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    hyalinejim got a reaction from Mark Romero 2 in A few video experiments to try at home   
    Test all your lenses. Shoot the same scene in unchanging light at various focal lengths, both wide open and stopped down. Check for sharpness in centre and corners, vignetting, distortion, bokeh.
    Hours and hours of distraction¬†ūüėÜ
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    hyalinejim reacted to fuzzynormal in A few video experiments to try at home   
    Hours and hours of diffraction.
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    hyalinejim reacted to fuzzynormal in Idolise Trump? Goodbye!   
    If the EOSHD site was solely about cameras, and that was it, full stop, then I say a ban on politics is fine. 
    However, Andrew's site has always been a place that is non-corporate and "unsterile," if you will.  He's not afraid to drop his opinion and that's why I stick around.  If I want bland regurgitated information, there's plenty of on-line options for that.
    Crossing the line is something all of us but the most rhetorically disciplined have been close to doing, but erring on the side of staying respectable isn't too hard to do.
    And, ultimately, EOSHD is a site that prioritizes gear, but also exists as a refuge for aspiring filmmakers.  Filmmakers should have passion.  Otherwise, what are we?  Just content creators?  That's okay for some I guess, but standing for one's ideals with integrity and rationality should be a filmmaker's or artist's ethos.
    One of the most influential people in my life was a high school teacher that was willing to engage us students.  He would talk about the world and encourage us to participate in it as productive citizens. His lectures were fascinating revelations about his value system and why it worked.  Often times we would stray from that semester's syllabus and spend the whole hour just chatting about ideas.  We were a room of equals simply by the way he behaved and respected us, a bunch of dumb high-schoolers that really didn't deserve such treatment... but there he was giving us agency when every one else in the system, it seemed, wanted to make sure we stayed in our place.  
    Funny thing was, he was an auto-shop teacher.  The other funny thing was that he was a staunch conservative.  An 'all-in' Reaganite; can't even count how many times he went on about Thatcher either, to give you an idea. 
    I thought his ideas about society we're complete and utter rubbish.  Still do.  But the fact that he didn't beat me down with ad-hominem attacks because I disagreed with him, and encouraged me to debate made him the best teacher I ever had.
    I still can't do a valve job properly and fix a timing chain, but he let me realize how important it was to have integrity, a slightly more important lesson.
    Meanwhile I had a liberal English teacher so far up her own ass you couldn't say one thing to her sideways without her feeling insulted.  And she was teaching writing for god's sakes!
    So there you go.  My anecdotal response.  Whoopie-de-doo.  Bottom line, conservatives ain't all bad, but some are.  Liberals ain't all bad, but some are.  Be kind and try to ignore the true jerks that just don't want to respect you.
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    hyalinejim reacted to Snowfun in Idolise Trump? Goodbye!   
    Nothing like waking up in the morning for some upbeat, optimistic and joyful camera news!
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    hyalinejim reacted to Andrew Reid in Idolise Trump? Goodbye!   
    Looking at recent posts objectively, it is always the same users who end a perfectly good discussion on this forum with toxic bullshit.
    I am coming after you.
    It is a cull.
    It isn't about politics.
    It's about values!
    To protect a community I love... I have no choice.
    To be clear, it is none of my business which way you vote. What matters is behaviour, character, values.
    If you've been a good contributor here and kind to people you get to stay.
    If not, then you are going to be asked to leave and I will pursue people who return under a different name.
    This is purely because there are now far too many posts being trashed and too much arguing driven by people with the wrong values which I despise.
    I am going to use this week to draw up a list of people who strongly align themselves with Trump's politics of America First.
    And I will be getting rid of the lot of you.
    Yes you can say it's a political purge but I prefer to think of it as purely about values and about protecting users who DO contribute positively to the forum.
    If these idiots are allowed to get away with bringing Trump idolising bullshit into this community then all our work will be for nothing and Russia with their fake-user farms will have won too, because I am 99% sure at least a few of the idiots are completely made-up shill users whose role is to divide us politically and weaken our online communities.
    At a time when we must pull together as a camera-community, as filmmaking industry, even as a country, indeed as a world - to get through tough economic times ahead - dumb arguments which ignore factual data are a waste of time.
    What has happened to the world in recent weeks is stressful enough and I personally do not need to hear from certain people in every thread. I will not be providing a platform for Red cap wearing idiots who haven't contributed a single shot or image to this forum.
    I get that EOSHD has a big US readership, in fact the US contribution to my site is the largest in the world and I want to keep as many of you as possible and not lose any friends who just happen to disagree with me on politics.
    But if you are going to be a shill for Trump's politics or somebody who is a complete shit-stirrer and troll, then I will no longer be turning a blind eye to it and the cull starts now...
    Have fun on your way out.
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    hyalinejim reacted to hijodeibn in How Pandemics Change History   
    New Yorker is a Left Biased magazine, you can not expect objectiveness from a media like that, obviously nobody except Left Biased people will believe on it.
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    hyalinejim reacted to User in How Pandemics Change History   
    Ok, that settles it then... if you are right of centre, things like history and science don't matter anymore.
  8. Thanks
    hyalinejim reacted to Andrew Reid in COVID19 Kibosh   
    Looks like we have another Trump troll heading for the bot farm from which they came.
    What a shit stirrer. A ban is coming on at least 10 members because you are basically toxic people.
    I am not going to sit here and let you turn the forum toxic with your racism and America First fuck the rest of us delusion.
    You will need the Germans when the vaccine is ready.
    You need the British when you want a camera forum, apparently.
    But being grateful or thankful apparently isn't a part of your brain that lights up very much.
    Therefore you don't deserve to be a member of this forum.
    It's that simple. Enjoy your time here while it lasts because I am going to blanket ban toxic thickos tomorrow.
    For the other idiots and patriot racists who are coming out of the woodwork, you're time's up.
    Camera forums deserve a basic morality going on.
    If you are trying to gain exclusivity over a coronavirus remedy, it's nothing more than a profit grab and a death sentence for others. The science community is a global one. All important science needs to be a world effort especially with a pandemic like this.
    People are slowly realising what America First really means and what does this for America's image in the world. It fucking tarnishes it, to say the least. You have a President who is destroying any remaining appeal of American identity and idealism in the eyes of 80% of the world's population.
    Be a good neighbour and you may get a German or Japanese coronavirus medicine at the same time as the rest of us.
    And if you think your own people and flag is so much better than the others, develop your own fucking vaccine.
    Like I say, I have tolerated gobshites all my life but time's up.
    Yes I do remember the behaviour on the Titanic.
    Having an exclusive deal on a pandemic vaccine isn't IN YOUR FUCKING BEST INTERESTS YOU FUCKWIT
    You really are as fuckwitted as it gets... aren't you?
    You consider shafting the world some kind of "victory"
    You don't live in a fucking bubble.
    You are a human being on planet Earth before you're an American.
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    hyalinejim reacted to kye in Panasonic GH6 rumours   
    And before that, people got excited when there was film fast enough to close down the aperture to have deep DoF shots....  in full daylight!
    There was a deep DoF fad where everyone wanted to be able to create deep DoF shots.  Many famous movie scenes were shot where action unfolded in the foreground, mid-ground and background simultaneously, and it was all in focus!  Imagine the possibilities!!
    Perspective is great - it's just that we need so much more of it than we think we do.  I like to do my own experiments and actually try things out, and probably the greatest thing I have learned during all my years of experimenting is that half the stuff that "everyone knows is true" is actually complete BS.
    Plato, who was (and still is) one of the greatest philosophers of all time, was the first book on biology printed on the printing press and distributed widely.  One of the things he wrote was that women had less teeth than men.  The interesting thing about this isn't that he was wrong, it was that it was so easy to check, but for whatever reason, it wasn't done.  Moreso than that even, was that people never questioned it, despite being able to easily prove it within a few minutes of the question being posed.
    The volume of things we think we know but are wrong about is only eclipsed by the things that we don't know, and the things we don't even know to ask about.
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    hyalinejim reacted to BTM_Pix in Sony scraps 2020 mirrorless camera features to prioritise PS5 bill of materials cost   
    Or Panasonic, who make some of the very best fancy multi function toilets.
    Panasonic - Great for IBIS, Great for IBS.
    Have that Saatchi & Saatchi !
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    hyalinejim reacted to MurtlandPhoto in Starting when you should be stopping. And stopping when you should be starting.   
    @hyalinejim¬†Please take comfort in knowing that I do the exact same thing all the time¬†ūüėā¬†I'm trying to do better like @fuzzynormal¬†recommends. This has plagued me since the GH4.
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    hyalinejim reacted to Video Hummus in Starting when you should be stopping. And stopping when you should be starting.   
    I haven’t really run into this problem with my GH5S but I have a habit of hitting record and then directing the actor or talking about how I want the scene to play out before I put my eye up to the view finder or look at the screen.
    And like fuzz said, I always look at the timecode to confirm I’m recording.
    A side benefit of this is inline voice memos in my footage lol.
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    hyalinejim reacted to fuzzynormal in Starting when you should be stopping. And stopping when you should be starting.   
    "Double Punch" is what we called it in the olden days. 
    But, yes, LUMIX cameras are troublesome for accurately triggering recording. The only solution I've found is to make myself put forth a concious effort to literally read the record clock for a second, make sure it's rolling, and get on with my work. 
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    hyalinejim got a reaction from MurtlandPhoto in Starting when you should be stopping. And stopping when you should be starting.   
    I don't know what to call this phenomenon, but it happens to me regularly with my GH5. I get out of sync when I press the record button so that I end up recording the time in between shots and not the shots themselves. So I'm hitting record, thinking that I'm going to record a new clip, but actually the camera is already running so I actually stop it. Then at the end of the clip I think I'm shooting I hit record again, to stop the recording, but I actually start shooting a new clip. I usually do this for 2 or 3 clips before I notice, and I end up with lots of behind the scenes footage ūü§£
    I think part of the problem is that I use slower cards on the GH5, which needs a few seconds after recording to buffer the clip. During this period the record button is inactive and I slip out of sequence.
    I'm quite aware of my tendency to do this and try to watch out for it, but it still happens regularly enough to be slightly embarrassing! Particularly if I'm doing a job for someone else and handing over the footage at the end of the day.
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    hyalinejim got a reaction from kaylee in The video that shows Blackmagic Pocket 4K RAW image quality is same as GH5S 400Mbit   
    A few years back I came to the conclusion that GH5 10bit 422 VLog was pushable enough without losing quality for me to make the leap from ML RAW and not feel I was missing out. 
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    hyalinejim got a reaction from seku in The video that shows Blackmagic Pocket 4K RAW image quality is same as GH5S 400Mbit   
    I use 2 instances of OpenColorIO in AE, then pop it back to VLog and use a custom lut I designed for Gh5 VLog based on Portra 400. 
    It means I can make WB and exposure adjustments in ACES where AE's legacy brightness control +15 = 1 stop and CC Color Offset does global WB. Then it's back to VLog, then my lut. It's a bit cumbersome so I only do it when I'm feeling fancy. I haven't yet found a way of doing accurate corrections to VLog in Rec709 space.
    So it's not a fully ACES compliant workflow, but the ability to make accurate corrections when in ACES space...
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    hyalinejim got a reaction from seku in The video that shows Blackmagic Pocket 4K RAW image quality is same as GH5S 400Mbit   
    A few years back I came to the conclusion that GH5 10bit 422 VLog was pushable enough without losing quality for me to make the leap from ML RAW and not feel I was missing out. 
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    hyalinejim got a reaction from Zach Goodwin2 in I Have Filmmaker's Block   
    Decide on the style and format of the doc and then get those shots.
    - Interviews, yes or no? Who to talk to? Where? What questions? How should it look?
    - Voiceover, yes or no? If so, write the script for the VO and record it
    Once you have the interviews and/or VO you can put a rough edit in place and then you'll know what B roll you need to illustrate the points being made. And if you know some of this in advance you can begin to capture the B roll now, in which case you should also think about what style you want to shoot it in.
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    hyalinejim reacted to IronFilm in 6K RAW is over-rated. Here's why...   
    Is now 2020 and I'm still filming in only 1080

    Heck, my last two YouTube uploads were in 720P!
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    hyalinejim reacted to rawshooter in Your gear of the decade?   
    Just to compare:
    In 2009, a DIY filmmaker equipped with the newest gear would have used
    - a Canon 5D MkII or 7D with the mushy h264 image whose actual optical resolution was closer to SD than HD, in sRGB color profiles with a dynamic range of 7-8 stops;
    - on a steady cam like the Glidecam, or a bulky DSLR rig with display loupes;
    - with adapted vintage manual DSLR lenses because of the nearly unusable manual focus of native AF lenses (and AF still being unsuitable for video);
    - editing the material in Final Cut Pro 7 or Premiere Pro using Magic Bullet Looks for color grading, with material that didn't really have enough bit depth for doing that.
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    hyalinejim got a reaction from mercer in Your gear of the decade?   
    Yes, my 5D3 spanned almost all of the decade in 3 stages
    - normal h264
    - mlraw
    - mlraw at higher resolutions
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    hyalinejim got a reaction from noone in Your gear of the decade?   
    Yes, my 5D3 spanned almost all of the decade in 3 stages
    - normal h264
    - mlraw
    - mlraw at higher resolutions
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    hyalinejim reacted to kye in Your gear of the decade?   
    well, ok, just a few....
    You can adapt almost anything:

    It's flexible

    Portable - this is my dual camera setup for travel - pic taken on my towel on my lap in the tour bus doing 80kmh on the beach...

    and the files are crazy gradable - for example if we take this image here and try to break it we basically can't do it....

    which means you're free to make whatever images you want..

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    hyalinejim got a reaction from Volumetrik in Magic Lantern Raw Video   
    ACR gives nicer colours and cleaner image than Resolve. To avoid flicker don't use shadows, highlights, whites, blacks or contrast - use exposure slider or curves instead. Or better still, forget about grading in ACR, buy Cinelog and grade later.
    For fast jobs I use Resolve. For maximum IQ I bite the bullet and transcode overnight to 444 Cinelog masters using ACR for AE. Search for a Smart Import 2 script.
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    hyalinejim reacted to cameraeye in Magic Lantern Raw Video   
    - Can't thank you enough for your Cinelog recommendation and the script.
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