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  1. Happy New Year to you Andrew! Thanks for you effort to make our "camera world" better. Unfortunately you are up to some enormous interest, surrounded by ignorants. But being honest and stand up for that, has never been easy. Keep up this important work. Concerning 2020.... I think this graphic illustrates best, what many of us feel. Good Bye 2020, We Won’t Miss You! Found on https://www.fujirumors.com/good-bye-2020-we-wont-miss-you-and-best-wishes-for-2021-to-all-of-you/
  2. Accepting the overheating limitations means, accepting having a toy in stead of a tool. So we can play a little with our toy, not much, as the memory card is right full, and we can buy a new computer to be able to edit this fantastic footage. There are several "carefully planned" shortcomings in the R5, so the main function of the R5 is to get you long for the mark-II, which again will have some "carefully planned" shortcomings. I do not have the A7sIII yet but it seems more to be a tool, not a toy.
  3. No, I need not, we need not. This is exactly the moral of the story, for me at least. Market economy is the best democracy, I decide who I support with my money. I can not support companies, which tries to sell their products with misleading information and incorrect promises. I wanted to upgrade this year but don't know how this pandemic continues. I am affraid, I don1t need new equipment for jobs and I couldn1t really pay it either. Even if everything was OK with the R5, I would think twice about spending 4000+ for the body and the same on lense, as I don't need 8K at all. Sony has
  4. I think, this picture must be fake. The lower part of the body, which imitates a battery grip, is so close to the mount, there is very little place between that and the lens. It looks like no bigger-ticker lens could be attached.... Maybe the whole rumor is fake.
  5. Som years ago it came out that a famous car company has manipulated the control system of their cars, so when measuring how pollutive the exhaust is, the software adjusted the engine management, so very low values were registered. The company did advertise the cars with these impossible to archive values, so actually were misleading, cheating the customers. Investigations showed that also other car manufacturers made use of this ingenious trick… Since these firms have paid billions as penalty, have “reengineered” the control software, have recalled millions of cars, the responsible ones
  6. You are right about this Andrew, this happens on purpose. A pre-programmed sophisticated hammer. More a "bummer-hammer", as we are not so naive idiots. But I am not surprised at all, this was to be expected, Canon's usual business practices.... One of my friends has been servicing printers for ages. A few years ago my "all in one" Canon printer suddenly died with an error code. The strange thing was that the error code mentioned the printing head but not only printing, copying did not function either. I called my friend, he asked for the model number and how old it was. When
  7. No. I am sorry. The entry level, lowest camera in the M line is the M100, but even the M3 is still on the shelves. I would neither consider an 800 USD camera as entry level. For this price, the M50 is rather an insult. Actually, the whole M-line is a mess. Incomprehensible naming, i.e. segmentation, mediocre lens line-up, and empty marketing buzzwords. The "5-axis "image stabilization is "non-axis", as Canon uses electronic, software-based picture make-up, The 4K is a joke, huge crop, no dual pixel AF, and on this "Vlogging-monster" the microphone input blocks the articulated scree
  8. Nikon needs wild dogs!!! They have to change, think differently. Otherwise, but only if they are lucky, NIkon will end up as Hasselblad, bought by a capital-strong Chinese company.
  9. :D It was the first thing this morning I read with my coffee. It looks like it could be a beautiful day :-) But I am wondering, if this writing was not published 2 weeks too early :-)
  10. Thanks Andrew for speaking up. It is very sad in deed. I was doing my daily walk-around, EOSHD – slashcam – dpreview… and as I saw this, my first thoughts were also: OK, sponsored with orange, but what does this content doing here, among real articles? And I got angry, as I read: “Filmmaker ScottDW trades his pro video gear for Canon EOS 80D…. and the results surprised him” In the camera PR and marketing, the words “pro” and “gamechanger” are probably the most devaluated ones. For me, they have a rather negative meaning, as these words are often used, when they have nothin
  11. It would be normal to hear such an argument from an arrogant, smart-ass Canon lawyer, but you should know better. We don’t know Canon’s strategy and we don’t have to understand it either. Every company produces products, they think are good, and every consumer buys, what they find interesting. BUT Everybody, just a bit serious about photography makes a decision for a brand, trusts a company, and invests in that system. So when you have invested in lenses, flashes, remote controls, etc… you might be disappointed, if your chosen company lets you down. You have thought, you make a
  12. There is no way Panasonic is using the few years old GX80 sensor in the new GH5. I don"t believe it and don"t know where this info comes from, and don"t understand why people are repeating it. Just think about it. Within this business unit, the GH5 is going to be the most important camera for Panasonic. In the electronic business, no "normal" company can come out with a technology from yesterday. If Sony is delivering the sensor, than it is going to be the a6300 stacked and back-lit technology. That's exactly why, we are waiting for the GH5! There is plenty of GX80s on the shelves,so th
  13. I am afraid, most of us here, has never had an XC10 in their hand. But we can still exchange views and ideas, that’s the forum about. I don’t buy a camera, like my wife chooses a car. -Look honey, I want this one, it has such a nice color :-) If a camera’s specifications are not good enough, why should I use time to test it??? For me the XC10 is a monster, clear mistake from product management. Not good for photography. No RAW. It could be a firmware update but Canon would for sure not do it. The lens is so-so Weak continuous shooting No IR flash-sync No autof
  14. I am also confused. There is this whole internet with a galaxy of information, and it is tougher and tougher to find the correct ones. You almost have to be a professional, to be able to see, who you can trust, what is right and what is BS. Many sites are sponsored by somebody, Canon-Nikon-Sony ambassadors are not unbiased either, and all the fanboys with their own truth, as there were nothing else important to photography. Full-frame fanboys are the most visible. Some of them are educated enough to understand, in reality they are swallow DoF fanboys. And there are the low-light-funb
  15. Equivalent??? 1,4 ≠ 2,8 Photography is a lot more than DoF...
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