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  1. Based on the rumored specs, it appears it could be the Sony Starvis IMX294 sensor. I've been mulling over the specs on this sensor this afternoon and it states that it can do 4k UHD and cinema at 60fps 12 bit and cinema 4k at 120fps 10 bit. I haven't seen any rumored spec that has 4k @ 120fps however. The sensor also has HDR modes including cinema 4k @ 60fps and 3704 x 2778 (4:3) @ 60fps, both 10-bit. This also could be a great camera for astrophography/videography too. IF it is this chip, it will be interesting how Panasonic will use this sensor. Curious.
  2. If the new camera does not have IBIS, I will be greatly disappointed. It's definitely one of their strengths. Although a gimbal makes stabilization even more incredible with the GH5, I find myself not using one for most shots and just using the GH5's internal stabilization.
  3. Tick-Tock, tick-tock, goes the clock. Will Luke continue to be the rock?
  4. While low-light is a plus, I'm really more curious about dynamic range and highlight roll-off. I am currently on the fence with investing in a C200...awaiting Monday.
  5. Happy New Year to all! Looking forward to a dynamic year with plenty of smooth highlights and very little noise.
  6. You guys need to go back and look at Lukes's "Best VLOG Ever" videos on Youtube starting in November. I cannot be sure of this, but I believe the night footage filmed in "Strange Battlefronts 2" could very well be footage from the new camera. At the beginning of the "V-Log" Luke unboxes a classified piece of equipment and later goes out for a night drive with his wife. I believe this is sample footage from the new camera. I seriously doubt it's the same sensor as the GH5. You guys are barking up the wrong tree. I'll bet my bottom dollar, it's a low-resolution sensor similar to what Sony has with the A7S2. And not only better low-light capability but better dynamic range and highlight roll-off. Check out the video here. Here is a frame grab:
  7. Looks like excellent dynamic range to me. This is still my vote about this camera.
  8. I don't think it has to do with anything as far as higher resolution and anamorphic framing. It has to do with better dynamic range, highlight rolloff and low-light performance. What if the camera is $1,000 more? It's pure speculation at this point as to its price. If I were a GH5 user, I wouldn't be pissed at all. It's a different, more expensive camera that offers features found in cinematic cameras. I'd definitely be a buyer and a very happy camper.
  9. I believe it's a new camera only. Panasonic is following Sony's footsteps. We have the G9 to compete with Sony's A9 and the new camera if it is called GH5S is to compete with Sony's A7S series. I'd be really surprised if there is a firmware upgrade for the GH5. I also believe the GH5S will have a completely different sensor especially if it is to perform as an excellent low-light camera. The footage in Luke's VLOG from November clearly shows CLEAN low light footage. With the M43 format, the only way to get CLEAN low light video would be with a less megapixel sensor...larger pixels.
  10. Well...based on what I stated and how Luke responded, I'd say this camera with better dynamic range and highlight roll-off is what it is all about. Maybe Raw? This plays big for me personally. I do a combination of wildlife and promotional video work and I have been contemplating a cinema-style camera for better quality footage. (I presently shoot with the GH5 and Canon 1DX Mark II.) My problem is that teaming a 600mm lens with a cinema camera is a lesson in futility. The only cameras that I have considered for this is a RED or Canon camera due to the ergonomics. Now that I have a clue as to what Panasonic may announce, I am more than excited about this new camera. I much prefer a smaller camera body over the cinema style camera for shooting wildlife. I presently use the GH5 with my Canon 600mm lens with a Metabones adapter. It works great and is easy to follow moving subjects such as eagles-in-flight. (I rely on the viewfinder to follow quick moving subjects. Something the EVA-1 sorely does not have nor does my Canon 1DX Mark II and adding a viewfinder makes the combination awkward.) The problem is that it is difficult getting the shot due to so-so highlight rolloff. (Yes, I use V-Log.) A great example of where highlight roll-off comes into play is with Bald Eagles. You really need extra dynamic range and the ability to post-process the footage to bring down the white head and bring up the black feathers. Tough sledding sort-of-speak. I was very close to purchasing the C200, but I will wait now to see what the new camera brings. I am stoked!
  11. I don't think it's anything to do with depth of field but rather a lot of latitude to pull up the shadows. Seems to me much better dynamic range, possibly even RAW? The one aspect that is missing from the current lineup of mirrorless cameras is excellent highlight roll-off. This is currently only available in cinema cameras. This would be huge if Panasonic put this into a mirrorless body.
  12. Hi Andrew, Great to hear you got a hold of one. I am really curious how well it works with the Metabones adapter, especially with any Canon zoom lenses you might have. There were reports earlier that this was causing the camera to lock up. I'm not looking for autofocus miracles with the adapter, but I am concerned about lock-ups. Thanks and Congrats! Alan
  13. For those that consider the look of the 1DX Mark II not "film like", what about this clip?
  14. ajay

    Sony a6300 4k

    I probably use camera a lot differently than most, but for wildlife photography/videography this camera has its flaws but for the most part meets my needs. The rolling shutter is bad at 24p but tolerable at 30p. The cropping is a bit stronger at 30p but not a big deal. I typically shoot at long mm, so extra crop ain't bad. Has anyone tried the digital zoom? Between 1x and 2x there is no degradation that I can see. What a great feature. Most of my clips are just for a few minutes at most, so no worries with overheating. And it works pretty darn good for stills with longer mm lenses. I can't wait to try it with Sigma's MC-11 adapter and the Sigma 150-600mm. I have thought about getting the 1DX Mark II, but it would be a pain in the A$$ to use the back display in sunny, outdoor conditions. An EVF is much better and I can keep the camera steadier by holding it up to my face rather from afar looking at the back screen. I guess I could get a hood for it, but seems like a pain.
  15. ajay

    Sony a6300 4k

    FYI... I've been testing the a6300 today with long telephoto lenses both Tamron 150-600 and Sigma 150-600 with Metabones IV and Sony LA-EA3 adapters. Autofocus is still slow 400mm out to 600mm for stills and video? Might as well keep it in manual focus.
  16. Is it not true that Canon's Bayer pattern has more red filters compared to Sony's, which has more green? This is what I have understood and the reason why Canon's sensors have always been better with flesh tones. AJ
  17. Love your short samples! How is focus peaking? Was any of your two samples using autofocus or all manual focus? I am curious as to how the metabones adapter works with Canon lenses using autofocus in video mode. Thanks for any insight you might be able to give. AJ
  18. Please don't take my comments negatively or misinformed. My comments about autofocus in video mode has to do with the reality that I photograph and video mostly birds with 400mm to 600mm Canon lenses. That is why I am a bit bummed out. I was excited to hear how well the metabones adapter works with Canon lenses for pics, still bummed however about autofocus in video mode for telephoto Canon lenses. It's not a show-stopper, but when videoing wildlife that constantly moves, manual focus just doesn't work sometimes. I could really use a camera that uses Canon lenses that shoots 4k and has the autofocus capabilities similar to the Canon 70D and 7DM2. I am not holding my breath for the next 5D...doubtful it will have 4k but who knows? Unfortunately I've got too much money invested in Canon glass to completely switch over to Sony. With that said, I'll probably pick up the A7R2 just because it does just about everything else better than Canon.
  19. The lack of usable autofocus in video mode is a bit disheartening as I frequently record wildlife in which autofocus really comes in handy. Bummer.
  20. I would like to see a comprehensive test using Canon lenses focusing in video mode. I had read that on a pre-production model, autofocus was not good in video mode...photo mode was fast and accurate, but autofocus while filming was not good. Please confirm.
  21. C = Costly (Canon products are not cheap.) A = Absent Innovation (The 5D Mark II was innovative. It went downhill from there.) N = Napping (Canon has been caught napping...zzz...) O = Outdated (They recently have incorporated 1080p 60fps into their DSLR's. Only a few years late.) N = Nonadaptive (They are too proud to adapt new innovations into their own brand. In-camera stabilization, Sony sensor technology, focus peaking, etc.)
  22. I understand everyone's frustration with Canon. If I didn't have so much $$$ locked up in their glass, I would have moved on by now. With that stated, I think Andrew's dissatisfaction over the 5DS is misdirected. This is a camera clearly marketed for photographers who have a need for full-frame, high megapixel images. Canon has stated this is not a replacement for the 5D Mark III. Canon should be announcing the 5D Mark IV this year. Let's hope they incorporate 4k into the camera in a meaningful way. I do have concerns however since Canon has a history of dumbing-down their cameras in firmware to force photographers/cinematographers to upgrade to more expensive models. Considering that they have a separate division of cinema-line of cameras, they may leave some key features out of the 5D Mark IV as to not take (perceived) revenue away from their cinema line. Canon made a strategic mistake a few years ago by keeping high-end video features out of their DSLRs. Let's hope they see the errors of their ways.
  23. Thanks. I did find that tid-bit of info after posting my original statement. They did respond via email and stated it was being shipped today. Hopefully I will get it soon. I've been waiting for this adapter for years!!! I do a lot of wildlife work and having image stabilization on my telephoto lenses will be a godsend.
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