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  1. Yes, it does. Not sure about photos but Phillip Bloom has stated that it can record video to both cards simultaneously.
  2. Just for fun, I took the side-by-side video clip from both cameras and did a little tweaking to get them a bit closer to each other. (See below) There's some truth to Canon's ability to produce a more pleasing look right out of camera but both cameras can certainly be adjusted to match. I have used Andrew's Pro Color adjustments in the A7III to produce "Canon Color" directly out of the camera by tweaking settings in-camera. That is one feature of Sony cameras that are often overlooked. You can tweak profiles to the nth degree. In current Sony mirrorless cameras however you can only do so
  3. Both Undone and Bloom are the best IMO. I always look forward to their reviews. I did learn a few new tidbits from Bloom's review of the A7SIII that are important to my style of work (wildlife): Animal eye detect autofocus does not work in video (stills only). Philip has started a petition on this, here's the link if you want to sign this. Tracking autofocus does not work while using Clear Image Zoom. Tracking autofocus does not work while using an external monitor. Punch-in does not work (manual focus) while recording. Clear image zoom works to 1.5x. Lot'
  4. I can't remember what reviewer mentioned that they were amazed that after the camera cooled down to the point that the body didn't feel hot any more that their record times were still severely hampered. It does make you wonder if Canon's firmware is designed to purposely cripple this camera. I usually don't buy into conspiracy theories but one does have to wonder with Canon's history of intentionally crippling cameras.
  5. Canon's actual response reads That doesn't really say much of anything.
  6. Latest word from PetaPixel for what it's worth...minutes ago... https://petapixel.com/2020/07/31/canon-responds-there-is-no-delay-in-eos-r5-shipments/
  7. Let's not forget the low-light capabilities of this camera. Northern lights in real-time!
  8. While some of you are underwhelmed, I'm elated as long as 4k 120p works as stated. I've been hoping for a camera that can do that along with excellent autofocus. Great for wildlife filming! Yes, 30 min limitation but I can live with that as long as I don't have to shut the camera off afterwards to let it cool down for 2 hours. I'm being cautiously optimistic.
  9. As much as I dislike Tony Northrup, his latest video did some side-by-side comparison's of the 4k resolution of the R5 and R6. The 4k 120p out of the Canon is incredibly soft. You probably wouldn't notice it in videos involving people, but getting feather/hair detail in wildlife is critical and it appears the resolution from their 120p 4k is comparable to up-rezzed HD. Probably line skipping. As far as any 10 bit 422 camera causing edit nightmares, my experience is different than yours. Z cam footage is easy to edit with Resolve. Works like a charm. I suspect Sony not to follow in Canon's
  10. For myself personally shooting wildlife, all I'm looking for is a camera that does 120p 4k reliably with good autofocus and good ergonomics. I've been using a Z Cam E2 and it's been a good fit but it's bulky and no autofocus. The A7SIII with the Sony 200-600mm lens appears to be an excellent fit for me as long as I can shoot all day with it. I could have easily gone back to my roots with Canon since I still own the 600mm f/4 lens, but three strikes and you are out: Unreliable due to overheating in 4k 120p Ridiculously large files/hard to edit Footage reveals it is inc
  11. It could have been shot with the A7SIII or possibly the S1H. He definitely uses the S1H for a lot of his work. But does he have two of them? What was filming the shots of the S1H while he was filming? The Ninja V that he is using has a small scratch on the upper left-hand corner. This appears in the car video as well as the leaked photo. For sure he has a connection to the leaked photo of the A7SIII.
  12. I'm skeptical about the Tilta cooling system. You need to keep the sensor cool somehow. I saw on Canon Rumors that Canon actually has a patent on an actively cooled R adapter. That seems more appropriate as it would be in-line with the front of the camera where the sensor is located. Of course you could only use it on older EF mount lenses but that seems like a smarter move. Cool the front of the camera not the rear.
  13. Can you imagine the R5 with a cooling system like the S1H that wouldn't overheat? Canon could have raised the price by $100 and included an active cooling system into that camera and I'd still have one on order! What were they thinking?
  14. Right. They played it smartly. Why didn't Canon do the same is anyone's guess. I'm wondering how the A7SIII will play? It's is a less mp sensor which should be easier to keep cool but wonder if the in-body stabilization may be nothing more than gyroscope meta data that's used to stabilize in post. Like the FX9.
  15. This very well explains why the GH5S never had in-body IS. The data rate off the sensor is too high to prevent overheating with an in-body IS sensor. It doesn't overheat because the sensor is heat-sinked. All these manufacturers are doing juggling acts to keep their camera sensors from overheating due to high data rates. Black Magic and Z Cam use the same sensor and also no in-body IS.
  16. Has an active cooling system for the in-body IS sensor.
  17. It would appear the crux of the problem with the R5 and R6 has to do with sensors that float and are not heat-sinked. They have to float for in-body IS. (Notice how professional cinema-style cameras do not have IS built into the camera? The FX9 has a gyroscope for post-stabilization. No floating sensor. Makes sense if you want a professional cinema camera that won't overheat. In a nutshell it appears these camera manufacturers trying to produce high quality FF video/stills camera hybrid have to decide on a path to take: Forfeit in-body IS to prevent overheating Have a b
  18. BTW, I am curious as to how well the Tilta cooling system will work. In typical applications, the peltier module needs to be heat-sinked to the actual component using a conductive paste. Having it up against the case of the camera will help, but will it completely prevent it from overheating?
  19. I thought about that exact same thing. Take it out of its case and put it into another housing. Who knows? Maybe the fan mod from Tilta will work. I've worked with those semiconductor cooling plates. Really slick. Typically you need a large heat sink to make them work to their fullest potential.
  20. The good news is that we aren't being forced into buying their cameras. We have choices. This is going to backfire on Canon big time.
  21. I can't speak for journalists, but I would love for Sony to update the firmware on the A9 to include slog. The A9 is my go-to camera for photographing wildlife and I also occasionally use it for video. It would certainly be nice to have a bit more latitude on highlights.
  22. Taking the overheating aside, (for my needs, shooting 4k 120p) I would probably need to double that investment in order to store and process video from the huge 120p 4k video files. I had one on order but cancelled it once reality set in: I'd have to fork out at least $1,000 in CF Express chips. I'd probably need to purchase a new computer and/or switch to FCP in order to edit the files: $300 to $3,000 (Davinci Resolve will work sort of, but I would have to optimize each clip in order for them to play properly. (At least on my Mac as it is.)) I'd have to upgrade my hard dis
  23. What drives me insane with these reviewers are their commercials for Square Space. I want to throw a shoe through my monitor. Enough already with Square Space!
  24. This has really been a bizarre year. Will the A7SIII bring sanity?
  25. I think it's around 50MP? 11520x4320
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