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  1. ​I'm sorry, my friend, I wasn't even going to correct you until I realized that your mistake contained a brilliant answer to the other dude's question that I couldn't quite articulate earlier. So thank YOU. This forum is one of the most liberal sites in videosphere, just remember it's all done in good humour. As for 1DC, I think it was very smart for Canon to start the 4K DSLR experiment with a highend 1D series body, this actually now gives them enough room to downgrade to 5D body and be justified in dropping the price too. Considering that they have decided to capitalize on the 5D brand recognition with 5Ds ( instead of calling it 3D as rumored ), it makes sense for them to keep putting the eggs in the same basket. So I'm quite hopeful that the massive 1DC price drop is a sign of an upcoming 5DC. P.S - Otherwise I'm getting a KineMINI. Either way, I will get my perfect 4K camera this year!
  2. ​Nope, you specifically conflated sarcasm with hate because whining about hate is easier than responding to legitimate criticism in the form of sarcasm. That is to say, I used the term 'conflate' because I interpreted your response as a sign of your dishonesty and intellectual cowardice, not your stupidity. Otherwise I would have used the term 'confuse'. Now let's address the mistake of the other English language drop-out, which funny enough, settles the debate : There is no such thing as "self-acclaimed". There is "self-proclaimed" and "acclaimed". Acclaim, by definition, is a sympathy/approval/applaud/recognition that is directed at someone other than yourself. A man whose work is recognized by the public is called an acclaimed artist, as there are numerous public claims about his work being artistic. A man whose work is not ( yet ) recognized is called a "self-proclaimed artist", because other than him there are few claims of his artistic talent from the public. So what the fuck is a "self-acclaimed cinematographer"? Basically some dude that adores himself AND claims that he is publicly adored/recognized in the cinema industry while not being so. In other words, a liar. Like...a wedding videographer calling himself a cinematographer.
  3. You cannot shoot a feature film and release it to millions of viewers across cinemas with a photo camera. They did with a 5D. You cannot shoot a prime TV series and release it to millions of viewers on cable TV with a photo camera. They did with a 5D. The industry already changed, and the debate has already been settled, a DSLR will never be just a photo camera. Don't spit against the wind.
  4. First of all, please honorably accept this month's Victim Award, just wonderful talent for whining and conflating sarcasm with hate there. Short answer to your rant, - if you're gonna use the word "cinema" in your professional title, it better be related to the art of storytelling, not just filming an event. That's what a wedding is. A live event. That you are covering. It is basically a fucking local news report with shallow DOF, no light and a bit more angles. It lacks both the art of storytelling and the craft of lighting. Yes, it sure feels creative. Making a tuna sandwich in the morning makes me feel creative too. But it isn't cinema. So don't call it that. That's all.
  5. This high MP camera ( originally codenamed '3D' ) has been talked about for 3 years already, and it was already being nicknamed "The Photographer's Camera" back in 2012 ( Check Northlight's rumor page for 3D for Jan 2012 ), so this release is primarily a brand credibility check for Canon.
  6. Northlight site has just reported a rumour that 1DC will be discontinued due to poor sales, and will be replaced with a 5DC this year that will come together with a 5D4. This might mean that Canon decided to follow the Sony strategy of "spraying" features in across multiple bodies of the same line....responding to A7, A7R and A7S with 5D4, 5DS and 5DC. GENERAL PURPOSE : A7 x 24MP = 5D4 x ? HIGH MEGAPIXEL : A7R x 36MP = 5DS x 50MP LOW LIGHT : A7S x 12MP = 5DC x ? Is this what they meant by a "modular" system? A 5DC at around 16-18MP with internal 4K and superior low-light performance @ $3.5K could indeed challenge A7S as the top stills/video low light king...
  7. Here is a new Canon commercial that states quite clearly that ISO1600 will be useable... http://youtu.be/p6KyWbns0ro
  8. While it will be popular with existing DSLR still shooters, I don't think PhaseOne has to worry about competition from Canon...the 50MP image from IQ250 really has a punch and low light performance that is unmatched.
  9. Sure, there are no rules, let's rename cooks to engineers and let them build our bridges, or rename plumbers into astronauts and send them into space, it's all just words anyway. Anybody know a good make-up artist to do brain surgery for this guy? I heard make-up artists are good with their hands.
  10. I'm interested primarily on smooth still low light performance, was looking at the ISO800 image posted by canon ( http://web.canon.jp/imaging/eosd/samples/eos5ds/ ), scaled that down to match an 18MP image from D4s at ISO800, and I feel that the Nikon image looks quite a bit better while 5Ds is a bit muddy. I was kind of hoping downscaling from 50MP to 18MP would give 5Ds a fighting chance against D4s at high ISO, but it doesn't. This is a totally subjective call, but this is not a stills camera for me, the D4s really does earn its bigger price-tag for now, so let's let's see if 5D4 can displace D4s in the low light arena this year. I want Canon colors with Nikon smoothness at ISO1600 and 3200, damn it. Anyone else looked at the samples and have opinions about the 5Ds?
  11. Yeah, that's true..there is so much crossover in technology that it's all just "gadgets" now.
  12. ​Make a film, a music video or a commercial. Everything else...absolutely everything and anything else...is videography, not matter how "cinematic" it is. And Rodriguez didn't shoot weddings.
  13. First you ask a general question "why would SOMEONE spend the money on 1DC", then you get the answers and turn around and say you actually meant "Why would I spend money on 1DC". Why didn't you say from beginning it didn't fit YOUR PERSONAL requirements instead of pissing on a product that works for most others? You deserve a troll award, dude.
  14. Do wedding shooters actually call themselves "CINEMAtographers"? Wow.
  15. I see...and do you notice a change in image quality when using the Sports mode? Thanks for the info, man, I'm seriously in love with the KineMINI look!
  16. Hey Jeff, how do you find the rolling shutter for handheld work, - do you have to use Sports mode or is it manageable in regular 4K mode? Also, how well does KineMINI play with gimbals like Ronin? Thanks.
  17. Camera reviews are just like film reviews...they are subjective. And that's okay. A cheaper and less featured camera is not necessarily worse than a more expensive / complex one - its about the image, the same way a low budget movie is not necessarily worse than a hundred-million dollar big budget one, its about the story. Bugati may be better than a Prius, but Transformers is sure as fuck not better than Birdman. Remember, we are in the creative industry, not science industry.
  18. 1DC and KineMINI seem like the best cameras for each category ( outdoor and studio ) in terms of IQ + 4K for indies.
  19. Canon is going after Phase One's IQ250, which has 50MP, a 2.5xFF sensor but starts at $35,000. While they won't be able to match the quality of IQ250, they may just achieve an 1/2 or 2/3 of its performance for 10x times the price. It would actually create a completely new market, a to-own medium format market with massive volume sales and also retain Canon users who would otherwise have jumped ship to a new ecosystem. Very smart. Most of the ex-Canon photographers I know have either gone to Nikon D4s or IQ250 for low light sensitivity and better IQ, respectively. So 5DS and 5D4 are probably meant to stop this from happening.
  20. The only thing I didn't like about Apocalypto ( F35 ) was its video look in some scenes, I actually felt that movie was significantly degraded by the choice of camera. Tron looked good though, but maybe because it was mostly blue-screen.
  21. It's hard to believe, but it's true...there is a famous saying from a Hollywood producer who said "If I don't bankrupt a vfx house, I haven't done my job". The biggest problem is VFX artists don't have a union, so studios can abuse them. Imagine if VFX workers went on strike? All of the blockbusters would grind to a halt!
  22. Well, the 1DC has a whole of 1DX packed inside for stills, so that's what it has over A7s. My clients won't accept 12MP stills for their use, so a low-light 18MP monster camera plus a 4K video camera with variable crop-factor that works great for interviews and cinema projection, is super compact, long battery, uses existing EF lenses and is extremely light and easy to operate is a dream machine, even by today's standards.
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