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  1. I've got 4 KB cards and all work flawlessly, 256 1066x and 64 1000x Buy direct from KB on Amazon and when you get the card run the ML in-camera benchmark. You're looking for write speeds of 90 plus IIRC. If not, send it back. They know the score. If you can afford it get 256GB cards. Changing cards all the time is a pain in the hole. PS: I get continuous 25p until the cows come home with sound, overlays, zebras, raw histogram and all kinds of good stuff.
  2. Komputerbay offer best bang for buck. Check ML forum for exact specs. I have 2 x 256GB which give around 45min per card. Shoot one, offload the other. Go all day. Maybe garethw is trying for 1920x1080 30p continuous which I don't think is possible but could be wrong. 24/25 should be a breeze.
  3. Yes, I see it and it's not pretty! I noticed it first in HD (after firmware update) and to a lesser extent in 4K. Switching between IS modes makes no difference but it does increase with ISO. It makes HD footage unusable at 3200 if there's any movement of high contrast areas. The DV Info review points it out and theorises that the ghosting artifacts are due to an in-camera temporal noise reduction. The reviewer spotted it during a rolling shutter test: Now that I've seen it in my own footage I can't unsee it! It seems to even be present, but very subtly, at 500. Whack up the ISO a bit, zoom in on a contrasty line and wiggle the camera a bit. You'll see it too ? Now, I know the latest firmware "improved" high ISO performance in HD. But has it caused a worsening of ghosting? I took only a handful of shots before updating so I can't really check for sure. Of course, the sensible thing would be to have an option to disable all noise reduction but... it's Canon.
  4. Got my XC10 this morning. Still playing with it when I really should be working! As promised I slapped an Isco pre36 on it to see if it's usable. Shots below are at 24mm, 80, 240 and 80. There's slight vignetting at 80mm, which turns to pronounced white vignetting when pointed at a light source. Nevertheless, it's nice to have the option of a stabilised 80-240 anamorphic, even if it is at 5.6 on a 1" sensor.
  5. Sounds like you're having fun! MLRAW is very exciting, especially when you see the amount of colour detail that can be extracted. As Squig pointed out, 2 popular work flows involve converting the DNGs to a visually lossless 444 codec. Resolve is much much faster at this. But ACR gives a slightly cleaner image and possibly nicer colour reproduction. If you value the ACR image quality, it might be worth investing in Cinelog, which will give you a log image from ACR with all highlight and shadow info present and correct. So if I'm doing a job with a quick turnaround I'll use Resolve. Otherwise I use ACR to After Effects. Transcoding times are loooong. +1 for ETTR. You will get strong noise at higher ISOs in the shadows. Luckily the RAW histogram option shows the noise floor. Try to stay out of it. Finally, check out the new crop.rec module (not to be confused with the older greyscale crop mode). It turns your camera into a superzoom!
  6. I just ordered an XC10. I'll try it out with an Iscorama pre-36 in the coming weeks. Some of the footage I've seen on vimeo has been quite drab with dull, video-ish colours. And some has been been very nice indeed. Aside from the usability of the cam, I'm very interested to see what I can get out of it in terms colour when shooting C-Log.
  7. Have the HD25s for a few years now. They're light but sturdy. Would highly recommend.
  8. It probably makes sense if you're shooting at 30p. The numbers seem roughly correct. If you shoot at 24p you should be getting 49min of 1920x1080 on a 256gb card.
  9. Hi guys, I'm selling a really tidy piece of anamorphic glass, the Prima 16CS 2x, which seems to be quite like the Sankor 16 C or D series. It's really sharp. Here's a video: And here's the ebay listing (I hope that's allowed here. I checked the rules and didn't see anything against it.) http://www.ebay.ie/itm/221389546051?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 I realise that this is my first post. So please check out my posting history on what used to be cinema5d: http://forums.planet5d.com/members/57712-hyalinejim and my vimeo account: vimeo.com/mikehannon And if you have any questions on this I'm here to answer! Cheers, Mike
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