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  1. not a word about a7s mark3 - probably will be april next year such a hard waiting, hope at least it will worth it.
  2. true, but the waiting is killing us :))))
  3. i get it, but some people were expecting an s update today. now it's up in the air again. And gh5 seams the only viable option for video now.
  4. yes. But the full frame look and low light remain the main features you would still dream about a7s mark3. I can only imagine how a 10 bits better codec low light full frame image would look like, just saying.
  5. i think you got me wrong. I wasn't sarcastic or something. I just didn't see the footage you were talking about and wanted to have a look. You kinda made me curious about the skin tones. cheers
  6. so, a7s mark3 when?!?, hope it's going to be this year too
  7. where is the footage to take a look? i kinda a missed it, thx
  8. so, again, no A7s mark3 wonder how much do we have to wait for it to come. A7r mark3 is here and looks promising but hardly an a7s 2 replacement for video. what do you say?
  9. do you have examples for this statement? thx
  10. this topic was already covered many times on this forum. I have to agree to the fact that the professionals who are shooting on fs7 are choosing it for the right reasons. Like build in ND, body type and ergonomy, and so on. And vice versa, who's choosing to shoot on a7s will do it especially for "the right tool for the right job" reason. It's not like sony can hold back the features forever just not to cut into fs7 sales. I think that would be the wrong approach. Just saying.
  11. wonder what's the marketing strategy for sony! They have gh5 in the market for a while now eating from a7s pie bits by bits. They have fs5, fs7 and they just announce the sony venice and YET at NAB they announce once again a video NON Dslr camera. Why, like why??? when people are expecting an a7s mark3 with 10 bits and decent codec. that's all we ask for. Would be the perfect indie camera for a long time ahead. Just saying out loud.
  12. coming back on topic, i know it sounds silly but if they can pack 10 bits and log in a mobile phone camera i cannot imagine an a7s 3 wihout 10 bits and a good codec. i really have high expectations for tomorrow:
  13. more or less 10 bits is mandatory since this is the standard impose by the cheaper gh5 already. I wouldn't see sony going for less than that. The only question is when? people are already switching to panasonic for this very specific reason, the strong codec 400 all-i and 10 bits - the clock is ticking.
  14. really, was hopping for the end of 2017 they already released the a9 and probably the technology is kind of the same. just guessing.
  15. true, 10 bits 422 internal codec and maybe 10 bits 4k 60p would be amazing on a full frame sensor with less rolling shutter and same low light capability. This would make the a7s mark3 almost the perfect indie camera. The big question is: when it will be release? when? if it's fall 2018 could be a little too late, just saying.
  16. Hey, someone put some effort into creating a petition for keeping NX line alive. He even got an answer from Samsung Korea Ceo in which was requested for a better number of people to sign the petition. BUt overall the feedback was positive. If we can show Samsung that we are many, if we all stay together, maybe we'll have a chance if not for a NX2 at least for some new updates for NX1. Let's take a bit of time and sign the petition. It only takes 2 min. Thanks https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/samsung-keep-nx-alive
  17. i get your point. Still, the gap between gh5 and a7s 2 is really small. Is hard to pick one. is basically better low light and sensor size vs better slow motion 4k60p and better codec, better colors, better lens range, better ergonomics, and so on. Anyways, at the end of the day i thing it comes down to different tools for different projects. It's just in my heart i am still waiting for the perfect tool which will be a7s mark3 with the feature that gh5 has but with a full frame codec. have to wait an other year probably.
  18. if a7s 3 comes a year from now than it's really hard to resist the gh5 with the new upcoming firmware. And in terms of business, if people are choosing to make the switch rather than wait for the sony to catch up, it hard to justify the switch again after just one year when you already invested in lenses. Just saying.
  19. hey guys, any new rumors regarding a7s 3 launching? the gh5 firmware update is coming in less then 2 weeks and it's time for sony to hit back, or isn't it?
  20. you're right. was a silly question after all. What i was asking in my stupidity is : if gh5 is really an upgrade from samsung nx1 or not? image quality wise!
  21. in Romania is not so easy to buy cameras and send them back if you're not happy. We're just not there yet. And renting could be an option. I tried one over a weekend but couldn't decide I mean, the codec is really way better, it supports more post production. But i didn't have the lenses to really try it well so i don't know if the sensor is such a problem. For me a real upgrade would be a sony a7s3 with 10 bits and 4k 60p and the full frame sensor which probably will exist at some point but i won't have the budget for it. I asked for help, not to be silly, but maybe someone had the same problem and has an answer. Someone who had samsung nx1 and upgraded to gh5 and is will to share the ups and downs. Thank you anyway. you set the problem right. I really love my nx1 but it starts to draw me back with it limitations. Which are slow motion only available in 1080p and the quality is not up to the 4k resolution. And mostly the low light limitation, where 800 iso on nx1 is already a bit noisy compared to gh5 which is really noise free till 1600. Also the motion cadence and the in body stabilization are other strengths that i am missing on nx1. On the other hand the stills are at a different level on samsung nx1 and the bigger sensor helps a lot when you pair it to pro lenses which i already have. Tough decision. And it is not about money as i paid really less for nx1, i would pay more for gh5. SO i don't see it as a trade. If i could wait and save for the A7s3 i would be the happiest person alive. BUt i am sure i wont have the budget for the body plus 2, 3 lenses, (probably around 6k altogether)
  22. so guys, no one can give me an advice if i should upgrade or not? really appreciating any suggestion. thx
  23. @Andrew i am coming from samsung nx1 and am considering buying gh5 for the better codec + better low light + better slowmotion+ better in body stabilization. Question is, itțs worth the upgrade now that you tested the open gate future ? I am a bit afraid of the down sides of the smaller sensor compared to my nx1. I know the adapter + full frame lens will bring it closer to apsc, but the quality wonțt be the same as samsung nx1. Dunno about the DR in both cameras regarding film. For stills NX1 is a clear winner. So, is it an upgrade the GH5 with the new update? I know i should probably wait till the a7sIII will be out but i wonțt have the budget for it so it is out of the question for now. Thanks a lot for the replies.
  24. @Andrew can you elaborate more on the settings you've been using? Why not set in in the camera 16-235 in the first place? thx
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