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  1. Alright Andrew. You raise some valid points. I'll give the 100-300 a try. Bottom line is the GH4 is a real game changer. I haven't experienced anything in the camera world as exciting as this in years. Thanks for all your hard work on bringing us some great sample video and comparisons.
  2. Actually 300mm on a 2x is not. Minimum 400mm on a 2x sensor. I do primarily birds. I have thought numerous times about the 100-300, but I haven't seen the detail out of that lens that would warrant buying it. If Pany had the same sharpness on the 100-300 as they do on the 35-100, I'd go for that, but still it falls short for what I do. Also, for stills I'd rather have something with a longer reach. Cropping a cropped sensor leads to more noise, but primarily I plan to use the GH4 for 4k video and stills are secondary. Andrew, if you could see the incredible clarity of using the GH3 wit
  3. Grab some long glass? Where? In the M43 world, the Panasonic 100-300 lens doesn't cut it. Not for small wildlife such as birds and it's not as sharp as Canon L glass. I've been using the Canon 600mm on the GH3 for birds and works ok, but no image stabilization. The GH4 could be the best 4k camera in the world, but image stabilization on long lenses makes a big difference. With Sony I have options with Metabones, with M43 I do not.
  4. This is a really interesting development. I am a Canon wildlife photographer that has been shooting with the GH2, GH3 and have a GH4 on order. Being heavily invested in long Canon telephotos, I have always been frustrated by the lack of an adapter that electronically controls EF lenses to the M43 cameras. (I don't necessarily care about autofocus, but aperture control and IS is very important to me.) I have given up on Metabones. If Sony does release a new A7 with 4k that has the quality of the GH4, this will be a no-brainer. I'll cancel the GH4 and wait for the A7S. Why? Metabones already
  5. Nice to see something with the GH3. I have been patiently waiting for the EF version for 4/3rds but it seems like it's been put off infinitum.
  6. Ok. I have gotten ML firmware loaded and have tested out the 5DM3's raw output...very impressive. But how do I record video in crop mode? I'd really like to try this out, but I can't figure out how to record RAW in a 1:1 crop. Tnx
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