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  1. XQD can write 400MB/s+ fast enough for 4K raw. I'd be happy with 2K, <15ms rolling shutter, and 13+ (no bullshit) stops of DR, and some decent color science! But yeah it'll probably be overpriced and underspec'd as usual. I expect I'll be shooting with the 5D for at least another year.
  2. Remember that "make believe" 1Dc shaped DSLR shell Sony showed at NAB 3 years ago? http://www.sonyalpharumors.com/sr5-bomb-rumor-first-a9-specs-dual-xqd-card-slot-unlimited-raw-burst/ The day Magic Lantern made 2 second burst raw video possible on the 5D I figured it was only a matter of time before DSLRs shot continuous 24p raw. A few days later it became a reality. It makes a lot of sense for Sony to go raw considering the profit margin on XQD media. I really dig the raw stills from the A7s, the video not so much; the 5D with Magic Lantern is so much better. Bring on NAB!
  3. Testing in shit light is a good idea. There's always those times when you have to shoot someone running down a dark alley at night naked chasing someone with a knife (without a permit). In that situation fixed pattern noise is going to be a real concern.
  4. There's low light, and then there's shit light. It's okay in low light, but not as good as the 5D MK3 raw.
  5. Compared to the 5D MK3 the BMMCC FPN is practically non-existent (if you expose correctly). It is a noisier camera than the 5D raw overall, but the noise looks more filmic.
  6. If you can't handle a bit of fixed pattern noise, maybe digital filmmaking is not for you.
  7. squig

    C100 or 5DIII

    If I couldn't scrape up a couple of hundred dollars for a raid, I'd definitely go with the C100 for the extra DR, resolution, low light ability, and rolling shutter.
  8. squig

    C100 or 5DIII

    I don't really get the not an option thing. Hard drives are really cheap these days. I set up a 12 terabyte raid (big enough for a 35 day feature shoot) on my mac pro for $1000.
  9. squig

    C100 or 5DIII

    Best to expose to the right with the 5D unless you like fixed pattern noise. I overexpose quite a bit and recover the highlights in post (raw). Are you talking about h.264 or raw? Huge difference.
  10. Yeah 1080p is fine. If the 5D freezes (happens occasionally) just pull the battery. I've spent 2 days trying to nail the pink frame bug to no avail. Use the Aug 2014 build if you wanna do slo-mo. I shoot slo-mo with a 1.5x Iscorama to get 2K 2.39:1.
  11. There's a longstanding pink frame bug with 720p 60p recording http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=5473.msg165309#msg165309
  12. Yep. Hate to be the one to break it to ya fellas, but size really does matter. If you're not built like a brick shithouse and don't have a pot to piss in, small is the new big.
  13. "6 minutes on a 64 GB card" Record time is more than double that shooting 24p 1080p on a 64Gb card. I get over 15min shooting a 2.39:1 aspect ratio. I've been shooting raw with the MK3 since the day it came out and I've never had a problem with dropped frames with either the Lexar 1066 64Gb or the Toshiba 1066 64Gb. Mine's been through 2 Australian summers and no overheating, but a second body is a wise choice in hot conditions. When I shoot narrative work outdoors I tend to shoot at magic hour, and I don't like to lose precious time white balancing. The A7s is shite for skin tones, the A7sII is a bit better. I get that its not for you, just like the Sony's are not for me. If the A7s was hacked it might be a different story.
  14. I've been using MLVFS with Resolve on a Mac for about a year now, MLVs play realtime with no lag. It's had a few teething problems but the latest build is working nicely on my 6 core 2010 Mac Pro with a GTX980 running EL Capitan. MLVFS link: http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=13152.0 Works with any app that recognises CDNGs like Resolve, Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop etc... So no FCPX.
  15. I've seen Samuel's tests. I haven't shot any charts, I'm talking about graded shots taken in the field. The 5D can be pushed further in post than the BMMCC (better highlight recovery), smoother roll-off, and its less noisy. I've tested both under numerous lighting conditions: daylight, low key tungsten, low key 5600k, daylight backlit interiors, streetlight, even gaslight. In every single test the 5D had a wider graded dynamic range. I can get the BMMCC close, but it takes a lot more effort. Sure the newer sensors are better at low ISOs, but no other DSLR/mirrorless shoots 1080p raw. I'd be all over a raw hacked X-Pro2. What I know is the A7sII has slightly better colour and less noise than the A7s, and circa 2009 rolling shutter. As for grading slog: filmmaking is masochistic enough without it.
  16. Are you using MLVS? No need to transcode MLV files anymore. My first DSLR was a D90. Nikon's colour science is great. I had a D5200 too but it was a bit soft and had some nasty fixed pattern noise.
  17. Mattias how does the D750 hold up against the 5DMK3 raw?
  18. So I'm over a week into testing the MK3 raw vs the BMMCC. About the only things I like more about the BMMCC are its size, its faster rolling shutter, and its noise pattern; it's filmic (no stripey fixed pattern noise, but it is noisier than the MK3, even with a speed booster). The MK3 beats the BMMCC in dynamic range (graded: at least a stop more), resolution (about equal in good light, better in low light), and it blows the BMMCC away in color (I spend way more time grading the BMMCC footage). I haven't bothered to include the A7s in my tests because it got relegated to a photography only role last year after the MK3 destroyed it in every single test. I'm curious how the D750, D500, and C100 MKII would hold up against the MK3 raw; nothing else in its weight class does.
  19. And the backpedalling begins https://vimeo.com/forums/help/topic:280882
  20. That did the trick. Mine was way off. No more soft edges. One slight problem: While I was checking infinity focus the speed booster got jammed on. When I manhandled it off I noticed I'd sheared off the adjustment screw. Oops
  21. The BMMCC has slightly more dynamic range than the 5D. The speed boosted BMMCC matches the 5D for resolution in the center, but is very soft in the corners. The speed boosted BMMCC is about a stop noisier than the 5D. The BMMCC with the SLRmagic 12mm is quite soft in the center but a stop faster at the same DOF as the 20mm speed boosted, and less soft in the corners.
  22. Here's some resolution, dynamic range, noise, FOV and DOF comparisons. Everything in the room was strategically placed for this test (took almost six months). I desaturated it to make it easier to focus on the aforementioned elements and prevent permanent blindness BMMCC SLRmagic 12mm @ t1.6 800 ISO BMMCC Sigma 20mm @ f/4 + speed booster 1600 ISO 5D MK3 raw Tokina 28-70mm @ f/5.6 6400 ISO BMMCC-20mm-f4-+-SB-1600-ISO 5D-35mm-f5.6-6400-ISO BMMCC-12mm-t1.6-MFT 800-ISO
  23. Just got the Nikon speed booster. It fits! Bonus! So I see Premiere Pro now supports raw playback and has all the juicy raw image adjustment sliders including de-noising. I've always found Adobe camera raw to be a much better debayer than the Resolve debayer, but the After Effects workflow is painful. I'm not a huge Premiere fan but if the debayer IQ is equal to ACR I may have to switch.
  24. Neither did I, then when I got it I was even more certain I didn't wanna do on-the-fly adjustments. And my fingers aren't particularly fat. All of my lenses have aperture rings but I think I'm gonna get a Sigma 18-35mm and a Nikon mount speed booster (changing aperture from a menu has always been alien to me.) The Micro really needs the extra speed to keep the noise down. The only things I'll need the menu for are frame rate and shutter angle. Raw ISO is adjustable in post. Blackmagic should make the buttons assignable. SLRmagic 12mm @ t/1.6 800 ISO pushed 1/3 of a stop in ACR. Minimal chroma de-noising. I tried it, it doesn't work on admins.
  25. I don't have a Pocket to compare. I've been testing it against the 5D raw shooting street scenes. The roll-off doesn't appear to be as smooth as the 5D. How are you exposing?
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