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  1. where are you finding used a6500 for £878?
  2. I had the Merlin many years ago and changed it for a Blackbird which was a lot easier to get balanced and fly. one things for sure - they all need a lot of practice to get anywhere near decent results
  3. that's good, and you share a lot - I appreciate that
  4. and that's one of the many reasons the Sony's don't come into my reckoning...the rs is awful. I get it - for you these are not issues but they are for others - and to stipulate that rs is a 0% issue is just spreading misinformation. And as has been said just because people have made good films with a camera doesn't mean you're not allowed to discuss any 'issues' said camera may have - is kind of one of the main points of these forums As for pixel peeping and nitpicking, I'm normally out making a living filming while you're here posting....
  5. rs and 8 bit may not be an issue to you but it is to folk who like to go handheld and into heavy grading, you can't just dismiss those factors....both of these are making me hold off on this camera with eyes on the gh5, will wait to see how that unfolds - I do like the Fuji colours and am sure it's a better stills camera but I'm more weighted towards video
  6. that's like saying don't use lights in film making because it will look like everybody elses... there are much better options...like what? If the scene needs it you add light or flash in photography
  7. Have you actually seen the image the F35 puts out, alongside the Arri cameras it is the most cinematic image you can get in a digital camera imho, it's not always about specs, the camera is a few years old now but was $250k when released. The OP was looking for a camera with film like texture and motion cadence, the f35 is still a great camera
  8. they were going for about $4k not so long ago but yes looks like prices have gone up a bit
  9. Sony F35 if you want to emulate film with super 35 size sensor, not 4k but as sharp a 1080 as you can get and uprez's very nicely
  10. It's not just spending a bit more - you can get a c100 mk2 and 2 x c100 mk1 with dpaf for the price of a Sony fs5 which is £6k here in the Uk. And then you've got to wrestle with slog to get anything nice out of the camera. The c100 is as already stated perfect for weddings
  11. For a run around lens I prefer the 18-135mm stm lens to the 24-105 - wider, longer, cheaper, lighter, silent af and better i.s. The 24-105 also is closer to f5 than f4 and loses a lot of light as you zoom in so is only negligibly better in low light
  12. The best design for c100 size cameras is the Letus Helix Jr which you can put down without a stand - but it's more expensive than the Ronin
  13. http://www.thecomingconvergence.com/ this was gh4
  14. 'shitlight' in this context is giostrante's 'test' not Zacuto which actually used lights - the Alexa would have looked shit with giostrane's test too
  15. I think the RS on this camera will make wildlife filming on a 600mm lens a horrendous wobble fest
  16. this guys stuff is pretty good https://vimeo.com/123625593
  17. the footage looks wonderful - although everything from Wyatt shot with the old bmc camera is great too, his other documentaries are worthy of a watch
  18. A used C100 with DPAF is a good deal these days
  19. I'd get one you can use your gh4 on, quite a few to choose from, will obviously cut seamlessly On a slight tangent it looks like DJI have slashed the price of their X5R RAW camera that's coming out soonish
  20. Lighten up people, some unnecessary venim here, it's a bit of fun - thanks Ed
  21. the black spot happens on alexa too.....just saying
  22. the tokina will work on full frame at 16mm
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