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  1. Yeah, we'll see, I'm gonna guess that Red isn't really willing to give a license to anyone else at this point though, least of all to Sony
  2. Yes, IMHO uncompressed raw formats are more of a pain in the ass for productions that this camera is primarily aimed at, so I don't think it's that much of an issue. For those jobs that need it, you can get it externally. If there was a possibility to do some form of compressed raw, the situation would be entirely different of course..
  3. Downloaded the mxf file from Philip Blooms blog and the footage looks great SOOC and you can get a really nice look with just a basic correction(wb, contrast etc). It's pretty close to the Venice, which is being used for more and more projects these days. Can't wait to see the 16bit raw out of this thing. Anyone seen any info if it can shoot ProRes with the xdca back like the fs7?
  4. Okay that's what I thought and to my understanding this can really limit your lens choice. This made me also think about the anamorphic mode on the camera. How many anamorphic lenses are EF mount or can be adapted to EF mount?
  5. I was under the impression that there's not that many PL lenses that can be adapted to EF mount for some reason? I remember people talking about this when the Red Raven came out, not sure if it's true though.
  6. Good idea for a thread @kye Quick one with a non-calibrated laptop monitor so not sure how it looks ? WB adjustment, some LUT and messing around in Lumetri CC. Might try again once I get to my work computer and a decent monitor!
  7. Oh my, the launch video is interesting to say the least ? Seems that they are also making a name for themselves over on their facebook page by trying to publicly shame someone who bought a defective monitor from them and tried to return it ? Is there really someone who's willing to spend $10-25k on this company..
  8. True ? Still remember the fs700 and axs-r5? Shot once with that setup and I can tell you it wasn't pleasant ?
  9. Care to elaborate on that? I have not seen you talk about the source for that anywhere? Also, why not just answer the question? Or better yet, just tell the source on the same post with those spec sheets and rumors you post. Not trying to hate on you, I'm just genuinely interested what the deal is with all this stuff.
  10. Yeah, talk about ergonomics! Better start hitting the gym now so you're ready to haul that setup around with you ?
  11. @androidlad where you getting this info? I also asked you TWICE for a source on your "leak" about a 4k 12-bit/2k raw canon rf mount camera on the eos r thread and you don't seem to have an answer. Seems like you're pulling this stuff out of your arse mate..
  12. So no source for this? Searched, but couldn't find any rumors with anything even close to this.. not surprised though ??
  13. Knowing Canon something like that is way more likely to be used in a C-series camera.
  14. Not holding my breath either, but since Nikon is now pushing FF mirrorless quite aggressively, plus Panasonic entering the game, one can always hope ?
  15. Shame about the rolling shutter and crop. Fingers crossed they get it right with the higher end R-model(s), would be nice to have a Canon camera again. Thanks for the write-up!
  16. The rumours don't seem that likely. If there is external raw I sure hope they just put an sdi port on it and call it a day. The axs modules are huge bricks and if that's the only way to get the raw out the rig would be quite a hassle compared to an atomos recorder.
  17. Peter McKinnon review, I think he may have forgotten to add the ¨Sponsored Content¨ tag on there.. ?
  18. Agreed, apparently someone asked for the price and the answer was that if you need to ask the price you're not a pro ? whole thing looks like a joke when looking at the footage and the website, I seriously don't see anyone giving their money to these guys.
  19. New info and apparently you can buy it now, although not quite sure who in their right mind would do that. https://www.newsshooter.com/2018/07/18/more-details-emerge-about-the-cinemartin-fran-8k/
  20. Yeah, it's a strange place that forum.. I own Red gear and I rarely have the urge to go to the forum for obvious reasons, although there are some good people posting valuable info there also. Red is a camera among others and that's pretty much it, some people seem to make it out to be almost a religion of some sorts.
  21. Nice! How the heck did you get this
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