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  1. Whatever you think of the price, it seemed like a well written sales pitch. Had enough of a corporate feel to convince a reader that these guys could actually produce what they're claiming they will.
  2. At the very least, the video AF looks like it'll be great for casual purposes. There's a focus priority sub setting of accuracy that seems to help. I also switched from face detect to zone focus. Have only done a few test videos but it seems pretty close to the A6000 with these changes. Plus 4K frame grabbability (is that a word?)
  3. Why not run 2 mounts in parallel? Produce fairly hollow mirrorless bodies with F mounts for the pros who don't want adapters. Meanwhile, produce NX mount bodies for those who want smaller bodies with smaller lenses. As NX mount becomes more mature, some F mount users will slowly transition over. And Nikon could continue to support F mount for decades really, it would transfer new lens development to NX mount. In the meantime, they'd probably have pro Nikon shooters who buy both, one for work and one for play.
  4. Me: "You know, kids, I owned a Samsung NX1 when you were little" Kids: "Was that an early Nikon NX camera?" Me: "Well, back then, it was a Samsung camera. But even back then, no one knew they made cameras. So they slapped a Nikon label on it and the rest is history. That's how mirrorless Nikon NX cameras started" Kids: "Wow!!" I can feel it already, I'm gonna be rollin in camera cred with the younger generation
  5. I'm not sure their reputation for crap cameras prevented sales. It probably had more to do with the fact that no one even knew they made cameras. Enthusiasts don't even know, much less consumers.
  6. I'm totally assuming you're right about Devin Allen. I am criticizing Samsung's social media campaign which uses a hashtag that does not help sell Samsung cameras.
  7. Obviously they're not selling in enough volume to justify whatever marketing fees these spaces cost, so why not strip down to an online only presence in countries where sales volume is low? I don't understand why they have to completely "pull out." I don't know about anyone else here, but 0% of my purchases are linked to visiting a kiosk like this. If I did visit a kiosk like this, it'd be after I'd already made a purchase decision. So that leaves consumers (who don't know anything about photography) as the target of a kiosk like this. And consumers will mainly rely on branding. Seems like Samsung would be better off spending their marketing dollars on word of mouth stuff, maybe sponsor some content in forums. Someone will have to explain the Imagelogger program to me. Here's a Devlin Allen Tweet from his Samsung camera: I literally cannot tell from this Tweet that Samsung is involved. The hashtag doesn't seem to accomplish its purpose. 1. Samsung isn't in the name 2. Samsung isn't in the name 3. It doesn't brand Samsung whatsoever. If I ever want to join the Imagelogger social justice campaign, on the other hand... Better hashtags, back of the envelope style: #SamsungDoes[insert city]. For Devlin Allen's awesome Baltimore photos, it'd be #SamsungDoesBalto #SamsungImagelogger #SamsungImagelog #CapturedBySamsung#SamsungLife #SamsungImage #SamsungNX or #SamsungNX1 or #Samsung NX500
  8. The slow dribble of European announcements is making it seem worse. Instead of one quick and painful "all of Europe" press release, which we would then get over, rather we're getting hit with individual announcements from each EU country. The aggregate pessimism from all these press releases will end up much higher than that generated by a single European press release would have been.
  9. I am definitely willing to chip in for a firmware hack that increases the physical size of the sensor to 35mm
  10. There's are firmware hackers out there already, good place to start is talking to the folks who did the NX300 hack http://www.personal-view.com/talks/discussion/7404/samsung-nx-nx300-cameras-hack
  11. Fascinating organizational insight in that Steve Jobs interview, I'd never heard that before but makes sense intuitively. But with photography companies, you'd have to understand the specific organizational process of each company. Because it seems to me that marketing would likely play a role in specifying cameras specs. After that, engineers are tasked with producing a product which meets that spec. Somehow I doubt that engineers at camera companies are these garage geniuses that come up with great products all on their own. Product development is too complicated for that. They have so many considerations to account for before the design is even made, like manufacturing capabilities, supply partners, etc. If anything, product design is probably a very iterative team process from across the company, which makes Jobs' explanation seem a bit simplistic.
  12. I'm looking to buy a Samsung NX1 body. Contact me. I'm located in CONUS.
  13. I replied in the other thread. Yes apparently, and it's not firmware, it's just that apparently the sensor 4K is actually 3840x2160 and it's just digital conversion somehow to produce 4096x2160. I'm curious if the same is true for the NX500, which only offers 24p in 4096x2160. The native 3840x2160 is only offered in 30p on the NX500.
  14. Yes apparently, and it's not firmware, it's just that apparently the sensor 4K is actually 3840x2160 and it's just digital conversion somehow to produce 4096x2160. I'm curious if the same is true for the NX500, which only offers 24p in 4096x2160. The native 3840x2160 is only offered in 30p on the NX500.
  15. For those who own the primes, are you all on the latest firmware for your lenses? Some differences in performance could be explained by old firmware. I bought both 16-50 zooms but will buy primes for video AF but only if they'll work ps from the firmware list, it appears 2D/3D = two versions of the same 45mm lens. And then there's a separate 45mm lens that isn't 2D or 3D.
  16. Yeah, if you're a pro, you might need commercial insurance. My insurance gives me some coverage outside the home although it's only a small percentage of my total contents coverage. Just call your insurance agent and tell them what you're trying to cover and ask them what's the best way to cover it. Unless it's part of insurance you're already getting anyways, I'm not sure it'll end up being worth it. There are lots of ways to get screwed by insurance companies.
  17. You can get it as part of your homeowners or renters insurance. You may have to select "blanket coverage" for camera equipment where you don't have to itemize in advance. You get a rate for that class of items (cameras/lenses). Price might be $2-4 per $100 of coverage annually.
  18. Does Super 35 mm​ mode (that is oversampled 4K without pixel binning) mean it uses a sensor area that is directly equivalent to a Sony APS-C body? In which case all of the E mount APS-C lenses could be used?
  19. Nice little ode to nyc, as seen from the rearview mirror. Great mood. I may find myself reposting this at some point if and when I ever leave the city.
  20. An NX500 with the same video specs as the NX1 at half the price was a bit too good to be true. This sounds like a reasonable way to differentiate the models. Now there is really nice vs really really nice.
  21. This review says the A5100 has full sensor readout. No idea how reliable that info is though.
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