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  1. I'll give you a reason why someone would order a C300 MII, - if their company is paying for it. Plenty of small TV stations with crews, nevermind the bigger broadcasters.
  2. All this choice lets us use literally hundreds of LUTS/stocks/looks on a single movie. Panasonic Varicam35 even creates/uses a custom LUT per each shot.
  3. ​If capturing good images is your primary strength, you should indeed be terrified because all tech is making such processes easier for everyone. As I mentioned before, Instagram pretty much killed photoblogging for me. But if art and storytelling are your strength, you have nothing to worry about, - all those well-shot videos on vimeo with nothing to say are just dead fish washing up on the beach...it doesnt diminish the real thing. Increased technological efficiency has cannibalized tens of millions of jobs in the industrial world and will continue to do so.
  4. ​Using that logic you might just be best with a fixed-lens camcorder or an iPhone, my man.
  5. Personally, I've gotten spoilt renting cameras for photoshoots over the past year, and doubt I would buy the next 5D for stills anymore even if it ticks most of my checkboxes. ( It would have to do 4K RAW with ML and beat D4s in low light for me to re-consider. ) I still love buying Canon lenses though, and the EF mount is a safe option to continue investing considering the amazing EF support in the cinema industry from Speedbooster, BM and Kinefinity.
  6. The Ursa Mini seems like a shot at KineMini. It will probably have the advantage of EF image stabilization support...while KineMini can now go full-frame with its own adapter...difficult choice...ultimately, footage will probably decide.
  7. I can't wait for the day when these dinosaur corporations get outcompeted by smart hardware startups and we can just design and 3D print our own custom cameras online and get them shipped...you know...choose a sensor, mount, battery, design...click*click*...ship...SHOOT!
  8. This is a perfect broadcast camera, but its not a filmmaking camera.
  9. Actually, if you look at some of the top YouTube and Snapchat stars...you could argue great IQ has become completely irrelevant to the under-20s kids...its PURELY about ideas and concepts now. As for the phenomenon you're describing..its not new...Hollywood has never pumped out a badly-lit film...but how much of it has actually been great storytelling? That hasn't killed filmmaking, so don't worry about it, just focus on better writing...
  10. Vincent LaForet's original C300 launch film actually looked way better than this.
  11. Canon's greatest parting legacy for filmmakers, - popularizing the EF mount on their competitors' raw cinema cameras.
  12. I'm curious about the ISO performance too....but even de-noising a 4.6K RAW image and scaling it down to 2K will help get cleaner image already.
  13. Yep...the same video motion look in C300 Mark II...:(
  14. Low light, no rolling shutter, light 4K internal and raw 4K external...yeah, this camera is aimed squarely at practical purposes and ticks most boxes. Is there any point of C500 anymore? I suppose they could add internal 4K RAW, SSD drives and superfast fps for C500 Mark II in the future. Price-wise its meant for corporate users and rentals. I will definitely be renting this thing for commercial gigs. But as I mentioned before, for film work all the C cameras have been a disappointment for me, the motion still seems too videoish even though colors are great. I really hope they fixed it now, we will know soon I guess. Till then, 5D RAW and KineMINI are the best cinema tools in my book.
  15. Kinemini doesnt do ultra wide angle due to crop factor, so keep the 5D no matter what, you never know when you will need sweet ultra wide shot in RAW.
  16. Art is eternal while Craft always changes, they didn't realize they were in an artistic industry instead of a chemical industry. Apple for example updated its name from "Apple Computers", sending an important signal that they get it. I can totally see an Apple product one day that would have no computer parts in it. It's a pity Kodak didn't see themselves this way.
  17. ​800,000 signatories on a petition not to fire Clarkson would disagree. The trolls who are calling for Clarkson's blood are a small but over-vocal minority who do not represent the mainstream public.
  18. During his "5 year gap" David O'Russell put Christopher Nolan in a headlock, choking him until he agreed to release Jude Law from "Prestige". O'Russell then shot and released his film the following year.
  19. I post this about once a year once the whole "the state of film" discussion comes up.
  20. Hope it has better low light performance and power consumption. Fingers crossed for a new BM announcement at NAB.
  21. ​No, I do mind Clarkson abusing others. I also mind others abusing Clarkson disproportionately in return. Which is what's happening here.
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