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  1. The point was not lost on Kai's viewers, either. One writes in the comments section: and another says: TBH, not sure what he means by overheating. and another: and another:
  2. Fake news. Kai doesn't go hysterical over it because he probably wasn't expecting any better than Canon's 5D Mark IV, but he clearly expresses his disappointment. Not only does he mention the rolling shutter, he shows us an example of it. Will this come as a shocker to Canon shooters switching over from their DSLRs? I highly doubt it. The rolling shutter on the Nikon Z7 is worse than Sony's a7R III, but I don't see anybody shouting to the heavens about that camera either. You don't even mention rolling shutter in your preliminary look at the Z7.
  3. If you go to the audio library in the creator studio, you can see the current license policies of copyright holders.
  4. Not sure whether that’s so or what that’s got to do with this discussion, though I do know many people still shoot with those cameras. Not being argumentative, just wondering what that’s got to do with this thread... Are you saying rolling shutter’s not such a big deal after all? Or that regardless of how poor a camera is, it will sell like hotcakes? ?
  5. There are thousands of rolling shutter tests of the a6300 on YouTube.
  6. This is nothing new: Engadget, CameraLabs, Videomaker and DPReview all reported about the horrible rolling shutter issue over one month ago. I seriously doubt Canon outsells Panasonic just because a handpicked number of vloggers don't happen to mention rolling shutter in their hands-on and first impression reviews of the EOS R. First-look and first-impressions videos are just that and nothing more - not in-depth reviews - which is why Chris and Jordan refer viewers to DPReview's more detailed review on their website. This review kind of buries the lack of IBIS at the very bottom, likening it to the GH5s - a straight-up video camera if there ever was one - rather than comparing it to their direct rivals, Sony and Nikon - so can't exactly be considered unbiased. I do happen to have my own biases - I consider a 1.7X crop of much graver consequence than the lack of IBIS - and not a single reviewer mentioned in your article fails to mention it. Curiously, most also provide ample video samples, charts and tests along with their findings.
  7. @Andrew Reid Could you check the focus shift on that Nikon 35mm f/1.8? I understand it's supposed to be quite dramatic. Of course, if you're too busy, I'll do it myself...
  8. jonpais


    Can anyone confirm or disprove that the Nikon 35mm f/1.8 Z mount lens suffers from huge focus shift (focus changes when stopping down from max aperture due to spherical aberration)?
  9. You weren’t dreaming. The Setup Menus (BUTTON/DIAL SETTING) I’m still trying to figure out what ‘fuocs’ does. ?
  10. Admit it - you just wanted to post that picture again for the fourth time. ?
  11. It's operator error. The camera can't do all the thinking for him.
  12. I actually believe there’s a good reason for this. I think it works the same way on professional cinema cameras like Arri and Red too.
  13. Not trolling, Andrew, but the Canon noise reduction appears to be smoothing out fine texture and detail and there's an unusual color fringing going on (green in the windowsill, red in the dresser) unless those are the actual colors - that is absent in the more detailed Fuji shot. May I ask what the WB was in this comparison? Are those graded samples? Because they both look rather underexposed for log. Noise can always be reduced in post, detail cannot be added.
  14. Actually, not only is Blackmagic giving away DaVinci Resolve for free, but they’re also throwing in the Video Assist - so the Pocket is really only $500. ?
  15. An excellent discussion about all the new lens mounts (without all the fanboy hysteria). Do the new mounts mean that Nikon and Canon’s older mounts are by definition inferior? Will Sony have to go back to the drawing board and design a new mount from scratch? Has anyone in this forum ever felt that their current FF camera lens mount was holding back their creativity? Lastly, will anyone be able to afford the new 3-pound f/0.95 lenses made possible by the newer mounts?
  16. What does any of that have to do with the EOS R? and if you've got a problem with a joke I made, why not bring it up with @Andrew Reid? No point in cluttering up the thread with personal attacks.
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