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  1. I'm hesitant to buy into the new L-mount system and here's why: Panasonic should be selling all their L-mount cameras at nearly cost (which they are not) otherwise they will never obtain a high enough market-share to make this new line go anywhere. They need to get an-ever-shrinking customer base to buy into their system. Putting out a cinema mirrorless FF camera sounds great, but they very easily could end up being a dinosaur in just a few years time. The reason why Panasonic became so popular with independent filmmakers was the price of their M43 system. Most of whom can afford to spend hundreds of dollars on equipment, not thousands. Who will be buying a 4k to 5k or more camera? Most can't afford it. By the time you buy lenses and rigs, you will be needing at least 10k to outift this new camera. I certainly wouldn't buy into this system until things shake out over the next 12 months or so. Too many other players about to release new cameras. Canon? Sony? Ask yourself how much are you willing to lose when in another couple years you were to try to sell L-mount cameras and lenses. Chances are their value will drop quickly. But hey, if you have an unlimited budget...go for it!
  2. I've been using the A9 + MC11 + Canon 600mm II f/4 lens for birding. Great combo. Video isn't too bad on the A9 considering they don't give you SLOG and 60p 4k. I would never consider the EOS R for anything sports or wildlife. Canon is about two years behind Sony.
  3. It appears the ND filter is kind of a "gimmick" and only available with stills. It appears to take multiple images in order to create a shot that appears to have an ND? I assume a dreamy looking waterfall for example? This is a huge bummer in my book. I would love to see a mirrorless camera that has a real ND filter.
  4. I don't like Max's test nor Andrew's. If you are going to test sharpness accurately it has to be in a controlled environment, not outdoors in which all sorts of variables come into play. Atmospheric distortion due to uneven heating causes all sorts of variable distortions. If you are to do a sharpness test comparison accurately, it should be done with the same lens from a fixed distance and a controlled environment. DP Reviews video sharpness test is probably the best for comparisons, but not sure if they use the same lens or not. At least the test is in a controlled environment.
  5. Is anyone in the U.S. interested in a couple of CFast chips? When I sold my 1DXM2 earlier this year I kept them thinking I would pick up the BMPCC4K but since decided to go with the Fuji which works better for my needs. Since I have no longer a need, these chips are gather dust. Send me a PM if interested.
  6. I wonder however if the read-speed of the sensor is baked in. If so, you will never get rid of the severe rolling shutter.
  7. I don't think it's because they were wined and dined but rather a lack of a thorough review. (Some reviewers even state that their review is preliminary.) I think most of us have been around the block enough times that we take these reviews with a grain of salt. One of my personal favorite reviewers is Gordon Laing of Camera Labs. He does thorough reviews and just published his review of the EOS R and does mention the extremely bad rolling shutter. Even without reviewers mentioning the bad rolling shutter, It is quite noticeable in sample clips. It is really bad.
  8. I had the 1DXM2 and GH5S correct but had the X-T3 and C200 switched. The 1DXM2 (which I once owned) always crushed the blacks and shows in this sample video. I was happy to know that I had the X-T3 and C200 switched considering that I am so close to buying the X-T3! Thanks!
  9. Congratulations! Yes, I too am very curious about the DR and how it compares to the GH5S and Sony's A7III. It's not going to be as good as 15 stops, but a true 13 stop DR would be welcome with good highlight roll-off. Looking forward to your tests.
  10. I find this whole CDAF vs PDAF debate rather irritating. Tony Northrup yesterday already was trashing S1/S1R because of Panasonic's perseverance of using CDAF in the new FF system. Really? No one has had hands-on with a production model yet (and won't for some time) and already is claiming that it will have autofocus issues. The problem is that everyone watches these reviewers on Youtube and repeat on the forums what is the perceived downfalls of a camera before the camera has ever been tested. Obviously Panasonic has faith in their autofocus system. As others have stated, as faster processors come into play it will come to a point in which autofocus is so fast you won't be able to tell who is using what system to obtain focus. Who cares if it's CDAF or PDAF as long as it works?
  11. Andrew...If you could find out about an adapter for this camera for Canon lenses? (Sigma was rumored to be working on one.) Would it be as functional as the MC-11 is for Sony?
  12. Andrew...See if you can find out why they have gone to a triaxial moveable screen and not a full articulating screen. This seems really bizarre. Seems others like Fuji who had the fully articulating screen went to some flippy thing too. WHY? Is it acting as some form of heat sync or something? I really like the fully articulating screens but can't understand why all new cameras don't come with this feature, especially when older models had this feature. Very frustrating.
  13. My only complaint with the GH5/GH5S has to do with highlight roll-off. With that stated, if you can keep your highlights controlled by not over exposing or blur the hell out of them if in a background, the GH5/GH5S is certainly a winner.
  14. Totally agree. I just sigh and shake my head.
  15. I sold mine a few months ago and have no regrets. Yes, it has Canon color but the dynamic range is not as good as other current cameras on the market. (I compared the DR to the GH5, G9, A7III and a7RIII. In all cases, it was about 1 stop less.) I found that if you controlled your highlights in outdoor conditions, typically the shadows would get crushed. Working in a controlled lighting condition? Great camera. Working out-of-doors in bright conditions? Never liked it. Just as an FYI, I primarily do wildlife/nature filming and although the heavy AA filter is pleasing for skin blemishes, I'd rather use a less robust AA filtered sensor for wildlife. (Canon has robust AA filters for almost all of their cameras, which is great for skin but not so great for fur/feathers.) What burned me more than anything else with this camera was the stupid decision by Canon NOT to include C-LOG. If it had C-LOG like the 5DM4, I will still be using this camera, but having only 10-11 stops of usable DR was a killer for me for what I do. Still contemplating the C200 which for my needs would be great except for the price and heavy-handed AA filter.
  16. Totally agree. There are a few of us who use these cameras for wildlife videography and I would rather have a weak AA filter than a strong one. (Canon is a prime example. They consistently produce sensors with heavy AA filters. It's great for faces, but not the best when you are looking for sharp detail in animals.)
  17. It's not necessarily hate on my part, but more of great disappointment and frustration. Being a wildlife shooter, I have a LOT of money tied up in Canon glass and I am frustrated by the lack of aggressiveness on the part of Canon to come up with a decent camera for stills/video. (I still don't understand why they never offered C-Log for the 1DX Mark II.) In the mean time, Sony is having their lunch. There is nothing preventing Canon from building a top-notch stills/video camera but they won't do it as to not cannibalize their cinema cameras. Steve Jobs stated that Apple should never concern themselves with cannibalizing their product lineup because if they didn't do it themselves someone else would do it for them. Canon should take a page out of the Steve Jobs playbook but they won't. And this is what is so frustrating.
  18. Maybe when their sales figures suffer they will add C-Log for $100.
  19. Don't forget that Nikon doesn't have a cinema line of cameras to protect. I bet no 10-bit anything.
  20. M43 Rumors has mentioned this might not be a Sony sensor camera but maybe a Towerjazz sensor. (Partially owned by Panasonic.) Towerjazz has been working on global shutter sensors....hmmmm....
  21. IMO, this camera was brought out as a "stop-the-bleeding" camera to keep Canon's remaining base from jumping ship. I do not see this camera providing anything exciting video-wise. Not that it won't be a bad camera, but more of a "me-to" camera. Maybe I'll be wrong, but if Canon's philosophy hasn't changed, they will reserve the top-of-the-line features for a more advanced "A9" mirrorless model that costs $4-5k. I'd put my money on Panasonic for a much more interesting FF camera.
  22. No CLOG from what I saw on the spec sheet. Has the same picture styles as their other basic cameras, but does not list CLOG. Also the sensor has a low-pass filter. I'm becoming less excited about this camera as specs get released.
  23. Captain Hook: "Thank you" for the video releases. It's nice to see some footage from the camera and based on the samples, DR appears to excellent for a camera in this price range .
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