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  1. Canon peddling same old tech in a new package again.   If they don't deliver 4:2:2 internal recording on the 7D2 I'm bailing out on them.    16 days left till NAB. Tick, tock, Canon.  B)
  2. There's also a culture in Hollywood of screwing over VFX firms with a common saying among producers : "I haven't done my job if I haven't bankrupted a VFX studio." I hope the VFX guys get their union and stop underbidding each other. 
  3. Do you guys think this is a game changer? Why?   Thanks,   mtheory
  4. @Bruno : Did you know that in Hollywood DPs are not paid for any of their time while collaborating with VFX guys ( Unlike directors )? Yep, in the current system their cheques stop the moment production ends, that's one of the reasons working against DPs now. Recently in "Total Recall" key action sequences were basically directed/dp's by the VFX guys in pre-viz and the camera movements went into the movie practically unchanged from the animatic.    @jgharding / @markm : Unfortunately most arthouse films are failures at the box office, - my own top 10 arthouse films have horrible box office results. ( Except "Pulp Fiction" ) It's the massive VFX blockbusters with 3000+ screen releases that are actually keeping the industry afloat and constantly on the cutting edge of technology. Since Hollywood is a business we will probably be seeing more Avatars, Avengers and Hobbits, not less.   Hopefully the VOD market will let indies flourish.
  5. Sean's argument is more logical.   Leang's work is better lit.   1:1 guys, okay? :)
  6. Hello everyone, a long time poster from the shuttled Cinema5D forums here, this is my first post.   The tension between DOPs and VFX Supervisors has been heating up for the past decade as Hollywood shifted more into more blockbusters with movies like Spider-man, Matrix, LOTR, 300, Avatar increasingly inviting VFX supes to come in and take over the duty creating the "look and feel" of shots, sequences and whole sections of the movies from DOPs, who are understandably getting pissed for being pushed out of the creative process.   Is it good or bad? I don't know...when I look at "In The Mood For Love" by Chris Doyle I see amazing cinematography. But I can say the same thing about "300" or "Life of Pi", films with cinematography created almost completely by VFX. Both have incredible attention to detail, mood, color, contrast, light and shadow.    And now Hollywood sees them as equal too. Cinematography is now officially a combination of real world and digital techniques.   DOPs will either have to accept that they are not as important to the process as before, or evolve their creative control into the post production because their purely photographic skills are not enough to deliver beautiful cinematography anymore.   Guys like Doyle are going to be increasingly marginalized, so I have a lot of sympathy for old school wolves like him.   Deakins was robbed.     P.S - BTW, I've been a fan of Miranda starting from his commercials with Fincher and think Benjamin Button had Oscar worthy cinematography. Claudio actually hangs out alot on various indie forums and might actually read this post, so let's take it easy, the guy is an absolute kickass DP too.
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