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  1. I am so Intrigued by the Sony A7 as my camera for stills but the price (1300EUR) compared to a used Mark II for 900 EUR gives me a hard time to decide. I love the RAW files of the A7 but the video-mode, as Andrew recently posted, is a major let down. 

    And, Mark II would be RAW with the possibility of a correct live-view of an anamorphic setup. 
    And I might be afraid the Sony is cause of its size just to small for a Helios and Isco for example... 


    But I really like that compact setup Sebastian. Its really nice. How difficult is it for you to judge regarding focus? 


    As Andrew said, I think The Mark II look like a dinosaur compare to this new generation of hybrid camera, such as the Sony A7.

    I'm not so unhappy with the video mode of the Sony A7. I don't know if you watch my "One week with Sony A7 + Bolex" on my Vimeo, but the 24P mode looks good to me, despite aliasing problems... Anyway it has less problems than my OMD E-M5.


    I'm shooting images with it today, with the new SLR Magic Anamorphot, stay tune, soon online! ;)

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!     I must try this some time with my A7, however, I only have the 8/19/1.5 so I imagine I'll need a pretty long taking lens.


    Thanks OzNimbus :) I really don't know what lens you need with the 8/19/1.5... For the 16/32/1.5 the minimum is 50mm on FF. Maybe you'll need a 85mm, or a little less, as i do for my baby Hypergonar.

  3. Great shots Sebastien, like all what you have been sharing. Btw, how do you manage to focus handheld so well ?


    Thanks araucaria ! Focus is not easy, especially on full frame Sony A7, I'm used to work on M43... I can use the focus assist on the A7 while filming, which is a plus. Sometimes the technique in anamorphic is keeping the same distance between me and my focused subject in motion, in a handled traveling for example). 

  4. SAMPLES PART TWO ! Sony A7 + Novoflex adapter ring + Nikon 50mm E Serie f1.8 + Redstan clamp + Bolex System Moler 16/32/1.5X anamorphic lens


    Here are more still pictures taken with my Sony A7 in anamorphic !

    Tell me what you think !

    Thanks for watching ! :)


    Full resolution and more pictures on this Flickr album :





    some examples from it :



















    Full resolution and more pictures on this Flickr album :



  5. thank you so much for your answer. I will read more about anamorphic stuff and i am glad that i found this forum. I will also keep an eye open on ebay for this baby hypergonar, you never know. Maybe i can start with it and use it with my actual lenses, don't know if it is posible. Till then i took a video just to play with my omd and to understand the focus system and best camera settings *i use the art3 filter because i saw this setting on your clip), please take a look, any advice is a gold advice from you:) thanks a lot!


    Thanks for sharing. I like the high-angle shot, I have to do more in my movies ! :) Apparently you're working in auto mode (aperture or shutter?). Be careful it's noticeable in 0:35 :) 

  6. Hi Sebastien and congratz for the short clip shot with omd m5 and your nice anamorphic combo. I also have an omd m5 and i am looking forward to make myself a combo like yours. I am comming from a country with no anamorphic lens on market and my only chance is to try and find a good oportunity on the ebay market. I am also veru new to this king of lenses and i am not sure what to look for.

    Would you be nice and tell me some tips for that, please?

    First of all, how much is the budget for a combo like this and how do i start with?

    there is any other place, except ebay, where i can find this combo?


    Thank you very much for your answer and a happy new year for everyone on the forum.


    P.S. and please excuse my english, i am still learning.




    Hi there and happy new year :)

    It's hard to find this combo at descent price... There is maybe one/two baby Hypergonar a month on Ebay but prices increase... I had third babies in my life, from 40€ to 150€, which two on Ebay and one in a shop. For the Qioptiq, best chance to have it is to buy one new (around 1000$)... I had mine for 150€ on Ebay...


    I know it's hard to find these kind of things, I'm doing researches for years ! But someday it will arrive ! 

  7. One week with
    Sony A7 24P
    Bolex anamorphot sytem moler 16/32/1.5X anamorphic lens
    Photography here : flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157638698522816/
    Nikon 50mm f1.8 E Serie always btw f1.8 and f4
    No diopter except on the last shot, achromat +3
    Novoflex adapter, Red Stan adapter
    ND Cokin variable filter from 3:28 to the end (higher shutter speed before, then 1/50)
    Grey/pink clips at the begining taken with OM-D E-M5 and baby Hypergonar

  8. Very nice photos. When I see all these great photos I wish I had just a tiny little bit more talent

    Very good combo (Sony+Nikon+Möller=Wow!) but maybe you have a substitute laying around for the Nikon which focuses the "right" way so that you can rotate both at the same time (Möller and taking lens) - that is good fun either!


    Thanks Rudolf :)

  9. wow. I am impressed. Actually I am on my way to get me a A7 cause here in Tokyo it's around 900EUR. (body only). 

    How did you like to shoot with that cam? How could you judge the sharpness on that stretched image? It would be a dram come true if one day you could set the correct aspect ratio on a consumer cam. 


    It's a nice cam, the first FF hybrid, I like it, despite some little errors (that I hope will be fixed) such as changing from the viewfinder to the screen with a button, ... In video it could be worst, I was a little afraid before I bought it. I'm editing video samples at the moment, stay tune :) 

  10. Nice cat :)


    Will you by trying it on the Blackamgic Pocket Cinema Camera? (The lens that is, not the cat)


    Nan badfully I don't have the BMPCC... But I have the Sony A7 :) I've just bought your A7 upcoming guide, and will test the SLR Magic Anamorphic as soon as I have it ! :) For the moment I test it with the Bolex Moller loan from a friend, on a Nikon 50mm F1.8 E Serie (cf my post '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> )....

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