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  1. In fact, sharpening in the a7 III is mild, whereas Canon has tended to be heavy-handed with sharpening; Canon has only begun to address that with the 6D Mark II.
  2. Riddle - how is it that Sony's able to approach Canon's color science while at the same time being much more accurate?
  3. @DaveAltizer Thanks for the great impartial test comparing the a7 III to the EOS R. @Yurolov As far as reproduction of the green hues goes, Sony is far more accurate than Canon.
  4. @kye I second @anonim's HLG recommendation.
  5. All I said was Nikon’s IBIS I shaker moves less than Sony’s. Time to take my Xanax.
  6. You can always go to YouTube’s audio library in your creator studio and find the copyright policy for each song you want to use.
  7. The video you posted was shot with the original Pocket. It's got nothing whatsoever to do with how the GH5s compares to the P4K. The GH5s and P4K both share the same sensor; and nothing I've seen so far convinces me that Blackmagic is having Panasonic for lunch. Thanks for sharing the video though. It rocks.
  8. @webrunner5 I just got off the phone with a Panasonic spokesman who assured me that look would be in the very next firmware update.
  9. The Slashcam video is a real world test, not a lab test with a bowl of fruit and an X-Rite Colorchecker. Nonetheless, out of 88 comments on their YT video so far, there is no conclusive response that the P4K absolutely crushes the GH5s in terms of image quality. And watching the video at home on my 55" OLED, they both look damn good to me. Time to get back to watching season 4 of Suits. Loving that Alexa image.
  10. Sorry for the Google translate from Slashcam. The RAW behavior in CDNG filming remains interesting: the ISO between 100 and 1000 only remains a metadata specification that does not change the recording directly. Due to the dual ISO sensor, however, the brightness jumps from ISO 1250 (up to 6400) to a second, brighter level in which the exact ISO are again just metadata. As of ISO8000, a further amplification is added, which is also "baked in" to the RAW data. The following graphic illustrates this in more detail: Noteworthy is that Blackmagic the native ISO of the sensor with 400 (or 3200 indicates). Since one can switch the ISO but also up to 100 and according to the measurements of Blackmagic the dynamics here is not reduced, you may interpret this good conscience as a built-in ND filter and use as well. In practice, of course, this only shifts the gray point in the ISO interpretation (similar to an exposure index).
  11. I don't think so. A Panasonic rep at NAB wouldn't have the slightest clue what Panasonic would do if the Pocket took off, nor would he know whether ProRes RAW could be added via a firmware update. If a rep did even have that information, they would never say so at the show.
  12. Some will say the GH5s looks warmer, more cinematic. Others will say the Pocket 4K has better motion cadence and color science. Pixel peepers will say the Pocket has better highlight recovery. Skeptics will say they're practically indistinguishable. All I've gotta say is, the GH5s acquits itself quite well and would be a great gift idea for anyone's four year-old niece.
  13. I have a question - did you mean to type ‘who’ or ‘why’? ?
  14. Thoughtful musings on the Pocket, X-T3 and EOS R by Noam Kroll. Elsewhere in his blog are articles on why 4K isn’t such a big deal to him and why he likes the 4:3 aspect ratio.
  15. Just off the top of my head, the GH5 was a big leap in terms of codecs and functionality over the GH4; the X-T3 has a video prowess nobody imagined possible just a couple generations ago; and the EOS R introduced an on/off dial: hardly what I’d call incremental improvements.
  16. And while he is greatly reviled here at EOSHD, he was right in predicting marginal gains recording externally with some of these mirrorless cameras. (watch until 6:31 if you can!) hehe
  17. Cool beans. I should have clarified I was referring to s35 mode on the a7 III. My bad.
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