&700d) with cinestyle. Sigma 18-35 f1.8, Canon 50mm f1.4 and 85mm f1.8. All used at F1.8. Shark slider (great slider, worth every penny), with manfrotto 502hd head. Small Varavon T1 tilt jib. 40€ fog machine used in the scene at 3:34 and the last scene. 2 Aputure´s LED HR672W, and 1 H198C (all great little lights). Thanks guys!!
  3. I just wanted to share our work, and get some feedback from you guys... It was shot for a gin contest with a Canon 700d & 600d... Thanks for your time!
  4. So do I. It looks like BM are heading in the right direction. They just need some time to work things out (like RED 10 years ago). If they get that 4.6k sensor right... I think we got a winner!! Every time someone complains too heavily about BM cameras, I think they should just think of that price again. For low budget "cinema"... best bang for buck any day (IMO). Spoilt little buggers!!
  5. I've had both, Ace M and 502hd... Both are smooth and well made. I've got the Manfrotto now, and don't miss the Satchler at all (IMO it's overrated). I use the 502hd head with these legs (I paid less than 90€)... http://www.amazon.com/Ravelli-AVTP-Professional-Camera-Tripod/dp/B00139W0XM/ref=sr_1_1?s=photo&ie=UTF8&qid=1441019126&sr=1-1&keywords=video+tripod This is another good option... http://www.amazon.com/Benro-A373FBS8-Video-Tripod-Kit/dp/B00HWO6ESY/ref=sr_1_2?s=photo&ie=UTF8&qid=1441019498&sr=1-2&keywords=benro+s8
  6. Well... I've had the MustHD 7" for a year, I've used it in sunny Spain dozens of times, and IMHO it isn't "useless". It is quite reflective, but with the hood on you can see the screen well enough to still work with it. Of course, if it is directly reflecting the sun behind you, it can turn into a "mirror", but I work in 95% of the cases with the sun in front of me (behind the talent). In those cases it works fine outdoors. What I don't like is the focus assist of the old version, with no color peaking. My screen came with a dead pixel in the middle, after loads of emails they never gave me a real solution, just a send it back to China and we will check it out, but you pay for everything. They also told me that they were going to update the firmware constantly a year ago... Still waiting. So IMO, not a bad screen indoors and outdoors, quite good for the price, but a dodgy company behind it.
  7. Internal 10Bit & true log (keeping nice colors) and I'm totally in...
  8. Well, you know, this is a cam tech blog, so if we're not allowed to cry here, you tell me... I lost my hope in them long time ago, but when you see something like this it just makes you wonder. And nope, Canon EF glass isn't reliable enough on other cams. I think the opposite is exactly the problem with Canon... No choice... want something decent, pay premium... Starbucks of cam gear Ain't asking for a dream cam, I'm just asking for something that isn't a crippled piece of caca. Like when Canon was cool back in the XL1/2 days.
  9. ​I'm saying GH4 is clearly the "poor's man" doco cam, and this is where the XC10 is heading. Great you haven't invested in Canon, and you're free like a bird, but others have, so I was just answering your question: Not sure why people knock these things so much.... At least they try new things.
  10. Do you want a... "Canon XC10, better than the GH4, and depending on the light... also the A7S" in the promo? Do you really think there's no reason to be a bit disappointed with Canon?
  11. ​Easy... Canon has neglected a lot of their own costumers for too long, after spending loads of $$ on their lenses. Looks like a constant joke... C100 II...1080p C300 II... BIG $$ 5D MK III... No 50p & Mushy time!! Now this... Nice size, codec, 4K... But fixed Shitty lens, 1" Sensor "Semi-pros" just want a good Canon Cam, we have been begging for it for years now... That's why people knock this things. 90% of low budget shooters don't want this. We are not asking for the moon, we just want something similar to the GH4, so we can use our Canon lenses.
  12. Blackmagic with super 35mm size sensor, in same case (I'm keeping it realistic here... I would love a BM with a C100 style body), with same 13 stops DR and filmic look as the 2,5k cine cam, but with better low light performance than the production cam. And some type of battery solution built in (if cheap LED lights can have it, sure BM can do it)... and 2,5K as a RAW recording option would be cool and make a lot of sense.
  13. ​Well... Ed's or Andrew's videos (just talking about the NX1 ones) are a great example of simple "one man band" pieces, where budget and equipment doesn't count that much, talent and knowledge does. But after doing this for some time you do start to draw the lines, knowing where the "goodness" is coming from, if it's great lighting, a good lens, composition, the image of the actual camera, a bit of all... If you see something with spot on lighting, you start to see the great work behind it, you know it's not the camera. I think post production and settings are the tricky ones nowadays, given their huge impact on the final image... PS- I have been lucky enough to shoot in NYC, Lisbon and Sintra, all lovely cinematic places...
  14. ​Funny hearing this from you, Ed... The motion of your NX1 videos looks like film!! I've seen loads of videos of both cameras, haven't tried the NX1 because it's hard to find in some countries of Europe (hard to buy, imposible to rent) and my impression (gut feeling) was that NX1 had better motion, don't know, there's something less "filmic" about the latest SONY's, they seem to need a really flat profile to sell the whole film effect, with a normal profile they look like video to me (my gut speaking here). So, I agree 100%... In our gut we must trust!!
  15. The Panny AF200 the rumors are talking about... 3000-4000$ for: 10bit, 16 stops of DR, and better color science...
  16. Don't know how many Canons and Nikons are out there, and I couldn't care less for the reasons they have for protecting their own markets. All I know is that I've got plenty of Canon glass, but if Samsung really continues with the firmware updates, listening to feedback, and Samsung glass (or adapters) keeps coming... I know where I'm heading, I prefer companies trying to adapt to my needs, not the opposite.
  17. Get out there and shoot sounds great... so much wasted time looking for the "perfect cam" (and arguing on the blogs for the sake of it) Jagnje... if I had to buy now, I would go for the Nikon D5X00 series... If you can match your glass that is.
  18. Got a magic ball Jimmy? Just kidding! Who could have anticipated the pocket camera 2 years ago? Or 500 and 1000$ price drops? Hybrids? Jump from GH3 to GH4 (not just its 4K)? More players in game than ever... And they all have to move faster each time, no more Rebels and 5D comfort anymore... Dunno, I would wait defo
  19. Waiting for NAB isn't waiting for "the perfect camera", it's just seen where the market's heading, and yes, sometimes it takes ages for a camera to be released, but one of the main reasons to wait is the painfull price drops (2nd hand gear too) after key announcements. As said... bad moment to buy, great one to sell. But if you need it ASAP for a job... go out and buy it, or even better, rent.
  20. My suggestion... Wait until NAB. It's the worst time of the year to buy a camera.
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