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  1. iPad/iPhone monitoring and focus control is dope. https://www.usa.canon.com/internet/portal/us/home/explore/cinema-eos-c200-cameras/versatility
  2. The Varicam image is really nice, but the creative potential of DPAF and internal raw for $2k less makes the C200 a better option for film and doc work.
  3. Won't be much change from $10,000 for the C200B in Aus, the C200 is likely to push $13,000. We should start to see raw internal recording on sub $5000 cameras from the big manufacturers in the next year. CFAST is still hella expensive, the new fast SD cards should be able to record raw light. Nikon need to pull their finger out, they won't want to be the last company to do raw; photographers will be all over raw video.
  4. Erm, the derogatory subtext is yours, not mine. I was just having a laugh at all the negative comments. On spec it's purrfecto.
  5. Isn't it just awful. You couldn't shoot cats with it.
  6. I've been thinking about ripping the mirror box out of a 5D MK3 and mounting a speed booster in it.
  7. Until the recent 3/4K developments I always shot 1080p 24p and 720p 60p crop. Now I'm keen to shoot crop 2.8K-4K 24p for a few reasons. I shoot a lot of low-key stuff, the problem with full frame is you have to shoot at around f/5.6 to get good DOF, trouble is to do that you need a shitload of light or you have to crank the ISO. In crop mode I can get good DOF at f/2.8, and lower the ISO to maximise dynamic range. The image is better in crop mode because there's no pixel binning, there was noticeable (to a pixel peeper) aliasing in the old 720p mode. Also the ability to upscale to 4K is good for future proofing my work. I'm thinking about getting a Samyang 16mm or a Sigma 18-35mm to cover the wide end; I've got a Tokina 11-16mm but it hasn't lived up to the mythology. Having said all that, I'm testing lenses in 1080p and 3K modes, the resolution difference isn't huge, and a lot of it is lens MTF. I'm shooting a GAMMA short in Aug/Sep, all this testing is to determine which mode I should shoot it in, it's likely I'll shoot a mixture, crop mode for very dark scenes and establishing shots, and 1080p for close ups and action.
  8. Cool, thanks, I'll check it out. I think ACR has a CA tool too. I'm quite CA phobic, A Clockwork Orange freaks me out.
  9. I've been messing around with the 1.5x Iscorama shooting 4K scope 24p anamorphic (2304x1382 with a 25% upscale). With a 24mm Leica-r it's equal to 40mm full frame. Shot at 3200 ISO with ACR chroma noise reduction. Filmconvert Fuji 8553 LUT.
  10. What do you guesstimate the f-stop is?
  11. What does it cost to mod? I've got 2 Iscoramas but they're a pain to use, and 35mm is the most width you can get out of them.
  12. "The GH5 needed like 12 nodes" Call me practical, but I'd rather jump in front of a bus.
  13. I won't be giving up the magic anytime soon.
  14. Nice work on the color matching, really hard to tell them apart. I played around with some of the DNGs and TIFFs; I can stretch the DNGs a lot more and get more latitude from them. Compressed DNG output is now a thing: http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=15108.new#new
  15. Thanks. Only 150,000 frames to go
  16. I haven't tested the high frame rates in the experimental builds. This is some 48p stuff I shot with a nightly build.
  17. The resolution change is automatic in ML.
  18. 2.7-2.8k 2.39:1 has been pretty solid with most builds. I'm getting 3k continuous (12bit lossless) with the latest build.
  19. If you guys wanna use Arri LUTS check out http://www.cinelogdcp.com/cinelogc-overview
  20. Physical buttons work. I have NFI what gradual exposure is, I drive stick. I haven't really noticed any improvement, or a noise hit. I keep it on its lowest setting because I want to believe.
  21. Can't see it happening anytime soon; looks like a1ex is focused on the Mk3 for now. But he mentioned recently that he was putting a few hours a week into digic 6 development.
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