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  1. no, Pro Colour is for no PP There's a separate EOSHD s-log profile
  2. PM'ed you. Missing the box cover but I have the underbox, foam inserts, OEM hood, and both OEM lens caps. I have the original owner's receipt. Minor scuff marks on the focusing rings are visible if you enlarge the photo. Seller pays CONUS shipping and regular Paypal. Body has been sold. Now selling the lens separately.
  3. NX1 appears to be sold. Let me know if anyone wants the S zoom lens.
  4. If anyone wants to pick up a cheap Samsung NX1, please let me know. I have this up on ebay now, but I'll sell it to someone here at what I'd net on ebay after transaction fees and pass the savings on to you.
  5. Great camera! Was mainly used by me at home so it's been well cared for. Box, paperwork, original accessories. I have the original owner's receipt. This uses Samsung OEM firmware. Free bonuses: Samsung ED-BC4NX03 Charger ($40 new) Samsung ED-BP1900 Battery ($26 new) ITG IC113 screen protector ($15 new) Lightroom 5 ($100 new?) Seller pays CONUS shipping and regular Paypal. Only selling body and lens as a combo for now. Combo price: $1,650 PM for details.
  6. Confused on the update. The A6300 (and presumably the A6500) does allow color depth adjustments when using an S-Gamut Color Mode. That's what the original EOSHD ProColor profile was. Am I missing something?
  7. teddoman

    classic digital

    Nice! I used to have an LX7. Great little camera.
  8. Demonstration of hybrid AF in 4K video of A6300 and A6500 Low light, wide dynamic range A6500: A6500 slo mo, same conditions:
  9. If this was a zen koan intending to stop the mind in its tracks and make you go "WTF?", I think you def nailed it
  10. Haven't seen many reports of overheating on the A6300 since the new firmware came out, to be honest. Don't know about the other bodies.
  11. Just noticed that the original press release says "read speed three times faster than that of the predecessor model for effective suppression of movement distortion" Sounds like they're advertising improvement in rolling shutter
  12. I'd settle for an EF mount smart adapter that allows manual focus-by-wire and aperture-by-wire on NX lenses, giving them life after NX. E mount users could double up with an EF to E mount adapter. Call it the KJ-i666, named after Kim Jong-il
  13. Which, if true, coincides with Samyang starting to come out with autofocus lenses.
  14. DPR interview says dual quad cores for processing data, 2x RAM of E-M1 With all this processing power, seems like they could handle full readout of the sensor, but full readout is conspicuously absent from announcements
  15. kind of guerilla, but a lot of people would go on nepal blogs and post it in the comments section, go on twitter and reply to people talking about nepal situation, post it in nepal groups on FB, etc
  16. I've seen that video, and if you click on this link, it shows a certain comment and replies at the top: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqon9ZRx9r8&lc=z13td13pqyzvsncp304cijwhsorqdfkpmeg Conclusion: this is mainly a low light comparison of video AF. So not very meaningful to say Canon is better if you mean Canon DPAF in good light. I've never tried Canon's video DPAF. I actually think Sony's video AF is better than Samsung's because Sony seems to prioritize faces. Samsung locks on to whatever is closest to the camera in my experience, which might be a bowl when your kid is sitting at the table. At least it's easy to manually set the focus point with the Samsung touch screen, but Sony's better automation is helpful when you're filming your kids bouncing all over the room unpredictably.
  17. Are you saying Canon dual pixel AF is performs like a "beauty" compared to Sony A6300 phase detect autofocus? Or you're just suggesting you prefer the Canon image quality?
  18. Not guaranteed but IBIS in video was highly touted in the E-M5 ii. They were probably targeting at least casual video users with IBIS who won't have a gimbal etc.
  19. I've always wondered what would happen if Panasonic had 5 axis IBIS and PDAF. I'd buy that. Now it looks like Oly *may* be first to the punch in combining the best of both. I don't know if anyone else noticed but there were some problematic sections of their marketing videos, like the shots of water. If those were shot on a prototype of the new E-M1 mark II, that's not a good selling point. But I guess those could have easily have been filmed on some other equipment.
  20. If video AF makes this a bit like an a6300 but with IBIS, this could be interesting. No worries on Olympus holding back features to protect their full frame bodies. And m4/3 has a more developed and affordable lens system. Here's another video ad touting the photography side of it:
  21. Great piece. The hashtag, I agree, is a bit awkward. Trump is capitalized in the hashtag. My first interpretation was Trump as a noun using Yoda grammar (verb in the wrong place). The video doesn't ever use Trump as a verb. The refrain that is constantly repeated is "we believe". A good slogan is one that is clear and not open to misunderstanding. I can just imagine Trump followers calling his opponents haters because of the hashtag.
  22. teddoman

    Sony a6300 4k

    Wow, a great chart. Low ms means rolling shutter isn't as bad? Chart seems to suggest shooting in 1080p will give you less rolling shutter than shooting in 4K, for the same camera. That or get a BM camera which seems to do as well as some other cameras do in 1080.
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