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  1. Correct. It is not. It's just another thing to consider when contemplating the purchase of this camera. What I find strange is that the current version of the software is suppose to work better with 1DXIII and R5 files, yet I did not notice a difference after I upgraded. Even if the playback issue was to be resolved with another update, the processing time to render is also slow. So...besides the overheating problem, expensive memory, extra computer storage and now I have to either upgrade my computer or buy a new one or switch to Final Cut Pro....This list of headaches is overw
  2. That fixed the playback for me too but can you imagine optimizing longer clips? It would make any serious editing impossible. I'd spend hours optimizing clips. (At least with my computer as it stands.)
  3. I wrote about this on page 23 of this thread. A couple of things to try... Make sure you have the latest version: Optimize the media clip (right click on clip, there's an option called "optimize media clip". The latest version is suppose to help clips from the 1DXIII and R5, but I still had to optimize the clip in order for it to play with out hesitating. This is a time consuming option unfortunately. A 20 sec 4k 120p clip on my computer takes about 4 min to process. I think if I were to buy this camera I would have to switch to Final Cut.
  4. It could be my Mac is getting old in years. I have 40GB of memory, 3.8 GHz Quad Core Intel i5 with a Radeon Pro 580 8GB graphics card. I found a workaround. If I right click on the clip, there's an option to optimize the media. It took about 4 min to optimize a 20 sec clip and now it plays properly within Resolve. I did also render the 20 sec clip and it took 4 min and the fan revved up while processing the clip. It's definitely taxing my system. The clip is certainly beautiful. Easy to grade, lovely Canon colors. Really looks nice! But...it's another step I have to take that I
  5. I tried to edit one of those 4k 120p clips. Egads! Davinci Resolve on my Mac just choked. I've not had that problem with Zcam E2 4k 120p files. Works like a charm. Has anyone else tried to edit the 4k 120p samples from the R5?
  6. I'm a 4k 120p snob. I'll admit it. Since using it, I can't go back. That's my primary mode I use for filming wildlife. When people say, if you want perfection (a camera that doesn't overheat) you need a cinema camera. Guess what? Your options for a camera that shoots 4k 120p are either the Zcam E2 (which I own) or going into major debt for a high-end cinema camera and the form-factor sucks. Enter into the equation the Canon R5. It doesn't get more compelling. Small form factor, reasonably priced and it has animal eye detect autofocus. I was so stoked when this camera was announced. J
  7. I think what you wrote is very well put. I think that its imperative that any and all issues with these new cameras be it Canon, Sony or pick your camera should be brought to the table and discussed and verified. Because of your posts, you've brought it to the attention of a lot of potential users and reviewers. When the production cameras hit the market, you can damn well bet they will be testing overheating issues. People can piss and moan all they want that you are being unfair but you are not. I certainly would like to know before I plunk down a lot of money if the camera I am investi
  8. Hah! Yes, I know Neil. He was filming not too far from me last year. (Sandhill Crane nest)( I texted him often with updates on the nest.) I also have the EF 600f4II. I also shoot Sony mainly for stills nowadays and have the 200-600mm. It's a sweet lens for that system and I'm hoping maybe the A7SIII might provide a nice surprise: 120fps 4k. We shall see. For the Z cam with the 2x crop sensor I primarily use the Sigma 100-400mm lens (EF mount with metabones adapter - no glass adapter). This gives me an effective focal length of 200-800mm with the M43 sensor. I do occasionally put on the Canon 6
  9. Well, being a wildlife photographer/videographer there are a few issues in my opinion. I shoot primarily 120p 4k now with a Zcam. I can use the footage in regular time and in slo-mo. I love that kind of flexibility. My interest in the R5 is to shoot 120p 4k. When shooting on the Z Cam I can get close to 90 minutes of footage on a 256GB chip. On the R5, that's 16 minutes of run-time using ALL-I. That's the only option. I often record a lot of footage while waiting for wildlife to do something. I don't have the liberty of going back and pressing the record button to capture somethi
  10. For what it's worth, one early-on reviewer of the R5 responded to my question about the camera overheating and stated that during the time they were able to test the camera they had no heating issues. No warnings. No problems. The reviewer also stated that they will be testing this issue with a production camera as soon as they can get one and will do a complete and honest review once in-hand. Could it be an issue with preproduction cameras only? Could it be that it's only an issue in extreme heat? Hard to know for sure but I think we do owe it to Canon to not prejudge the camer
  11. Granted he is outdoors and it's summer but... Here's a "review" by Vistek. They only had the R5 and R6 for two hours but he couldn't get to testing 8k video before the camera overheated (4:50). Take a look at the LCD panel while he's got the camera in video mode. A flashing red thermometer is seen in multiple clips.
  12. If it's the first or last, it doesn't matter if it's not workable. Love all the other features on this camera but most of what I shoot nowadays is 120fps 4k video and unfortunately this camera won't do it for my personal reasons. Mileage may vary for others.
  13. I side with Andrew on this. Yes, the technology packed into this camera is amazing but the overheating issue and enormous file size for 4k 120p is a real problem. About 80% of what I shoot is 4k 120p and those two issues have me cringing...a lot.
  14. Wolfcrow put up a pretty thorough list of video features and quirks of the R5: https://wolfcrow.com/important-quirks-and-features-of-the-canon-eos-r5-for-filmmakers/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nurture
  15. That would be great if it did. That's a great idea.
  16. I shoot long takes at 120 fps 4k using the Z Cam E2 all the time. When shooting wildlife, you never know exactly when the wildlife will do something. You keep rolling until you get the footage you want. I just tested my Z Cam E2 and a blank chip provides 1 hour, 40 min run-time with a 256GB CFast chip. The R5 will only give me 16 minutes with a similar chip. That's a HUGE difference. (And BTW, the Z Cam E2 footage (using ZLog) is certainly acceptable @120p.)
  17. Sort of a gotchya... 4k 120p fills up a 64GB CF Express card in 4min according to Manny Ortiz. File sizes are enormous for 8k and 4k 120p.
  18. I hate to admit it. I had a lot of doubts about this camera and the Canon cripple hammer but they really have done an excellent job with this camera. I'm still unsure of the dynamic range but the video clips from Peter does look pretty good. Sony needs to answer.
  19. In Gordon's video, I think he says that 4k 120p does not include audio. (He's talking fast and it was very brief.) Can anyone confirm this?
  20. Thanks for the info. The sampling from 8k might be sharp but it also depends on the low pass filter they use. Canon has a history of a heavy-handed low-pass filter. 30 min record limit sucks.
  21. Everyone is lining up to buy the camera purely based on specs. There are so many intangibles yet to be learned: Rolling Shutter Dynamic Range Highlight Roll-off Detail in the shadows (Are the blacks crushed?) Flavor of CLOG How strong is the low pass filter (Maybe great for skin, but maybe not so good for when you need detail.)? ISO limitations before noise becomes a factor (Especially important when shooting at high frame rates like 120p) Record length limitations I really hope this camera is as good as it looks on paper. I want one if t
  22. ajay

    Fuji X-T4

    Hopefully they'll have a dial on top that includes memory settings. M1, M2, M3 would be nice.
  23. This could very well be a case of irrational exuberance. Take a look at the camera. We know that Panasonic required a vent on the back of their S1H to do 6k. Look at most cinema cameras that do 6k or 8k. Fans are usually a must unless you have an exceptional heat sink and w/o an EVF. Add an EVF to a camera and you have lots of heat. Try doing 8k for any extended length and you'll have a shitload more of heat. Canon's 1DX Mark III is capable of up to 2,600 Mbs but has a body the size of a 1969 Buick and no EVF. How is Canon dissipating heat on this smaller camera with 8k capability? I see
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