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  1. I got my 80D 2 weeks ago and got the 10-18, 18-55, and 55-250 STM lenses just out of my spite for the Canon 5D4 that I was originally going to buy. Something to hold me over and maybe be a companion to the GH5. I'm really enjoying the 80D. And I can't say enough about the articulating swivel screen. It is such a necessary tool for videography and makes photography such a breeze, I wonder why they even make garbage tilt screens found on the Nikon D750. I am really amazed how recoverable the deepest blacks are. There really is no banding or macroblocking on blacks that I thought would be crushed/clipped for sure. But you will see noise if you push anything from the black if it's anything that's not shot in the best light. Definitely stay away from using the Standard picture profile on default. That sharpness setting will give you war flashbacks from cameras of 15 years ago.
  2. Is it the pitch motor? It sounds like the pitch motor is unbalanced. Too bottom heavy. Try raising the platform where the camera sits to where it can freely rotate.
  3. Getting mine tomorrow hopefully after waiting for 3+ weeks. Excited! Hopefully it'll be an upgrade to my Pilotfly H1+.
  4. I bought it for the 80D. Partyly due to the fact that I enjoy being part of this community and I'm happy to contribute in some way. As for the camera profile, I think it's a good tool for people looking to use LUTs already made for C-Log because they like a certain color profile. And in the right light, I'm sure it'll perform just as well as C-Log. But in very harsh light where 12-13 stops of dynamic range and a log profile comes in handy, it probably won't offer any more dynamic range than something like Technicolor Cinestyle which offers very little gain in dynamic range. Overall though, I just got the 80D 2 weeks ago, I really like the Canon video quality especially the skin tones. In any lighting, if you set the exposure properly, the skin always looks fantastic. I've amassed quite the collection of Canon profiles. Cinestyle, VisionTech, Cinema PP. I'm happy to add this one to the list.
  5. Not surprised by the results. Thanks for the video. I didn't think Canon was going to put any effort in downsampling 6K to 4K or 4K to 1080p in their photo camera. I think the real problem with these tests are side by side comparisons. We are forced to look at the pixels rather than the subject or object (as a whole) of the story which should never happen. BTW, I own a Korean Galaxy Note 7, the model with the specific battery in question. I'm being real careful with the charging. Crossing my fingers.
  6. No specs. Because Canon hasn't decided what feature they are going to disable by firmware yet.
  7. Actually I don't know. I'm not sure why I said it. I think I was just replying to someone that said 4g and maybe he changed his comment since. Just googling it, I see that they support 1200g. However, in their own videos, they show it working with a 5D2 with a 16-35mm L. At least 1450g. I might pick one of these up soon for my 80D + 10-22mm.
  8. It just looks like a lot of hard work in the editing room and in the field to blend as a variety of non-standard very creative transitions. A lot of brainstorming and time was spent coming up with ways to transition. For example, he uses something that looks like rolling shutter to blend into the next cut. Genius!
  9. I know it's not likely, but whether Canon likes it or not, the 5D Mark III turned into what would have been a 5Dc (5D3 with Magic Lantern). Canon should stop fighting it and give people what they want. 5D body, raw video or 1080p 10-bit 4:2:2 or 4K up to 60p with C-Log at around $3500. The 1Dc....I know it's a very capable device, but how many did they sell in comparison to the 5D3? And how many people used the 5D3 for video compared to the 1Dc? I would bet Canon lost a ton of money on the 1Dc, XC-10, C100, C300, C500. They are all very niche products, so different from each other, compared to the 5D which is the industry standard for photos and was a little bit for video.
  10. 4KG...you can put a 1DX Mark II on there with a 70-200mm no problem. Kinda hard to believe but when Zhiyun says 4KG, they usually mean it.
  11. Remember when the consumers strong-armed Canon to put 24p on the 5D Mark II via a firmware update? That's one for the books. At least we have that. I guess what I want really is a 1Dc Mark II, in a 5D body with C-Log at 5D prices. It almost sounds unreasonable but what I'm asking for is mostly a 5D with a color profile. Considering that Canon is gonna make it probably impossible for the 5D Mark IV to be hacked, it seems like even less capable than the 5D Mark III. That's the problem.
  12. In this video, he comments that the up and down is not as stable. I think a lot of people don't consider the fact that a 3-axis gimbal does not stabilize the vertical (up and down) motion at all. Your arm is doing the stabilization and you can affect it a lot by how you walk.
  13. I think if the 5D4 had 10-bit 4:2:2 C.Log 1080p, it would be an instant buy for me. With C-fast, it should have enough write speed for it. I'm guessing the reason they wouldn't is that it would partially cannibalize their c100. But would it really hurt their c100 sales? It won't have a internal ND filter, the rolling shutter won't be as good. It'll be a good B-camera to a c100 when shallow DOF is required. The battery life will be an issue. All things I am prepared to deal with.
  14. I would love to see this entire thread in documentary form. Don't forget youtube. Put it on YouTube, run ads. Try to get it on reddit front page. BAM. That's like a good $100 right there. After that, a short 5-10 min video every day for a year, and you will have yourself a cool $1000.
  15. You should give it another test in good light where you still have underexposed areas in your shot. Your test was far from ideal. Second, yes, I agree this app does not improve the dynamic range, however, by providing high bitrates and a flat profile, it pushes the black to a gray, and this helps the codec to not group all the black and nearly black pixels into one macro-block cluster. So although you are not getting more dynamic range, you should get more usable dynamic range but only when there is enough light. However, if you know how to get the most out of your camera already, the gain is really small to zero when it comes to dynamic range or usable dynamic range. For others that haven't already found other apps (such as Open Camera that lets me shoot 4K HDR on my Note 5/Exynos which doesn't work on Note 5/Snapdragon) that lets their phone do 4K and get the full dynamic range in their videos before finding this app, this app should do a lot for them. I still like the high bitrate. I have some other apps that lets me choose 100mb/sec, but it always just shot at 50mb/sec because there's a camera firmware limitation. However, this app gets around it and provides true 200mb/sec recording, and I do think it make a difference. Another amazing thing about this app is that it gives me manual focus while recording so I can do slow manual focus pull effects while recording when I couldn't before with any app I've seen for my Note 5. I think that by itself is worth a few bucks.
  16. OK. Seriously impressed. I've spent days looking at video apps and have purchased many for my Galaxy Note 5. This one seems to be more capable than anything I've seen. I haven't seen 200mbps or the ability to set fps and shutter speed independly for a video app before. Also, the dynamic range in 4k is as good as Samsung stock camera app 1080p with HDR enabled. That's a good accomplishment in itself. Couple that with bumping up the blacks to a flat profile for less macro blocking is very nice. How far we can stretch that back to black without banding, I haven't tried yet. Thank you for posting about this!
  17. So even after purposely leaving it unbalanced, the stabilization looks great. After balancing, your battery probably should last all day. Also, very nice video too and grade.
  18. Just saw this video. Seriously impressed how powerful the motors are. I get the impression Zhiyun is really serious about making good gimbals and are willing to spend money doing the R&D some (not all) other companies out there that have put out products, but I feel they are untested for real world long term use and are unwilling to make any improvements or fix any issues that the customers are having, and they are too busy making 10 other gimbal models that are not thoroughly tested for professional reliability. I guess it's just early adopter issues. Anyway, looking forward to more reviews on the Z1 Crane
  19. Hi sgreszcz, I don't have any first-hand experience with DJI products, however, I did pay close attention to the trend of DJI Osmo as it was being launched. Many vloggers on YouTube got one and were so excited about it and they talked about how it was going to change everything for them, but no one really used it after a video or two. I'm not sure if it was a practicality issue because of the 1 hr battery life, or a mic issue (you have to use always use an external mic because the internal mic is not usable at all), or if it was an image quality issue. Also, the stabilization by default is tuned in a way that it looks artificially bouncy. If you're going to use the DJI Osmo with the smartphone always attached to it, it's actually more cumbersome to carry than just stabilizing a smartphone on a smartphone gimbal. And considering you can get better image quality these days on a smartphone than on an Osmo/X3, I think the Osmo with the stock X3 camera doesn't make any sense at all. The Z1 Smooth C is pretty amazing for smartphones. I really don't think you can go wrong with a Z1 Smooth as your first gimbal as it'll always have it's uses even if you get a larger gimbal for your LX100. I'm not sure if I would have bought the H1+ if I owned a Z1 Smooth C first because all of my lenses are wide with infinite DOF, so there are only a few advantages (setting shutter and fps independently, better dynamic range) that my H1+/GH3 offers over my Galaxy Note 5/Z1 which can shoot 24fps and HDR with the right apps. But I'm sure that'll change when I get a GH5.
  20. It gets interesting at the 1:22 mark. They show multiple times in the video people playing with zoom rings while using the gimbal. I hope that's not by accident. That is impossible to do on my Pilotfly H1+. I hope someone gets to review it because it seems like the stabilization market is already pretty well established. Below $600 on ebay, not a bad price but it's not gonna be a game changer either. 2 18650 Li-ion batteries like the Came-TV Single. That handle looks obnoxiously long, but then again, maybe not a bad thing. It's not like I carry the Pilotfly in my pocket. I own a Zhiyun Z1 Smooth C, which is a sub $200 gimbal that works well for my Galaxy Note 4/5 and stabilizes smartphones just as well as my Pilotfly H1+ stabilizes my cameras. Edit: Oh just a warning before you buy though. I'm guessing it's not compatible with SimpleBCG which is powerful for fine tuning. The Zhiyun software for the smartphone is very very basic. Just does firmware upgrades and calibration.
  21. Can you put up some footage with the microjitters? If we can recognize the type of jitter, maybe it'll be easier to suggest things to try. From my personal experience, every month in, you feel more comfortable with the SimbleBCG software, and you're able to tweak my gimble just a little bit more efficiently. So don't give up. It looks like rocket science as first, and then all those numbers start making sense. First and foremost, you have to make sure your gimbal is properly balanced. A good test is when you have it turned on and everything is level, and then you switch off the power, it should mostly stay put. Even if you pick i up and walk with it, it should mostly stay free floating rather than topple to one side. That's the sign that it's properly balanced. I mention this because even though my gimbal provided stable footage when I got it, I walked around with the pitch axis unbalanced which I though was normal. Second, you should make sure your ACC and Gyro is calibrated. Pilotfly has a video showing you how to calibrate it by holding the plate down on a desk while it's powered on when the calibration is triggered. I also mention this because I was calibrating my gimbal wrong the first two months. I values are very sensitive. You need to get it within one/one-hundredth of precision. All my values are between 0.05 and 0.01. The youtube video....those I values look a bit odd to me, but maybe it's fine for the H2. D values are very sensitive as well. One number off and it vibrates/resonates if you push it at a weird angle. If it's off in another direction, you have jitters. You should be raising those numbers to the highest as possible, but without it vibrating when you tilt the handle sideways or more. My guess is this is most likely the source of your jitter. Increasing the POWER can also help with the jitters. Unlike the PID values, the POWER value too high won't make your footage more shaky, but it'll drain your batteries. If your motor burning hot, it'll damage your motors. A well balanced gimbal's motor should be luke warm when sitting powered on on a desk because it shouldn't need to do any kind of work. The youtube video, those POWER number seem insanely high but I run a much lighter lens so who knows. Your POWER values should be just enough to power your motors in any circumstance, but not too high where it's making your motor hot unnecessarily. The POWER numbers in that youtube video seems crazy high to me.
  22. I think Panasonic could do a lot of good by going down to a 8.5MP sensor. It would improve noise performance by about 1 stop, let them do 4K without crop, more efficient 1080p, faster readout meaning less rolling shutter, better slow motion, and raw video also. Trying to keep the megapixel high for the misguided people who get the GH as their primary photo camera, that's really putting a damper on things. Also, 8.5MP still makes for a great photo camera and the achilles heel of the mft cameras has always been low light. 8.5MP sensor would make better photos.
  23. If you are going to invest in one long term, I'd go with the safe bet which is Premiere Pro. Apple OSX (now known as macOS) has been dying a slow death. People might argue that the professional artist community is going strong, Apple has plenty of money, and die-hard Apple fans will never move to anything else. But look at what happened with Aperture (the Lightroom alternative only for Apple users). Apple killed it and replaced a professional app with a non-professional consumer-friendly alternative with less features. What makes FCPX, the Premiere Pro alternative for Apple users, any different? How long until Apple, which is busy doing a million other things, gives up trying to keep pace with the ever improving Premiere Pro? Video editing software is a pretty niche market and I'm sure it's only a small percentage of the reason why people buy Apple laptops. People in this room excluded of course.
  24. I've been anxiously waiting for the new Improved Lumetri Color (Secondary HSL) I've always liked Colorista, but I always thought the only reason I still use it is because there is no localized HSL correction for a particular color range. Now, it has it. Crossing my fingers to see if it works well with skin as Adobe at NAB precariously stayed away from demonstrating it on skin. Edit: Works on skin OK. I had "Add color" after I "Set color" to cover the entire spectrum though then blur the mask. Then "Remove color" to remove some nearby similar colors. I would say Colorista is better at skin isolation but this will probably do.
  25. I know we're in fantasy land, but a camera like this would make sense to me. 12MP full frame (like the A7S) Great battery life. Dual sided fully articulating screen (180 degree flip like the 70D/GH4). Dual sided for camera rigidity. I never needed the tilt. C-Log 10bit 4:2:2 and raw Some weight reduction over the regular 5D Mark IV. 4K up to 60p 1080p up to 240p Under $3000. You might be saying, why not just get a A7S II? The articulating screen. I really need one.
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