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  1. This implies that you maintain that there is a look inherent to a format, independent of variations between lenses. If so, it should be consistent as format size changes and it should be describable. How does the look of small format compare to the look of a larger format, at equivalent focal lengths and apertures? I'm just interested here, as I use DOF calculators to help my understanding when moving between FF, micro 4/3 and speedboosted micro 4/3. But I also see a huge difference in the images posted, which I would not have expected.
  2. I certainly can see what you're talking about in the areas you've highlighted. It's very clear. But if you plug equivalent settings into a DOF calculator you get the same amount of DOF for both, according to the calculator. This is the theory, and it depends on certain assumptions regarding circle of confusion that I won't pretend I understand in depth. So is it fair to say that your position is something like this: "Even though DOF calculators show that the theoretical DOF of equivalent shots is the same, in practice there is an observable difference in how DOF is rendered between equivalent shots"? If so, and if I understand you correctly, that would mean that a DOF calculator is showing us 2 points on the DOF continuum, the point of near focus and the point of far focus, and these are the same for both formats if the focal length and aperture is equivalent. But it's not telling us anything about the DOF characteristics elsewhere on the continuum, which is noticeably different. That's certainly very interesting and worth investigating. I think for most people it's enough to know that they can match the field of view precisely using equivalence theory, and that the DOF is "the same" according to its assumptions. But others may notice and be very interested in differences in DOF behaviour that's not described by equivalence theory... if what you say is true! So we would be talking about a kind of DOF rolloff, which is shorter on larger formats and longer on small formats, according to equivalence sceptics. Is this understanding correct @tupp?
  3. I've been having a blast buying and shooting old film cameras. It brings the fun back to photography.
  4. Good news in 2020??? Is this a dream?
  5. One recent development that is of particular interest as @stephen mentions above is card spanning to CF and SD cards on the 5D3 to allow for higher write speeds, therefore higher resolutions and/or longer record times. I may have jumped the gun here though, claiming real time correct framing for the 5D3. But if it brings people's attention to the fact that Magic Lantern is still alive and delivering the goods then that's a good thing I guess!
  6. Ah, I see. I must have misunderstood what I read. Haven't tried it myself yet. Just to be sure Danne posted this to show which mode it is
  7. https://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=23041.msg216899#msg216899 Background: user TheBilalFakhouri has unlocked correctly framed real time preview for EOS M and Danne has ported it to 5D3. Previously, Magic Lantern high res modes had a preview image that had either correct framing but in unusably slow frame rate black and white or real time colour preview with wrong framing. Now, however there is high res, real time preview with correct framing. Kind of fun to try if you already own one of the supported cams
  8. I read somewhere that the Fotodiox actually loses a bit more than one stop of light at the minimum setting even though it's rated at one as the minimum. So in extreme low light where you need that extra plus one stop then it would be better (and more of a nuisance!) to have another adapter with no ND. How is infinity focus with wide angle lenses on the Fotodiox?
  9. Love me some 1080p! A fortnight ago, I shot 5 hrs of interviews for a 5 minute corporate video. 1080p 100mbps all the way. I do lots of jobs like this and like to keep everything I shoot in case a client wants to use it again. I hate when hard drives fill up and I have to deal with offloading projects to external backup. Give me clean 1080p every day of the week! I shudder when I see specs like "8k, 960mbps". Where is all this footage gonna go?
  10. They're all relatively wide shots, so not too taxing for IBIS. As long as you're using it to steady handheld shots, like here, I'm sure it'll be fine. But Wong's videos show that it's just not a substitute for a gimbal in the same way that a GH5 or S1 might be - if you really need to do a walking shot but don't have a gimbal. I'm impressed by the highlight retention in the market scene - mixed light, low light and garish light sources that tend to blow out are all handled nicely and it looks very natural.
  11. Is it a straight out of camera file?Yesterday I downloaded some "sample" S1 VLog that was edited and encoded to ProRes. When I pushed it I saw highlight banding that I never see with GH5 VLog mp4s, and that I haven't seen with S1 SOOC files.
  12. It does but it's 4:2:0 not 4:2:2 in 4k 60. Shouldn't be an issue for the contrasty profiles but there might be banding in V-Log if you push it hard.
  13. I think I'd probably prefer to buy a €2000 GH6 and continue to use my compatible glass than spend €2000 on an S5 and have to faff about with lens options from scratch. I'm almost perfectly happy with EF glass and a Speedbooster XL which makes the 2x crop of M43 a 1.28x instead. That is a very sweet spot if you need to go wide or if you need narrow DOF. Then if I need reach or more DOF I can swap that out for a non-speedboosted adapter. This makes for a very versatile system.
  14. Yes, I read that section of the interview and was puzzled too. It could mean: "There will be a GH6" or "There will be no GH6"
  15. I care! You made a brilliant point about the smoothness of the Panasonic S series V-Log compared to what other manufacturers are doing with their profiles at the same price point. That's worth more to me than AF.
  16. Neither does it seem to be available in Ireland (who are thankfully still in the EU ), so it must be a continental Europe thing. But I guess you could try ordering from a continental seller if you're in Ireland or UK?
  17. I agree about the financial pain of moving to L mount. If I were to do it I think I'd stick to my EF lenses and just manual focus them like I've always been doing. The image is nicer than the GH5. But would any of my clients notice? Probably not!
  18. You could get €500 off the 24-105 or 24-70 instead
  19. Look at the resolution target in the center and you'll see the aliasing and moire on the Z6
  20. I know that manufacturer's launch videos are notoriously poor, but the colours here are just not nice. I also know that you can get pretty much whatever colour you like by pushing 10bit log around a bit. And I'm sure we'll see some pretty S5 videos too. But I can't believe that Panasonic let this one out the door looking like this.
  21. And if I understand correctly, you're always losing a stop of light with the Fotodiox adapter with ND as it's 1 to 8 stops and can't be removed?
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