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  1. Sony A7S is gonna have 12mpx. Its gonna be a serial killer.... http://www.sonyalpharumors.com/sr5-sony-a7s-has-12-megapixel-full-frame-sensor/
  2. CONFIRMED !!!!!!! IT will be 4K !!!!! absolutely awesome !!!!! Imagine A6000 video features (zebra peaking 60fps) with A7 photo quality, and 4K video !!!!! Finally a compact camera with awesome video quality and stills ! it is gonna be awesome, thanks Sony. Take my cash. 2 years I wait this ....
  3. Andrew, what about the speed booster you talk about ? EF mount ? How is the autofocus doing then ?
  4. Not only because of video processing, but because they don't have raw.... look how Raw video improve DR on the 5D3 for instance. But even with RAW video on the GH3, the quality is nothing to compare with RAW Stills of 5D3, or this RED. Probably because it is 1080P... The 5D3 would film in RAW 6K, the video quality would be as good as a Raw picture you take which the 5D3, which is amazing. The Red is the first to do that, and this is crazy.
  5. This Red Dragon is the best news I have ever read in my all life, for video ...... If you read carefully, the Red does 19mpx (6K) in RAW, with 100fps. This means, that with one second of video, you get 100 RAW images of 19mpx, which quality is BETTER THAN ON A D800 (according to DXO) this is absolutely fantastic for photographer (JUST IMAGINE ON A SPORT EVENT !!!!! you make a 10 seconds movie of a jump and you get 1000 pictures of 19mpx with best quality in the world !). And this means, that the video quality of the Red is better than the STILLS quality of a D800 (because video of the Red = Raw = actually a lot of "raw stills" put together at either 24fps or 30 or more, which is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE for videographer. This also means, that we can do absolutely what we want in prod with the videos of the Red, like we would do on a picture. For exemple, on a GH3, you can't recover highlights, push the shadows, and push the colors to get an image like this (it's my image): http://500px.com/photo/58968152 If you see the actual original shot from above, it is pretty disgusting. I would have film it with the GH3 = disgusting. Now with Raw on the Red, and with amazing sensor quality and 19mpx, we can get those images in a video .... I am blown away. And the best thing ....... This is a 30K usd camera, but it means in 5 years we ALL have in our pocket FINALLY a compact camera like a Sony A7R, 5 axis IBIS, and RAW in 6-8 k (>19mpx) with video quality exceeding stills quality we get from a D800. For a few xxx dollars. Futur is in front of us .... I can't wait. EDIT : bonus : awesome how he pushes shadows, highlights and so on... : And this one as well ... crazy :
  6. Shit..... if only panasonic could have put 5axis IBIS inside !!!!!!! Each time I read a news about a new product, we get something super nice. But it is always in a different body ! Will we ever get a whole package which does GH4 quality (with good codec and bitrate + 24p 60p) + IBIS + good stills quality ? Next hope I have : future Sony FF dslr .... which should have IBIS and hopefully a better thing than their awful AVCHD... Why is it too much asking this in 2014 ? The camera manufacturers don't want to make money or what ? I don't understand. Really.
  7. If the E-M1 has better video quality (high bitrate) which meets panasonic video quality AND 60p, I buy one immediately.
  8. "the Toshiba sensor in the D5300" Yep its a sony sensor, not toshiba ;)
  9. Andrew, you are at the Sony event for wining a FS700, can you not tell them that we want video like GH3 (decent codec and bitrate) ? The new sony A77 is probably gonna get 5 axis stab from Olympus, but come on if it gets the same video mode as the NEX 6 - 7 it's gonna be such a shame. If not, then we finally have a camera with 5 axis, good stills quality (better than EM-1) and 60 and 24 fps (better than EM-1) with good video. Then we just miss the small body size. Again, dream would be a Sony A7R still image quality and body size with at least 5DIII video quality + 60fps + 5 axis stab. That would be the best camera ever for me and many other I guess !!
  10. Surprised as well for 5DIII h264 > GH3
  11. wolf33d

    Along the way

    Hi, Thanks for your answers. Fly-Catchers : no, my phantom is inside the canyon with the gopro, down in the hill ....
  12. Hi, I am a student, but when I sign up, they ask for my course name and my tutor ? Do I have to study something in "film" industry, or as a business student I can be part of it ? Thanks
  13. wolf33d

    Along the way

    Hi, thanks a lot. I corrected the distortion, but more would affect the image quality. Also, the youtube compression is awful. The video result on my computer is insanely better, even the compressed output from Premiere Pro. But then after the upload it looks bad. Any suggestion ?
  14. wolf33d

    Along the way

    Hi ! I wanted to share with you my video done with a GH3, a D5200, a Dji Phantom 2 drone and a GoPro 3. I hope you dream and travel with me trough these images
  15. Your test is a bit unfair. I got the EM1 for 3 weeks and the GH3. First of all we clearly see on your images that the GH3 is way more sharp, and I saw this in all my footages. The post sharpening is not cool, and alter the quality. On the portrait image you have done, sorry but the image quality on the guy face almost looks like on my iPhone. I get better result with the GH3. Secondly, you forgot that the GH3 has 60fps which is as important as stabilisation for me. Thirdly the cost, I bought my GH3 new, at 806USD including taxes 1 month ago. Finally, you say ergonomic is better on the EM1. Sorry but I was before a canon user, I got the EM1 and was lost, and then the GH3 everything was amazing and better than canon and olympus. I way prefer the ergonomic on the GH3, so this is something personal, but they are on the same level anyway. Except something you forgot again to mention, is that the GH3 has a screen that can turn in every way and this is absolutely fantastic and changed my life when shooting ! So on my side I wait for the new alpha sony cameras (which will probably get good video and 5 axis stab but unfortunately big DSLR body) or that finaly a brand can gives us GH3 video quality (with .mov for friendly editing + 60fps) + sony A7 still quality + EM1 stabilisation in a compact body and at a decent price (1500 usd max). If this comes out one day ..... my dream will become true.
  16. Great post Andrew, I agree 100% with all your points. So pissed about how brands are doing not well with video !!! Unbelivieable that in 2013 we still don't have a Good still/video camera in a compact body ! Like a OLY EM-1 with good video (Prores,60fps..) or A7R with stabilisation + Prores and full read out pixel ... Pissed pissed pissed.
  17. video sample for sony A7 looks not good :/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuSvnhcATUE     and RX10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jPu-q6N9Y0   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaTmI2x0FO8
  18. Mmhhhh it has IS.  Very interesting then.  Let's see if the A7 as the same video feature with full pixel readout
  19. No IS ?  At 200mm with such a small body video will look super shaky.  With IS, it would have been a super deal for video .. :/
  20. Andrew ! You forgot to add that a new A7 body like will be released soon, early 2014 with IBIS !!!!! Finally our video killer
  21. Next one : in body stabilization and 60 fps and I buy it.
  22. Andrew !!!!!  Thanks a lot ! Please send this to all those brands ! Please !    We are waiting for years for a decent still - video system.    Olympus has the stabilization (but no video quality and stills cant compete with 5D3 or Fuji X) Canon with magic lantern has video quality (RAW) Panasonic has video quality (GH3) and 1080P 60 FPS Canon, Fuji X and so on have stills quality Fuji, Olympus (..) has the compact size !!    Jesus ! Give me a Fuji X-E1 (for size and stills quality) with 1080P 60FPS, stabilization and decent bit rates !  Or at least an Olympus with better video quality and 1080P 60 FPS !  The gopro does it, many camera do. Why the fuck they don't put it everywhere ? Even the black magic, no 60fps ? come on !    Imagine a OMD EM5 like body, with the 5 axis stabilization, the video quality of the GH3, and the mode of the gh3 (60 fps)  ! Would be a killer an open new world for video.  Imagine video in paragliding, sports and so on with the stabilization and the 5 axis !! Images never seen before.      COME ON !!! Give us quality, controls and options !  I am selling my Fuji X-E1 now because I have no manual control on video, no 1080P 60fps. Thus I am leaving without stab (the stab of the lens is decent and better than nothing), and without big bit rates. Quality is decent. See one of my videos 100% shot with it :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAEFNKKaXA0&hd=1
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