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  1. ​Is the Red designed for the same thing as the FS7, or vice versa? I would say the FS7 is way better at some things, and the Red at others. And the Red, Alexa, and yes Blackmagic are designed for similar applications, as opposed to the FS7 and C300.
  2. ​Didn't say they are on the same level. I said they were designed for similar purposes, which is accurate.
  3. ​After doing some research I'm quite certain they will work. My concern, is it worth the trouble? I'm planning on buying the URSA mini, EF mount. Currently I have the BMPCC and an A6000. I don't have the Sigma 18-35 yet, but I would prefer the Nikon version as it works on other cameras so easily. However I'd need to buy an expensive Metabones to get a Canon mount Sigma on my other cameras. I wish the URSA mini just had a Nikon version. That would solve all my problems. Sage wisdom please.
  4. ​I don't know what G linkage is, but it is a very modern lens. Are there adapters that allow you to change the iris electronically?
  5. ​Yes. I've used Nikon lenses on a Canon too. But not a lens without a manual aperture like the Sigma 18-35.
  6. Yes. Blackmagic cameras are more or less designed for similar purposes as an Alexa or Red.
  7. I'm looking to use the Nikon version of the Sigma 18-35 on a Canon mount camera. Anyone tried that? What were your experiences? Is it too big of a hassle? Any experiences with the following or similar adapters? http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/724050-REG/Novoflex_EOSNIK_NT_EOS_NIK_NT_Lens_Adapter_for.html http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?O=&sku=995261&gclid=Cj0KEQjw6tepBRDLqLnxouaY_pkBEiQAPIOiBuQPPviNGidWVabw6sQUZQVUOaDVKZSxmBCsgREas48aAj_m8P8HAQ&Q=&is=REG&A=details
  8. I'm not exactly sure what you're looking for regarding the rain scenario. Your GH4 should be pretty weather resistant so you shouldn't have to worry about a little rain, but personally I would use that camera cover in an all out down pour just to be safe. It is my understanding that you should definitely use Auto (no flash) mode for time-lapse. But why not try a few time-lapses before June? Put 'er in auto and film the sunrise and set from your current location. You'll be a pro by the time you take your trip.
  9. ​Keep in mind though, you can record in HD on the other cams and achieve the same great $/minute, even on the URSA's.
  10. I just realized I left off 'Global Shutter'. Will get that one in on the next edit.
  11. For your convenience, attached is a comparison spec sheet that I created for what I consider 'current' video cameras that would find there place above a DSLR camera, but below a RED package. By all means let me know if I have added incorrect data or left out relevant info. I will edit the chart and resubmit. I have highlighted in yellow some of the specs that jump out to me. I realize the '$/minute' line is unusual, but it's my attempt at making that info an 'apples to apples' comparison. EDIT: Added Global shutter and HD fps. Have decided to leave out Kinefinity. EDIT #2: Updated C300 and C100 top handle info. C100 DR. Interchangeable mounts for C300. Upgradeable sensor for URSA. Changed the 'RAW' line to 'Internal RAW' line. Added 'External RAW' line, and other than this line, I am going to stay away from external devices for this comparison. As soon as you factor external recorders, displays, or external anything the scenarios become infinite and the costs become distorted. The media type and costs may change as well. Those possibilities are fun to consider, but I can see that becoming way too messy for one chart. EDIT #3 (4/23): Changed C300 HD fps to 120. Changed FS7 Max Res to 4K. Changed URSA Max Res fps to 120. Camera Comparison.pdf
  12. To err is human, and to forgive is divine. And I like to add, 'and to admit you were wrong is big.' Ed, you have taken the high road, and I for one am impressed. Forgiveness and love.... and.... humility. Thank you. I hope our paths cross somewhere beyond the digital.
  13. I love the original URSA. I think the mini is much more versatile, but I would love that big screen and two other screens and big LED's.
  14. I just realized that the URSA mini on display at NAB is behind a glass case, i.e., there is no hands on demo. 2 years ago the Pocket and Production cameras were introduced and both were available for hands on demos. Last year URSA and Studio cams were introduced, both had hands on demos. This year, no hands on demos. Do you think that means anything about their current state of development, and possibly shipping dates?
  15. ​Then why not advertise as such. Seems like a missed opportunity, if those features do exist in the device.
  16. I have been wondering about the waveform and histogram stuff too. My greatest request would be false color. I assume it will have waveform and histogram like the side panels of URSA (I believe they have these) as well as focus peaking, but probably not false color. But couldn't they add whatever is missing via firmware update?
  17. ​In the video at around the 1:38 point there is a shot of the skateboarders with the sun almost directly behind them. The skateboarders are still completely visible, not dark silhouettes, and the sky is still properly exposed all in the same shot, you can even see all the clouds, some of them right next to the sun. To my eye the colors throughout the video are really really nice, and the low light seems to be at least decent. If you are only a doc filmmaker, maybe the FS7 is still the way to go. Definitely better lowlight. The ND's as well. As someone pointed out, you can make the Sony stuff look cinematic. But to me, the Blackmagic stuff just oozes cinema without even trying. I've just always been a fan of the Blackmagic look, and it appears as though they may have outdone themselves here. The ND's aren't a big deal to me, though it would be convenient to have them there. But I'm just thrilled. I've already pre-ordered mine.
  18. How in the hell does one company do all of this each year. I am so impressed. I am racking my brain trying to figure out why I still need Premiere. I use After Effects, a bunch, so there's that. I may just downgrade to CS6. Fusion may pick up right where After Effects leaves off. At this pace, Blackmagic is going to be on every product I use within a year or two. So impressed.
  19. I love Blackmagic. No camera is perfect. They've brought best specs at most affordable prices of any company I know of. Big thumbs up Blackmagic!!!
  20. That video has that classic GH4 sharpness that I'm just not super thrilled with. But definitely seems like better DR.
  21. ​Maybe this gives a little credence to my theory that the products with the little blue 'New' label on Blackmagic's website will be receiving an upgrade. But no label is on the Pocket, so...
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