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  1. Dear Andrew, First, thank you for sharing your knowledge, experiences and values with us. Thanks for your time, work, energy and inspiration. I feel with you throughout. I have initiated and managed an online magazin covering my hobby, with articles, forum, gallery, etc… It was by far the leading site in my country, but I never wanted to monetise it. It was just a hobby, should be kept free of commercial interests. After almost 7 years I closed it. I just lost my original interest and energy, kind of burned out. I still did have ideas for themes but had little desire to share them. One of the reasons for my fatigue, was also the malicious comments of evil losers, strengthening their self-confidence on the virtual battleground. But after a while people were contacting me, asking when-if the site will be active again. They said, the site was a useful knowledge base, especially for beginners, there are missing valuable information, and also the online-friends. So I decided to reopen the site. Under a different domain name I put back the best articles and themes, and there is also possibility for comments. Now and than I or one of the other guys publish a new article… I have started working as international business consultant in the previous century 🙂 I love the job, the changing environment presenting different challenges. The last two years were horrible. Slow down, lock down, locked in, getting a frustrated introvert in my home office. As a consultant, I would advice to take your time to “reengineer” your life. A personal SWOT always helpful. Discuss with people, who loves and respect you, they will give honest, valuable feed-back. You have obvious strengths, “core competencies”. You have been living-working in an international environment, have talent, creativity, experience in film making and a straight attitude to morality. We have enough problems on the Earth, and many charity-aid organisations, NGO-s try to solve them, making the world a better place. All of them needs impressive and convincing film material to introduce them selves and support their goals, campaigns etc… Many consultants help such organisations, young businessmen or startups. It feels right to work for a good case, and some of them can even pay 🙂 For instance, I have helped (for free) the European Foodbank. https://www.eurofoodbank.org As a private person, a “virtual friend”, I hope, this rethinking will help you to sort out the way leading you to private and professional happiness full of creative energy. Take care, hope to see you around 🙂
  2. colour science is very personal cripple science is real, objective
  3. Sorry to read what happened to you. Just push eBay, eventually they have to refound your money. Unfortunately, most huge companies end up like this. I have had a problem with amazon.de last year, even I wanted to buy from them, they could not solve the issue. These monster marketplaces create an optimal business process flow, build than into an integrated solution, and have a profitable business model. I am a business consultant my selv. Everything is fine, until something unforeseen (unprogrammed) happens. As the system can’t handle it, you need people. Unfortunately most of the first and second level suppport stuffed by folk with no real knowledge about the business. Oftest the first, even the second answer from them is just a prebaked “sorry, we will help you” template. Your letter might not even be read before. But if you insist, sooner or later somebody gets the message, understands the situation and handles. You could create here a “market place forum” for registered users. You could ask for a fee if something listed for sale, or if that gets sold, or just let it run for free, and accept peoples voluntary donations for the site and service.
  4. Happy New Year to you Andrew! Thanks for you effort to make our "camera world" better. Unfortunately you are up to some enormous interest, surrounded by ignorants. But being honest and stand up for that, has never been easy. Keep up this important work. Concerning 2020.... I think this graphic illustrates best, what many of us feel. Good Bye 2020, We Won’t Miss You! Found on https://www.fujirumors.com/good-bye-2020-we-wont-miss-you-and-best-wishes-for-2021-to-all-of-you/
  5. Accepting the overheating limitations means, accepting having a toy in stead of a tool. So we can play a little with our toy, not much, as the memory card is right full, and we can buy a new computer to be able to edit this fantastic footage. There are several "carefully planned" shortcomings in the R5, so the main function of the R5 is to get you long for the mark-II, which again will have some "carefully planned" shortcomings. I do not have the A7sIII yet but it seems more to be a tool, not a toy.
  6. No, I need not, we need not. This is exactly the moral of the story, for me at least. Market economy is the best democracy, I decide who I support with my money. I can not support companies, which tries to sell their products with misleading information and incorrect promises. I wanted to upgrade this year but don't know how this pandemic continues. I am affraid, I don1t need new equipment for jobs and I couldn1t really pay it either. Even if everything was OK with the R5, I would think twice about spending 4000+ for the body and the same on lense, as I don't need 8K at all. Sony has some good cameras and all the lenses for them, what Nikon unfortunately is missing, Panasonic's new little model looks promising, Fuji might surprise us with the X-H2.... I have just seen Matt Granger selling all his old gear but not buying anything, just awating which systems offers most when we can really word again.
  7. I think, this picture must be fake. The lower part of the body, which imitates a battery grip, is so close to the mount, there is very little place between that and the lens. It looks like no bigger-ticker lens could be attached.... Maybe the whole rumor is fake.
  8. Som years ago it came out that a famous car company has manipulated the control system of their cars, so when measuring how pollutive the exhaust is, the software adjusted the engine management, so very low values were registered. The company did advertise the cars with these impossible to archive values, so actually were misleading, cheating the customers. Investigations showed that also other car manufacturers made use of this ingenious trick… Since these firms have paid billions as penalty, have “reengineered” the control software, have recalled millions of cars, the responsible ones have faced serious sanctions and most of the CEO-s are not seeeous anymore. Most people find all this rightful. I really hope that in some of the most important countries, markets for Canon, where customers are not willing to be defrauded and the legal system is grown up to such situations, Canon is going to be punished for this absurd dishonesty. It will also be an important message for the whole high-tech/IT industry, where shiny marketing brochures often promise values, never archivable in real world.
  9. You are right about this Andrew, this happens on purpose. A pre-programmed sophisticated hammer. More a "bummer-hammer", as we are not so naive idiots. But I am not surprised at all, this was to be expected, Canon's usual business practices.... One of my friends has been servicing printers for ages. A few years ago my "all in one" Canon printer suddenly died with an error code. The strange thing was that the error code mentioned the printing head but not only printing, copying did not function either. I called my friend, he asked for the model number and how old it was. When I told him 6-7 years, he started to laugh. He explained, the cheap printers have app. 3 years, and the medium segment, like mine, have 6-7, then they just die. Actually a preprogrammed "suicide-code" kills them. Most printer manufacturer do something like this but Canon is the most brutal. Many years ago the printers just said "error code xx" but it became too obvious, so Canon has implemented hundreds of error codes, and nowadays one of them comes up randomly to create the obituary. Servicing the defect printer head, I mean the "printer head in coma", would cost more than a new printer. Just allowing the copy function to operate was not possible. Checkmate. The reason is well-known, greed. I have been in business for many years and personally, I go NEVER back to a company where I have experienced so immense lack of business ethic. Just think back to the previous Canon models with missing 24p.... Canon has been market leader for many years but I still can't understand, how a corporation can become so arrogant, they purposely annoy their customers in stead of trying to please them. Especially now, in this hostile business environment for the camera industry. But people are preordering these cameras, so we obviously need a lot larger economic crisis...
  10. No. I am sorry. The entry level, lowest camera in the M line is the M100, but even the M3 is still on the shelves. I would neither consider an 800 USD camera as entry level. For this price, the M50 is rather an insult. Actually, the whole M-line is a mess. Incomprehensible naming, i.e. segmentation, mediocre lens line-up, and empty marketing buzzwords. The "5-axis "image stabilization is "non-axis", as Canon uses electronic, software-based picture make-up, The 4K is a joke, huge crop, no dual pixel AF, and on this "Vlogging-monster" the microphone input blocks the articulated screen.
  11. Nikon needs wild dogs!!! They have to change, think differently. Otherwise, but only if they are lucky, NIkon will end up as Hasselblad, bought by a capital-strong Chinese company.
  12. :D It was the first thing this morning I read with my coffee. It looks like it could be a beautiful day :-) But I am wondering, if this writing was not published 2 weeks too early :-)
  13. Thanks Andrew for speaking up. It is very sad in deed. I was doing my daily walk-around, EOSHD – slashcam – dpreview… and as I saw this, my first thoughts were also: OK, sponsored with orange, but what does this content doing here, among real articles? And I got angry, as I read: “Filmmaker ScottDW trades his pro video gear for Canon EOS 80D…. and the results surprised him” In the camera PR and marketing, the words “pro” and “gamechanger” are probably the most devaluated ones. For me, they have a rather negative meaning, as these words are often used, when they have nothing better to say. So when a pro trades his pro gear for an 80D, and gets surprised…. I think, either - he isn’t a pro, or - it wasn’t an 80D, or - he was not really surprised at all :-) Then I thought, I would write a comment about it, but there is no place for comments there. So I comment it here :-)
  14. It would be normal to hear such an argument from an arrogant, smart-ass Canon lawyer, but you should know better. We don’t know Canon’s strategy and we don’t have to understand it either. Every company produces products, they think are good, and every consumer buys, what they find interesting. BUT Everybody, just a bit serious about photography makes a decision for a brand, trusts a company, and invests in that system. So when you have invested in lenses, flashes, remote controls, etc… you might be disappointed, if your chosen company lets you down. You have thought, you make a strategic partnership, and you are a hostage. So when you develop anti-stockholm syndrome, you are going to be angry and hate that buster. And it is your best right to express these feelings and even flame. It is a stupid argument, and nonsense from Canon to think, that it would compete against their cinema-line by adding video-technology to the XD and XXD series. They don’t have to protect the Cinema cameras, because I am not going to attack. Don’t even consider it, for me it would be overkill. A person, who doesn’t buy the 80D, because important features are not implemented, would certainly not buy the 300D. Can you imagine that Mercedes doesn’t put ABS or aircon in their A and B series, in order to protect the S-class???
  15. There is no way Panasonic is using the few years old GX80 sensor in the new GH5. I don"t believe it and don"t know where this info comes from, and don"t understand why people are repeating it. Just think about it. Within this business unit, the GH5 is going to be the most important camera for Panasonic. In the electronic business, no "normal" company can come out with a technology from yesterday. If Sony is delivering the sensor, than it is going to be the a6300 stacked and back-lit technology. That's exactly why, we are waiting for the GH5! There is plenty of GX80s on the shelves,so that sensor would be available, but the GH5 is waiting for another sensor :-)
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