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  1. If you guys are interested in seeing the Sony accessory for use with the focus wheel, here is a photo. It looks similar (but less slicker) than the tilta equivalent on their nucleus N. I have ordered the crane 2 for my a7sii, and will probably get this when it's out. i am wondering if my anamorphic setup will be too heavy for this... probably.
  2. Hi people! Just finished a showreel and thought i'd post it here as it contains some anamorphic stuff, and I like this forum in general :D Let me know what y'all think!
  3. Hey guys, here is a new music video I directed/shot/edited. I used a sun anamorphic with a Helios 58 and rectilux core DNA. Let me know your thoughts!
  4. I recently purchased a 701 lite monitor, and was disappointed to see that I could not crop into the 2x stretched image to 2.35. It has image scaling, but only down... and you can zoom into the image to check focus which sort of works (2x zoom), but crops off some of the image so it's not ideal. Has anyone else used this setup before/has any workarounds? I thought maybe putting a 4:3 matte over and apply DSLR scale, but it's not great, and the monitor doesn't even adjust the matte to the scale...
  5. If you want to export a master, use DNxHD Avid codec. For online publishing, export a Quicktime / h.264 mp4
  6. Hey man, sorry for the real late reply. I used a glidecam ripoff i bought from ebay. It's not great, it's impossible to balance properly but you can get some okay results with it.   And Stanley, your footage is looking reeaallly nice. So are you using cheap closeup filters, nothing like achromatic glass or anything like the tokina? I want to be able to get closeups too .. I guess I need to buy a front filter adapter thing, then buy some cheap closeup filters? Would that be adequate?    Also how are you  guysgetting your aspect ratio? Mine seems really narrow in comparison. You guys shooting 16:9?   I'd like to get a 5d3 soon, and was thinking if it'd be good to shoot 4:3 raw, and stretch out the 2x to get 2.40:1 - right? I get pretty confused with these conversions, aspect ratios etc..    Here's a lil photo of my sun and 550d for no particular reason.
  7. I'm still so eager to see more footage. When will the 'pre-production testers' release some, I wonder? I'm not a fan of these sample videos so far, but really want to see more. There seems to be very little footage out there yet.
  8. I have one and I love it (although it is my first anamorphic). It's not particularly sharp but you can still get some nice images from this glass, and the flares are pretty beautiful. Here's a lil something i shot on mine the other day. It does suffer from slight vignetting on my 58mm, but only gets really bad when you stop down a bunch. It's acceptable and I got it dirt cheap so I'm happy.   https://vimeo.com/69722698
  9. I use sequence settings 1920x1080 25p with anamorphic 2x aspect ratio. Then when you import your footage, right click, interpret and choose 2x anamorphic aspect. Simple as that.
  10. Hey all! First post here. I fairly recently got into anamorphic shooting. Since a young age, I wanted to be able to recreate the anamorphic footage. I used to use the magic bullet filter and crop my footage which looking back was really quite horrible and stupid. I bought a sun anamorphic lens off ebay for relatively cheap and am so happy! I made  short little film earlier out in the sun. It's of nothing really, just testing out equipment. I think it gives of nice results, although I find it hard to keep focus. Hope to use it on a project at somepoint.   https://vimeo.com/69722698  
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