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  1. Well the "standard" practice with ALL Blackmagic cameras in this price range is to have a much thinner filter stack on their sensors than the average M43 manufacturer. Do you have any references and links for your statement? I wasn't aware that Blackmagic broke with tradition and increased the thickness of the filter stack just for this camera. Where are you reading this?
  2. Thanks. It is nice to see what actually works vs people speculating about what won't. Metabones will definitely come up with something. People also need to keep in mind that there are filter stack differences between cameras. The filter stack on the BMPCC is different than the filter stack on the GH4. This is what metabones had to say about it... http://www.metabones.com/article/of/Speed_Booster_ULTRA_0.71x
  3. More intellectual work from the political incorrect geniuses... Amazing! So intellectual! So deep! Did you see how he just said what he wanted to say? It made him look so smart! It made him look like an adult! 3 Pages on the internet?! You realize you are posting that statement on a forum where a camera without a single frame of official released footage has a 100+ page thread. And that camera will be obsolete in 5 years. I could take a dump in my front yard, stick my hand in it, and do some finger painting. If I made a video of my "art" and posted it here it would get way more than 3 pages worth of commentary. Well it would probably get censored by the guy that claims he is against censorship. And I wouldn't blame him. No I haven't noticed any threads on here about Marvel films. But as I've pointed out on numerous occasions a lot of posters on this forum are clueless about the real world so I am not surprised. I prefer to live in the real world not some delusional side dimension. For example the delusion that the NX1 was going to be some massive financial success. Go back and see how many times I interjected a bit of reality onto this forum on that subject and the delusional refused to believe me. So no, ignoring real life is the norm on this forum. Why would that surprise me? Mental illness and substance abuse? Why am I not surprised?
  4. Thanks for the info. That's interesting. I would have never thought that would work. I wish there were more details like how much exactly he is making and where he is peddling his wares. DVD players are dirt cheap. I know several people who own them. A lot of immigrants own region free versions and watch material from their home country. Well I say "a lot" but that is purely anecdotal. Xbox and Playstations play DVDs as well. Half of US households own game consoles. So between old people, immigrants, and game console owning households I would imagine most people have a device that plays DVDs connected to a TV. It is weird that people on a video making forum aren't aware of this. I guess it shows you what kind of an elitist microcosm the independent film maker world is.
  5. Okay. This is what you said... All the Nikon and Canon 50mm 1.8 lenses I'm familiar with are around $100 or less! I just don't understand this apples to oranges comparison. You bring me a 50mm 1.2 Canon lens and yes it will be $1,100 but now it is capable of bokeh that the Olympus can't do. So either way you are wrong. I think dismissing the inherent barrel distortion, etc with wide angle lenses particularly when you don't know the exact specific characteristics of each lens in the test is a bit disingenuous. Everything you are seeing in those pictures is not 100% due to distance. The exact ratio of what is affecting what we can debate but just glossing over a fact that doesn't support your argument isn't the way to help someone learn. I also stated that M43 has its place. I own a BMPCC and it is super 16. There are pros and cons to the camera. If someone asks me I tell them the truth. All these things are just tools. They all have their place. No. You are wrong, at least about OEM M43 lenses. It might be easier to make a smaller lens but that is not the only factor in the equation. Four things... 1) It is easier to make a smaller lens. POSITIVE 2) To get the same field of view you have to use substantial wider angle lens. NEGATIVE 3) To get the same level of bokeh you have to use a larger aperture. NEGATIVE 4) ALL nonCanikon lenses are produced at lower volume (excludes smartphones) and do not have the same mass production cost benefits. NEGATIVE So one positive and three negatives. Also there is something you are being very disingenuous about. M43 OEM lens manufactures use software interpolation to correct defects in their lenses. In many cases they make optically inferior lenses and use in camera software to do the last bit of heavy lifting. One can argue about how much difference there is between the software corrected and uncorrected images but full frame lens manufactures going the extra mile to correct as much as possible with glass needs to be acknowledged. People need to tell the whole truth and do apples to apples comparisons. Cutting corners to hit a particular price target and then relying on a software crutch is fine but don't turn around and say a fully optically corrected full frame lens is some kind of rip off. When you see lists of the sharpest lenses there are two things you don't see M43 lenses and a bunch of lenses wider than 35mm. Ever ask yourself why?
  6. Perspective is not the only thing dramatically affecting the image. You are leaving out the dollar for dollar increased inherent distortion in wide angle lenses. I'll say it again. You are fighting physics.
  7. I think you guys are both missing a couple of things. Maybe Pedro isn't taking into account the camera to subject distance on different size sensors and you aren't taking into account that extreme wide angle lenses have more inherent distortion and aren't as sharp as longer lenses. CAN you get a similar look on a M43 camera as a full frame? Sure but after all the hoops you have to jump through and the amount of money spent why bother unless you really need a particular camera and it happens to only come in M43 flavor? If someone gave me a choice of a fixed lens budget and said would you rather have your portrait taken with a tele lens on 35mm or a wide angle on M43 it would be a no brainer. And really I prefer medium format film to tiny 35mm cameras. You start off with an 80mm normal lens and go up from there for portraits.
  8. If you have any examples of this handy can you link to them? I'm thinking of doing something like that with a battery.
  9. The Olympus 25mm f1.2 is an $1,100 lens! No.
  10. I personally wouldn't buy a M43 or smaller camera unless I had a specific use case. If you need the video features of a GH5 a Canon Rebel just isn't going to cut it. Making large aperture, super wide angle lenses for more obscure mounts (ie not Canikon) just costs more. Financially M43 doesn't make any sense for me. Maybe you will save some dough on a body but you get hosed on the lenses. And if you want to "upgrade" to full frame later you are screwed. I am not into all this adapter stuff. I use it, but view it as a necessary evil. If I have some free or cheap vintage glass I will use it but failing that I prefer to just go out and get good OEM glass and keep it for life. If you buy a metal L lens you will be able to hand it down to your kids. Going with a smaller sensor, larger aperture, and wider glass just feels like fighting physics. Go with the flow and save some dough.
  11. Lol. I don't agree with everything that was said but I did love this... I'm glad someone is posting this. Honestly I don't care what people think. I will buy or pass on a camera based on MY needs. But for the sake of the engineers at Blackmagic it is nice for someone to point out how absurd the complaints have been after these guys and gals have done so much hard work and brought all of this to us at such a nice price point. Of course we have to see what the actual image quality is like. We can't comment on that one way or the other at this time. But to complain about this HDMI, and that USB C, and this nonrotating screen, and that extra button you can easily ignore, etc. is just bizarre. Yeah. That graphic really illustrates the dimensions of the camera. We had the measurements but seeing it laid out like that makes it hit close to home.
  12. That's interesting. Besides this blog no one in my life at home or at work or in any of the media that I consume ever talk about this guy or his films. I never even heard of him. In contrast people talk about Marvel films all the time. Utilizing comic book material Marvel has managed to make multiple historic movies that will be discussed 50 years from now. Most of the Marvel movies are ho hum. But what really astounds me are the ones that are either really good and/or historic. And it is amazing the quality of the movies that they have made with obscure characters. In contrast DC releases turkey after turkey utilizing some of the biggest comic book names in history. I think in the little artsy fartsy corner of the movie world people just get so full of themselves that they just gush about oddball weird stuff like this Lars' characters work. And simultaneously people reject quality work because it is too popular or because it is put out by a big faceless multibillion dollar company. I've gotten old enough and mature enough that I know what I like. I don't have to watch pretentious artsy movies just to seem sophisticated. Let's be honest. A lot of movies suck and these artsy movies are not immune.
  13. Thanks for the link to the article. That article seems a bit more realistic. Honestly living in America I don't know of any movies in recent memory that have been "banned" or "censored". We are the porn capitol of the world. People are free to make their movies and PRIVATE theaters and film festivals are free to screen the movies they want. That's kind of the thing about property rights. I can control who comes onto my PRIVATE property and screens movies. It is kind of a neat feature of Western democracies. I kind of like it. It is amazing that the little blog rant failed to mention the director blurting out "I am a Nazi" the last time he was at Cannes. Oh my god!!! I'm clutching my pearls! A German went to a PRIVATE event and babbled incoherently before announcing "I'm a Nazi" and then he wasn't invited back? How strange and devastating! What are we going to do?! I honestly wonder what some of the people on this website do for a living. I've had various jobs where I had to deal with life and death situations, billion dollar deals, etc. I had to be able to control my mouth for 10 sometimes 15 minutes at a time. I know. Pretty unbelievable. Right? I think a lot of what has been posted here stands as a testament to the Western white male man baby, the most infantile and sensitive of creatures on the face of the earth. I liked your post because of this sentence. You succinctly summed up one of my strongest feelings about this blog post. I couldn't for the life of me understand what any of these things had to do with each other. And of course ALL of the examples were thoroughly misrepresented. What was asked of the white male scientist was merely an apology. An apology would have been the end of it. Instead he went nuclear. I've apologized for things at work that I haven't even done. You have to pick which hill you wish to die on. And the Lars thing could have been avoided if he had the common sense and breeding not to declare "I am a Nazi" when he is a guest at private events. I go through life and I have NONE of the problems these man babies seem to have. Please. How do you get that from this... https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2018/05/is-this-old-lingerie-joke-harmless-or-harassment/559760/ I don't take particular offense to the joke. I don't take any offense to the woman being offended by it. I don't take any offense to the governing body asking the man to apologize particularly when he followed up the joke by telling the woman in writing her behavior was "frivolous". Even at this late date if the guy just apologized I really wouldn't think much of this whole affair one way or the other. I suppose at some point in time something like this would be a bigger deal but when you have an admitted serial sexual assaulter sitting in the White House a lot of this other stuff sort of pales in comparison. If this guy wants to set his reputation on fire by waging some epic battle that is his choice. That has nothing to do with this woman and it certainly makes no commentary about the broader society except that there are a lot of Western white male crybabies out there. I apologize at work all the time. If you genuflect, bow your head, and say I'm sorry people usually can't keep kicking you in the gut. Heck I do it in my boss' office on a Friday afternoon when I just want to get out of there and make it to happy hour. I'm not going to waste 45 minutes of cheap drinking explaining my position when I can just say, "yeah that other guy is right and I'm sorry" and get out of there.
  14. No one in this thread suggested building a desktop with 4 GB of RAM in 2018. You are quoting me replying to someone who was complaining about his old computer that was obsolete because it only had 4GB of RAM. The point of the post was quad channel configuration is not necessarily better and most people can get along perfectly fine with dual channel. I simply used the guys own numbers for the sake of simplicity. The point of my reply was not to tell anyone what total amount of RAM they were supposed to use. With volatile RAM prices and different program requirements I would not presume to tell anyone that they MUST get this or that amount of RAM. I would need to know all their computing needs and have an up to date knowledge of current RAM prices. And even then on a finite budget the exact trade offs that are to be made are somewhat of a personal choice. As I said before I think it is better for the OP to do some more research and then figure out what HIS particular needs are. There is no one size fits all solution. You can get a computer that will work for a lot of people but if you are talking about optimizing let alone future proofing for a specific person I just won't presume to start listing a bunch of concrete criteria. I personally just don't have enough information.
  15. I'm not sure you have done enough research to build a computer. I mean I think you could pull it off but if you want to future proof you have to understand what all the main components are and be able to do reasonable anticipation of what your future needs will be. If you don't know what PCIe slots are for I think more research is in order. What this guy said. You need to understand the interplay between M.2 NVMe, Graphics card(s), SSDs, and PCIE lanes. Depends on the board and what you are trying to accomplish. If it is dual channel and has for slots then you should start off with a matched pair of 2 GB. That gets you 4GB and leaves you with two slots empty. Then if you want to upgrade you can get two 4GB sticks or two 8 GB sticks, etc. I believe quad channel boards can be used as dual channel boards. I don't know how much benefit quad channel is for our tasks.
  16. https://spectator.org/the-air-force-needs-maverick/ What we can see from these two quotes is if you do something and it inspires the white male first world Christian power structure it is good. If it is aimed at inspiring women and niggers that it is horrible. I honestly don't believe in free speech. I think a lot of things should be banned. They don't have any redeeming value. Having said that as reprehensible in every way as this blog post was I have to grudgingly admit that it is positive that it was posted on the internet. As a decent person there are times that I forget that people have thoughts like this in their heads. As objectionable as this post was to read it definitely gave me some insight into the author. Let's be honest. This blog discusses the least import aspects of film making. We are a bunch of EQUIPMENT nerds. We aren't even film nerds. We are just EQUIPMENT nerds. This forum is just a guilty pleasure for me. The fact of the matter is anyone can easily go out and rent an ARRI camera. Someone could go out and buy an Alexa Classic use it for a couple of months and sell it. Total round trip cost? Less than the cost of a M43 speedbooster. Gear is not what is holding us losers back from creating a masterpiece. Having said that it is breathtaking to watch the author of this blog denigrate a historic movie like Black Panther. I consider myself somewhat open minded. By the Nazi standards of some people who shall remain nameless I am probably a raging left wing liberal. Even I wouldn't bankroll a basically all black expensive Hollywood film with the goal of making hundreds of millions of dollars. Conventional Hollywood thinking is such a movie would not even recover costs. One of the central tenets of Hollywood was challenged this year and disproven in grand fashion. And what was the reaction of this so called "film making" blog? Ridicule. On the topic of creativity. What is more creative... Making an all black movie that grosses $700 million or... Writing the billionth article explaining how first world Christian white males are the true victims on the planet. One of those things is unique and challenges me to rethink some of my conclusions about what is possible and the other is getting really really fucking tired.
  17. So someone ignored Blackmagic's request and clandestinely hastily recorded a clip using god knows what settings on a preproduction camera. And now people are analyzing it and extrapolating. And people wonder why camera companies are so tight lipped until the day they are almost ready to ship. No good deed goes unpunished.
  18. As long as it is 85% of what we think it will be. I haven't preordered because... Blackmagic. I am being disciplined and waiting for them to sort out manufacturing issues, QC, and firmware updates. I probably won't pick up this camera until 2019. It will be great if they have a bunch of cameras on hand that work as advertised on day one but this isn't Canon.
  19. I thought you would be interested...
  20. Really? Or maybe they are a dominant company in a limited low margin sector. Even in really crappy industries there are dominant players. Being dominant doesn't mean automatic profit.
  21. Financial crisis was a decade ago... people are setting new records for obesity in 2018. I wish what you are saying was true but sadly every report out of the public health community says otherwise. "Organic" is the "low fat" of the 2018. It is marketing that gives people the warm fuzzies while they sit on their butts eating and packing on the pounds. Gopro is the number one selling camera maker... and they are losing money and are a penny stock. The PeauPro87 mod address all those concerns.
  22. It is a personal choice. The GoPro 6 has better colors right out of the camera, better stabilization, and better low light performance. Yi 4k certainly is not "95%" of that. It is a pretty substantial difference. The Yi has more detail in good light and a better codec. But with amateurs you are more likely to get a good shot right out of the camera with a GoPro handheld with no grading. That is what finally convinced me. I think Gopro is finally something I could see myself owning. I'm not jumping into the ocean with my phone on a stabilizer. Neither am I going to zip down a backwoods trail on my bike with my phone on a stabilizer. I am not going to do ski jumps with my phone on a stabilizer. I am not going to pass my phone on a stabilizer around to a bunch of kids or drunk adults. Which is why there is record setting obesity all over the planet. The majority of the people in America are overweight or obese because they love "action activities" so much? I started this thread to interject a bit of data driven reality. I get people are excited about this camera or that camera but let's be realistic. The market for any of this stuff is only so big.
  23. That is only one model for selling photographs. I've never sold a royalty free photograph for pennies. I agree those schemes erode prices but there is no need for anyone to participate. You can sell photographs "rights managed" for hundreds or thousands of dollars. In fact higher quality businesses do NOT use those penny royalty free images and they never will. If you value your brand and spend millions on an ad campaign the last thing you want is any other joker to be able to grab the images you popularize for pennies and erode your brand value. Photo prices have definitely collapsed but pennies an image is not what even hobbyist like myself sell our best work for. Do you have to get a license if you are just starting out? Does anyone police this? Anyone can go out and shoot drone footage as an amateur. They can't prove you are a pro. If a year later you sell your work through an agency are the police going to demand the identity and citizenship of everyone selling clips and check to see if they have a license? Honestly I don't even do the paperwork to declare my stock visual sales on my taxes. I don't write off the cost of the equipment so I don't bother to alert the Feds to a few thousand dollars here and there. If it became a bigger thing of course I would formalize everything.
  24. There you go. I've said this for years. I don't know where people live but EVERY store local to me carries plenty of Canon and Nikon options in the low and lower middle end. There is some low end Sony here and there and no decent Panasonic or Olympus. I can walk in to a whole sale warehouse store and literally see a shipping pallet full of Canon and zero Panasonic ICL cameras.
  25. Gopro stock jumped over 9% Friday. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/gopro-stock-jumps-after-earnings-suggest-strong-start-for-cheaper-camera-2018-05-03 Sales seem to be good across the board. Honestly the quality of the product has improved. For the first time I am considering getting a Gopro. Although the camera still has the problem of limited use for most people. The number of people in America heavily involved with action activities is limited. But with the increased quality of the cameras and more affordable high quality small gimbals available I think these cameras could me good for shooting family events. They are simple, small, rugged, and splash proof.
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