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  1. Crap! That's what I have. Hopefully this will be resolved before I get my camera. Thanks for the info and if you don't mind, please be sure to let us know what you find out as far as a resolution to this. I'm also a PRO Support member. Maybe I will contact them as well.
  2. Well...At least the variables are being whittled down. It's all part of the process of understanding the Canon cripple hammer.
  3. The thing that is the most frustrating is that they created a camera that is mind-blowingly good and purposefully crippled it as to not compete with their cinema line. The design was certainly intentional. They very easily could have used a similar design like the S1H to keep it from overheating but chose not to. I don't know how you could file a claim against them however since they have publicly stated the camera's limitations. If they hid the limitations, yes you might have a case but since they told you before you bought it that it had limitations, they've covered their butt.
  4. Yes. There appears to be multiple parameters being calculated for different modes. It's crazy that you can record externally and get the camera super hot, insert a CF Express chip and get a full record limits. It's got to be ignoring the internal temperature of the camera. Makes no sense at all.
  5. Here's some info about the Delkin CFExpress Card regarding thermal throttling: "Thermal Throttling The purpose of thermal throttling is to prevent components in a SSD from over-heating during read and write operations. Delkin’s CFexpress is designed with an on-die thermal sensor and with its accuracy, firmware can apply different levels of throttling to achieve the purpose of protection efficiently and proactively via SMART reading."
  6. Is it basing it's ability to shoot by reading the temperature of the CFxpress Card?
  7. With any 10-bit camera (if you know what you are doing) you should have plenty of latitude to create just about any color scheme you want. All it takes is someone who knows what they are doing to create a LUT that matches the color you are hoping to achieve. I have to stress however that it takes someone who knows what they are doing. There is no doubt that straight out of the camera, skin colors do not have the magenta that Canon has that people have a tendency to like. It certainly is achievable however. What I've mostly seen online so far with the A7SIII is mostly straight-out-of-camer
  8. Get a case of it. In all seriousness, everyone so far has tried to cool the camera down externally and not internally. If you want to be absolutely, positively be sure that Canon is using the cripple hammer, it would be best to chill down the camera ASAP and retest record limits. Don't wait hours. Don't try putting it in the freezer. By getting the circuit boards chilled within minutes will give you a definitive answer to whether Canon is intentionally crippling the camera. Do we know for sure there is only one temperature sensor in the camera? Maybe Canon is reading the temperature
  9. I thought that too at first but when testers were able to get the camera to run for extended periods using an external recorder, it made me believe the sensor temperature isn't the problem.
  10. Another option not as drastic and would take longer to cool the camera down is to use a spray can of air duster. It also cools down when releasing the air. Again spraying it in the card slot would probably be the best place.
  11. You can buy this stuff on Amazon here in the states: https://www.amazon.com/Professional-Freeze-Electronic-Component-FR-777-777/dp/B000Z99ZCA/ref=sr_1_7?dchild=1&keywords=freeze+spray&qid=1597265368&sr=8-7 This will chill down the camera within seconds if you can get the nozzle near enough to the circuit boards. Through the memory card slot ought to do it.
  12. I will try this one more time with another cooling idea to get to the bottom of this: Get the camera to overheat. Have the back open with everything still connected. (Just enough to apply coolant spray.) Use a can of freeze spray and chill down the components. (Better than a fan.) Check again to see if the camera recovered or still shows an overheating condition. If the camera still doesn't work and shows an overheating status, you know you've got some kind of firmware clock controlling the overall functionality of the camera. If the camera works as if it had bee
  13. Totally agree. Who wants to test this??? Andrew???
  14. I'm not a lawyer, but I find it difficult to believe that they could be open to litigation. They aren't harming anyone (other than messing with our heads) are they? The best thing is to kick them in the pants by not buying their cripple-hammered products.
  15. How about opening the back of the unit w/o disconnecting anything. Blow air across the inside of the camera using a small muffin fan and record as you normally would. The temperature should definitely stay cooler. Check run times and recovery times. If it's crippled by firmware, times shouldn't change. If recovery times are drastically reduced, it is strictly their way of managing the temperature of the camera. My guess is, it's probably both. But it would be interesting to see how a fan blowing directly on the components changes things.
  16. What if they made an adjustment that gave you 45min of 4k HQ, 8k at 25min and4k 120p at 20min and recovery time at 60 minutes max. Would that be enough? This is all kind of silly if they do. It would still be crippled and everyone would be trying to calculate if it would be usable or not. Why are we even messing with Canon at this point? Not worth the frustration.
  17. It will then be an admission by Canon themselves.
  18. If they do increase the record limits, then we will have real proof this is a smoke and mirrors trick by Canon.
  19. I suspected Canon to cripple this camera somehow, someway but this artificial heat limit and recovery time is really out of line. Such arrogance! But you know what? Canon may think they control the market but we have the power to control them by boycotting Canon. Especially nowadays with the camera industry bleeding as it is. Force Canon to stop this BS. How? If you already purchased the camera, return it. If you have it on order, cancel it. Cancel all orders with Canon. Write letters to Canon showing your disgust. Call Canon and voice your disapproval.
  20. Thanks for sharing that video. This is one of the best reviews about this camera's heat related problems. The wedding simulation he did is spot-on and how weddings nowadays are recorded. I hope Canon sees this video and how they botched this camera's ability to shoot weddings.
  21. Is there any mention of improved recovery time? That's the other factor. Is the crazy recovery times due to temperature or firmware? If it's firmware, there's no hope other than Canon to fix it.
  22. These workarounds don't work for all modes. What about 4k 120p? Can't do that currently with an external recorder and even if you could, you've now lost compactness which makes it difficult or impossible to use in the field for wildlife videography. It defeats the purpose of the camera for how I would use it. Even if you primarily shoot stills, the damn camera heats up and makes it nearly unusable when you do want to take video. I fail to understand why anyone would use these workarounds for a camera with bad engineering design. Why promote this garbage? Why spend thousands of dolla
  23. I assume the same but you know what they say about "ass-u-me"?
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