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  1. Looks like Magic Lantern on digic 6 cameras may soon be a thing http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=17360.msg189584#msg189584
  2. A lot of the events in a nuclear war screenplay I wrote in 2011 have come to pass, including Trump. A Gulf of Tonkin incident with Iran is the flashpoint.
  3. That was my understanding during my time as a cinema5D and Magic Lantern mod. I quit Magic Lantern because another mod just didn't get it.
  4. If this lynch mob is a microcosm of the world, we're all going to fucking die!
  5. As a former mod I can attest this kind of juvenile behavior was not in the handbook.
  6. Trump's dad was Klan. Trump has a long history of racism. Trump's policies appeal to white nationalists. White nationalists voted for Trump. Trump hired a bunch of white nationalists. Trump's encouraged white nationalist violence since his election campaign. Trump's a fascist and very dangerous.
  7. Given people of color are asking white people to stand up, that's ridiculous. A white mate of mine was arrested in Boston; Black Lives Matter paid his bail. During the Occupy protests I stood between an Aboriginal man and a cop, risking arrest and potential police brutality; that's not cultural appropriation, that's paying the rent. Quakers were hanged for protesting injustice 500 years ago, it's very much a part of my culture. Sure white people sometimes go too far and need to check themselves, they're only human. Pro tip: don't pick on Ed, he's human too. P.S. Nazis suck arse.
  8. You really need a hyper or super-cardioid mic to get good sound indoors, any shotgun is going to sound a bit thin and reflections are going to be a nightmare. The Sanken CS-3e short shotgun may be the closest to usable inside but I had a listen to some tests and it didn't impress me for indoor use.
  9. Rode being Australian, I could buy 3 NTG-3s for the cost of one 416 here, so that was a purchase decision factor too. If I was working as a sound recordist I'd definitely go the 416, but for my personal narrative work the NTG-3 works for me. And yeah, there is no swiss army mic.
  10. The NTG-3 has a fairly wide pickup pattern compared to a 416, which is party the reason I bought one, you don't have to be quite as precise booming. I haven't used it indoors but I did try my NTG-1 indoors and it wasn't great. I used an NT-3 instead, quite heavy but it sounded OK. The Audix SCX1-HC is a pretty cool little mic for indoors too, I've got one in my kit. It's small enough to hide too.
  11. Hehe, I've still got my H4n, haven't used it since film school. I know the new Zooms sound way better, but I've got very good ears (I was a record producer in a past life) and I love the sound of Sound Devices. I was doing 16 track digital recording in the 90s and we used to put everything through valves to warm up the harshness of 16 bit. I've been working on this feature for seven years, it's hard to think of anything beyond that.
  12. The D50 is a very good recorder but the weak link is the mini jack. I got a custom cable made for it with a locking jack on the Mixpre-D end, but mini jacks suck arse and I'll never be comfortable with it. The AKG mod was done by Jim Williams, something I came across after a lot of research when I was looking at getting a Schoeps, I was lucky to pick up a pair of them pretty cheap. I don't have a Schoeps to compare the AKG to, but I do have an AKG C 480 and the modded C 460s blow the C 480 away. The C 480 isn't bad at all though.
  13. I wouldn't trade a Sound Devices pre-amp for a Zoom. You're right on the growth aspect; if I can scrape up the extra $ for the 6 I will, but SD resale value is very good so I can always upgrade when I need to. Yeah the RodeLink. The talent's going to be rugged up in winter gear so size isn't really an issue; I'm more concerned with sound quality, and they don't sound too bad to me.
  14. I roll with a Mixpre-D, tracking with a Sony PCM-D50, 2 custom modded (Schoeps-ish sounding) AKG C 460 B with CK 63-ULS caps, and an NTG-3. I'm looking at replacing the Mixpre-D with a Mixpre-3 to free up the PCM-D50 for ambience recording. Also getting a couple of the new Rode lavs.
  15. Anyone using After Effects/ACR be aware that Adobe disabled multiprocessing in CC2015. Rendering is way faster in CS6 and CC2014 on my 6 core Mac Pro. CS6 is a bit faster than CC2014. Make sure you have multiprocessing enabled in AE prefs.
  16. 8. You won't look like an idiot when you remember to pack your CF cards.
  17. I quit modding for ML after a shit-fight with a fascist mod who got off on trolling noobs (and me). He doesn't appear to be very active these days; it's a much friendlier place without him.
  18. Resolve is way faster than AE/ACR, but ACR produces a nicer image. AE CS6 is way faster than CC2017 (Adobe disabled multiprocessing in CC2015) and it exports to prores. I don't have the full version of Resolve so I can't say whether it's better or worse at removing chroma noise than ACR.
  19. I DGAF about a bit of noise either, I usually add some. Noise on the Mk3 is quite organic up to 1600 ISO. I usually only get rid of the chroma noise in ACR. If I find I have to remove luma noise it's because I've underexposed. The only rule is: do some tests.
  20. With only 11.7 stops at 100 ISO to play with, you have to make a choice between noise and overexposure. Canon DSLRs are really noisy at base ISO, unlike Nikons, which makes ETTR necessary. With limited dynamic range it's hard to avoid blowing some highlights. I DGAF if I blow highlights, it's only skin I'm really concerned about exposing correctly. Magic Lantern raw highlight recovery is pretty good, so don't be afraid to ETTR. Underexposing mids, particularly at high ISO, can get very ugly. Remember to reduce the brightness of your LCD (or ext monitor) when you shoot raw. Mine is set to the 2nd darkest setting. And if you're shooting actors, matt powder is your friend.
  21. I bought my daughter an $80 Nikon; one of her shots was a finalist in a statewide photography competition. I recorded an album on a Mac in my attic and won a national award. Again: It's not the tools, it's what you can do with them. I'd shoot a feature with a D90 if that's all I could afford to shoot it with, and only a few pixel peepers would ever know the difference. 28 Days Later a case in point. If I shot it with a BMMCC even the pixel peepers wouldn't know the difference. There's a bunch of sub $1000 cameras that produce really nice filmic images. I'd love to have a C200, but it's not an absolute necessity. DPAF is a great creative tool, but fingers crossed Magic Lantern will crack digic6 and make raw DPAF a lot more affordable with cameras like the 80D.
  22. I put a 12 terabyte raid 5 in my mac pro 2 years ago and it only cost $1000. A 16TB raid would cost about as much now.
  23. There's this new thing, they call it "tape".
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