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  1. Unfortunate philosophy? Their country was dragged into a Cold War crossfire between communism and capitalism, and they are all basically hostages to a bunch of communist fanatics at the top. Their real Korean culture and philosophy and way of life have been completely suppressed. To call their situation a 'philosophy' is abit like calling Jews' life in concentration camps a philosophy, it's basically blaming the victim. Who the hell taught you to think like this? This shit baffles me...
  2. Would be great to have two versions of 5D optimized for sensitivity and megapixels respectively.
  3. Apple's iCamera will not have Aperture, Shutter or ISO controls, it will just have one setting: "Brighter" and "Darker", because SIMPLICITY, YO! *shudder*
  4. This thread is interesting in raising the question of how and why are people creative. Can it be learnt or is it something one is born with? Personally I think only craft can be taught or nurtured with effort and discipline, while art comes from a mysterious inner place. Many great artists fail because they can't master the craft to express themselves, and many great craftsman have nothing to say despite ability to express someone else's visions beautifully. Wally Pfister comes to mind...his "Transcendence" was a chance to step out of Nolan's shadow and be his own artist, but even with a budget and Johnny Depp as a star he had little to communicate in his film, despite incredible ability to express ideas as a DOP.
  5. On a side note, this film is a good example of the "Streisand Effect". It would've flopped and few people would've bothered to see it if it was simply ignored....trying to stop the film just gave it insane amount of press and promotion.
  6. Agree, I'm curious about Andrew's thoughts on 5D2's special visual punch.
  7. Looks great...but damn...they just couldn't get those holy skin tones right. What a bunch of amateurs. Oh wait...
  8. Someone should post an image of an A7S with a #bringit hashtag...
  9. He always said that he took this massive break from action movies in order to actually dive into the oceans before he gets too old to do that ( Abyss and Titanic were only made because he wanted to physically dive into the ocean, the films were just an excuse ), so maybe he can finally focus on proper sci-fi action again. After Avatar, I'm really hoping he returns to previously planned projects like Battle Angel, one of the best sci-fi graphic novels of all time, or his Hiroshima movie. Also, in 2018 the rights to the whole Terminator franchise revert back to him...so he might actually do a proper Terminator III. He said if he does it, it will be a very massive re-imagining of the whole concept of cybernetics, so I don't imagine Arnie will be coming back. He also joked he'd love to do Prometheus II . :D Probably just to piss of Ridley Scott, who was always sour for being passed on for the Alien sequel.
  10. "Most of the new digital projectors are capable of projecting at 48 fps, with only the digital servers needing some firmware upgrades." - Jackson The current projectors can probably switch framerates between scenes.
  11. I read the latest EMPIRE magazine today, it had an interview with James Cameron ( not available online ) and he was asked about whether he was still set to release Avatar sequels in 60 fps...guess what...he backtracked completely...saying that he will film 48fps, and not the whole film but only parts of it...in fact, he said he will only use HFR on horizontal panning shots! :D Victory for us and death to HFR! He must have gotten the message that audiences hate it after Jackson's massive mess with Hobbit in HFR and wisely decided to almost completely abandon the idea. I think we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief now, - 24fps is here to stay.
  12. Yep, they crippled DSLRs because they wanted to move all of us to C cameras, instead they are losing this massive new userbase to competitiors. They should've just continued the revolution with a 4K 1DX and all the 5D shooters would've upgraded, the market would've been theirs. A C300 Mark II for $12k is not going to stop the tide of DSLR shooters leaving Canon, no matter what features it has.
  13. Here's a previous roundtable from 2013. At the 20 minute mark, the cinematographer of Amelie talks about his first experience going from film to digital with Alexa. It's interesting that he complains about the low light sensitivity and needing less lights...it really does seem the transition to digital didn't just disrupt the medium, but the craftsmanship as well...being a digital DOP really does require a different set of lighting skills than a film DOP. And with the new Varicam35 having a base ISO of 5000, seems the new way is here to stay.
  14. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/cinematography-roundtable-roger-deakins-5-751367 Deakins, Libatique, Cronenweth, Beebe... wow, that's alot of damn talent sitting at one table and sharing wisdom. Interesting opinions on 4K and dynamic range.
  15. I'd be happy if they just released something that matched the low light performance to D4S or A7S both in stills and video.
  16. mtheory

    Film Schools

    Making movies IS the best film school. But if you absolutely need a degree ( hey, college is fun ), go to an art school instead. It will teach you how to think out of the box and will not stifle your film voice while you develop your own original aesthetic. Wong Kar Wai, Ridley Scott, Steve McQueen, Zack Snyder and Michael Bay all went to art school. ( That is one bizarre list... )
  17. mtheory

    Film Schools

    Don't do it, bro, make a feature film instead.
  18. Why don't you rent/borrow A7S for a shoot and see if it fits? Don't make a decision based on theoretical research. My advice, - keep both 5D3 and A7S if you can.
  19. The actual amount of talented/creative people always stays constant regardless of technological progress.
  20. If you want to understand the criticism against Canon, imagine a Ferrari that can only do 80KM/h.
  21. To "pick up cinema" ? That's precisely the problem...filmmaking is not yoga or golf...you don't casually pick it up on a weekend...
  22. First hipsters getting into DOP'ing, now this... Channing Tatum is going to be a director. No...just no...
  23. What is odd about Interstellar's mess is that it fails precisely at Nolan brothers' proven strengths, - logic and realism. Following, Memento, Prestige, Batman and Inception all were extremely sober and logical, establishing rules and following them, respecting audience's intelligence. This is what is so baffling...
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