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  1. Considering how few cameras have IBIS, I'm almost certain a camera like this doesn't exist. But if you're going to go through the trouble of shooting raw, why not put the bmpcc on a gimbal? Or use an external recorder with something like the G85. There is also the DJI Osmo with the Zenmuse X5R or X5S. A lot of people are still hoping the GH5 will do RAW and have IBIS.
  2. Here's me walking with the GX85 and Panasonic 12mm 1.4 (no lens stabilization). Towards the end of my trip, I figured out how to walk better with the camera. Pull down with the weight of my arm while holding on the lens with the left hand. Then pull sideways with my right hand with an equal amount of pull to stabilize the roll.
  3. Hey Jon. I don't know if I have any exemplary video of people with the Summilux. Most of the video I have is at a friend's wedding and the groom is very protective of anything that involves him being put on the Internet. I'll try to grab a video of people for you next time I'm in Seoul with the 12mm. Are you looking for samples for color, distortion, dof?
  4. I just spent a week with a GX85 and some nice primes attached at the hip. At the end of the trip, I thought, I should probably sell my 80D, even though I just upgraded to the 80D with STM lenses. I just didn't think I'll be using it anymore after having such a grand time with the GX85. After taking just 2 photos with the Canon, I concluded very quickly that I should still keep it. The color is too good to completely abandon. Panasonic, although it's always improving, I still find issues where the skin is either too flat or too orange. Usually the problem is due to incorrect white balance. And even shooting photos in RAW it's a complicated post process, and it'll never be 100% as good as Canon.
  5. Just spent an entire week traveling with the GX85, Nocticron, and 12mm Summilux. Wedding, Disneyland, Las Vegas. Ended up with about 400GB of raw pics and 4K video. It was such a joy to use. Such a different experience than traveling with a SLR...which I usually end up not taking on short overseas travels just because it's such a huge commitment to carry. Although the lenses were large, the GX85 body and it's unassuming size and shutter noise encouraged me to carry it just about everywhere I went. Also, it can take a picture in any light without flash due to the speed of the lens, stabilization, and a fairly well performing sensor in low light. I also love startup time, fast shutter (electronic and mechanical) and large buffer that just wants to be held down. I had 4 batteries with me. I averaged about 2 full batteries a day. Some days 3. But the 4th one was just reassuring to just have on hand just in case. Here's one thing that I love with this camera. Always have it set on continuous shot. And for every picture, try to take many shots. Then, when you review the pics, just hold the back button....it's like watching a timelapse of your entire trip already edited with highlights. Works great with raw photos and the previews are sharp. There were a handful of occasions where a flip out screen would have been very handy. I lost the lens cap for the Nocticron and dented the hood of the Summilux. I hope it's not too expensive to replace.
  6. Thanks so much for this info by the way. I was literally on my way out the door to the airport when i noticed that the gx85 was still on firmware v1.0. Now rocking v1.2. Would have never caught it if you didn't mention it.
  7. Well,I heard these problems wouldn't have existed in the past if people bothered to turn off the stabilization. Too bad people kept trying to use it forcing Panasonic to unnecessarily fix something meant for photos and still shots. All joking aside, these in body stabilization systems are still no match for a gimbal. People are trying to push the IBIS far out of what it was meant for. I think the most common test that I see online when a new camera with IBIS comes out is people start walking with their cameras. I bet Panasonic engineers would say "Whoa, hold on there cowboy. What in the world gave you the impression that you can walk with the camera? It's made for careful pans and still shots."
  8. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1283257-REG/panasonic_dmc_gh5_mirrorless_micro_four.html My GX85 is still being delivered! Luckily, I need a stabilized camera regardless for my travels to the US next week. Let's hope it's sooner than later. I was thinking even end of June 2017. This is much sooner than expected.
  9. If that's the case, the problem is the GX85 provides far superior stabilization for video.
  10. Yeah, it's a bit unfortunate...Just when you thought Panasonic could do no wrong. Maybe they should slow down. This dual stabilization system looks unrefined. Rushed. I really hope they get the GH5 right.
  11. Yeah, it took me a good 5 years of living here to get comfortable enough to do online shopping. It always felt like pulling teeth every time I had to order something. Now it's not too bad.
  12. It's Korea's GMarket. Right now 686000 KRW free shipping plus OEM battery and case, which is almost exactly $600 US. http://shopping.daum.net/search/gx85 About 3 listings down, you'll see it. Gmarket may now be accepting international orders. However, it's very hard (I would say next to impossible) to navigate through the site unless you can speak Korean.
  13. I've seen that kind of stabilization stutter before on electronic stabilization. Whenever you switch the panning direction, it tries to stabilize the shot completely within it's cropped bondaries, until you exceed the boundaries and it needs to make a big correction. So it may be useful for walking, but it would definitely not work at all when you do any kind of panning where you change directions mid pan. Anyway, I think the stabilization noise is more than I want to deal with. With an external recorder you can get better audio, then clean it up, but you only need to clean it up because of the sensor stabilization noise. I don't think that step makes sense for me. Not something that we should deal with from the latest Panasonic. I'm thinking about getting the GX85 instead. It's about $600 here with an extra battery and bag.
  14. Someone tested the Rode VideoMic Pro. In short, it reduces it but doesn't eliminate it completely. And in the video, the mic is placed much further away from the body than placed on a hotshoe so maybe it's not even a solution at all. Adobe Audition, in an update they released a few months ago lets you remove this type of background noise with a click of a button in the multitrack, which seems to work really well and most of the times better than editing the individual track, taking a noise print, etc.
  15. Subject tracking is surprisingly good. The stabilization is impressive. If they can get a little more aggressive with the roll axis stabilization it'll be a huge improvement. I think we are about 2 generations away from matching the performance of gimbals. Still very useful with some warp stabilization. There stabilization noise is an issue. But its not a deal breaker.
  16. Yeah. 60% update is hitting on October31. Not sure if it's world wide.
  17. I think it's OK for photos when you have the camera pressed up against your face. It's probably meant for small hand tremors. So with a lot of consideration for holding the camera as steady as possible, you can do some pans and still shots. Nothing beyond that such as walking with it or trying to pan without monitoring. The Panasonic store, are you talking about 파나소닉프라자 서비스센터강남점 (near 서초역)?
  18. I think the general consensus is that 80D 1080p is sharper than the 70D. I'm happy with the sharpness. Two of my lenses are Mega OIS and none of my lenses have Power OIS. Supposedly the Power OIS is a lot better and the 12-60mm has it. So I'm thinking it out right now if I should just buy the G85 in the US because it's basically a free lens with the Kit in the US vs the body only in Korea (although no tax savings or Korean warranty). None of my cameras have any IBIS. G85 would be my frist.
  19. Yeah, I live in Korea, but I'm gonna be in the US in a week. I have the G85 Kit preordered from B&H, however, I don't really want the lens. I only bought the kit hoping to sell the lens because it is a very good deal if you can sell it for $300 on ebay. But considering I can claim this as a business expense in Korea (not in the US), it's about the same deal without having to ebay anything. But it looks like the website has upped it's price about 72,000 KRW? Can you give a quick look to see if I'm seeing it right? One last question, where is the Panasonic Korea store roughly? As for your question about G85 or the 80D, I have a 80D with a few STM lenses. Honestly though, I keep going back to my Panasonic because I have better glass and almost all panasonic glass doesn't have any focus noise. Also the battery life on the 80D isn't that great. Less than half of the Panasonics. Also the 30 min recording limit. I think most of my decisions are based on the lens I want to shoot with. Canon has much better skin color though. The Panasonic colors always never 100% satisfactory, even after correction and grading.
  20. Hi. Can you tell me where you can buy it for 1,007,000 won? I don't see it listed in the usual sites like gmarket. Thanks in advance!.
  21. They'll have to pry it from my dead hands. Which may happen soon enough.
  22. I guess it's time to put my Galaxy Note 7 on my Edelkrone slider and make some quick cash on youtube.
  23. That's a shame. I wonder if it was salvageable at all, but they just didn't care because it was government money. Are those capsule parachutes more expensive than all that equipment combined?.......yeah, probably..
  24. In hindsight, the 12-35mm f/2.8 would probably be a better choice. You're projecting again jon. But 12mm f/1.4 is certainly the most expensive lens that I own.
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