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  1. Hey Sebastien.


    This test was done with the lens set to minimum focus (so taking lens and cinevision were set to focus from about 3ft with no diopter).  I then place the diopters over the front to see the new minimum focus distance.  I did not adjust the focus rings during the video - they stayed set to 3ft on the scale.



    I think with the tokina +0.4 I get about '75cm minimum focus' and about '3.5 meters maximum focus'


    with the 0.5metre zeiss ikon close up filter does not state the exact diopter number but it seems about +1.5diopters.  I think it was designed for a specific lens so you could focus 0.5m with the lens.  but on this anamorphic it allows about 30cm minimum focus and 75cm maximum focus.


    with the 0.2metre zeiss ikon close up filter it seems about +3.5diopters.  originally designed to allow 20cm minim focus on the lens it was designed for.  on the anamorphic lens it gives about 7cm minimum focus and about 15-20cm maximum focus.


    the cinevision on its own has 3ft (90cm) minimum focus to infinity without diopters.  But you can rack focus just with taking lens focus from 3ft to about 10ft and it is still sharp without adjusting the cinevision.  quite nice to have single focus ring when tracking focus from 3ft to 10ft!

    Thank you Richard :)

  2. I am yet to find another one.  And I now really want one!  


    the diopters are not +0.2 and +0.5 in terms of diopter magnification,  but 0.2 and 0.5 meter close up lenses for some little zeiss ikon camera.  they must be a magnification number to allow the original lens they were designed for to focus at 0.2metres and 0.5meters respectively.  the 0.5 is about 3 times stronger than the +0.4 tokina, and the 0.2 is about 10 times stronger than the tokina so i assume 0.2m= +3.5diopter  and the 0.5m= +1.5diopter 


    Can you explain to me (and us) what do you mean exactly... I own the Tokina +0.5, it appears to gives me sharp focus (with my baby hypergonar and it's Voigtlander 40mm prime lens) between one meter and maybe 4.... Do you mean that with the +0.4 or +0.2 I would have between how ? Thanks.

  3. Here is a short film documentary shot with the baby Berthiot  Hypergonar that has been broadcast on september 2012 on local french TV. I did the cinematography and the editing. Sorry it's not sub titled yet, but I will do it soon. Everything was shot during the night with GH2, and ISO between 1600 to 2400 in my memories. 


    There is a PASSWORD for the moment because of broadcast rights : 501



  4. [attachment=364:01- P1220607.jpg]

    Voigtlander Classic 40mm f1.4 and baby Berthiot Hypergonar anamorphic lens in it's clamp


    [attachment=365:03- P1220618.jpg]

    Voigtlander Classic 40mm f1.4 and baby Berthiot Hypergonar anamorphic lens in it's clamp


    [attachment=366:04- P1220624.jpg]

    baby Berthiot Hypergonar anamorphic lens


    [attachment=367:05- P1220629.jpg]

    baby Berthiot Hypergonar anamorphic lens


    [attachment=368:06- P1220631.jpg]

    baby Berthiot Hypergonar anamorphic lens



    baby Berthiot Hypergonar anamorphic lens, so tiny and light !




    SLR Magic Cine lens 50mm T0.95 with baby Berthiot Hypergonar anamorphic lens



    Isco Gottingen anamorphot on Canon FD 50m f1.8



    Isco Gottingen anamorphot with its diopters




    Isco Gottingen anamorphot on Canon FD 50m f1.8 on GH2



    Delrama anamorphic for 8mm



    Delrama anamorphic for 8mm



    SLR Magic 35mm T1.4 + baby Berthiot Hypergonar anamorphic lens in its clamp


    [attachment=377:Tiny thumbnail #01_4.jpg]

    Fujian 35mm 1.7 C mount lens with baby Berthiot Hypergonar anamorphic lens



  5. I'm definitely looking forward to what you have in the future.  And you'll love the GH3.  I noticed the banding in some of your videos, but I just did a banding test and it isn't so bad in the GH3.  Still there, but can be reduced.  And Anamorphic with 1080P60P works a charm.  Much better noise characteristics and very stable.

    Yes normally I'm about to have the GH3 in january, well I hope... :)

  6. ###SOLD### to a member of EOSHD community ;)





    UPDATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I'm about to put again for sale my baby Berthiot Hypergonar on Ebay tomorrow, but before I'm proposing it here, so you can have at this price, without bid on it :


    700€ for the baby Berthiot Hypergonard, the one I'm using for all the movies you can see below


    1100€ for the all anamorphic set I'm talking about below


    Please PM, don't mis this opportunity !!!!!!!


    Tomorrow it will be too late !


    Shipping cost with insurance : 20€


    Seb Farges





    For sale anamorphic set baby Berthiot Hypergonar 1.75X + Voigtlander Classic 40mm f1.4




    This is a huge opportunity to have the legendary baby Hypergonar, a very rare tiny anamorphic lens, only 52 grams (!!!), who gives beautiful cinemascope images with the Voigtlander.

    You are ready to shoot in stunning cinemascope image on your micro 4/3 camera !!!!


    The set is composed of :


    1- baby  Berthiot Hypergonar 1.75X anamorphic lens

    2- Voigtlander Classic 40mm F1.4 pancake lens in M mount


    3- M mount to Micro 4/3 adapter

    4- F clamp 52mm thread + 2 spacers with 52mm thread + replacing additional spacer for using the Hypergonar on other lens than the Voigtlander, with 52mm thread

    5- step up ring 43mm-52mm (to go from Voigtlander to the clamp)

    6- 39mm neutral filter (screwed on a 39mm filter without glass scotch taped on the Hypergonar)  

    7- step up ring 39mm-52mm

    8- L.C.W ND variable filter 52mm

    9- Diopter 52mm filter Nikon +0.7


    As you can see in this set, you are ready to shoot, the variable ND filter allowed you to shoot at 1/50 in video, with the diopter you can focus around 70 cm (2,3 feet) and without, it depends of the aperture you will choose, but let say between 1 meter (3.2 feet) and 3 meters (9.8 feet) to infinity. There is also an additional spacer (that replace the two two other spacers) then you can use the anamorphic on other lens with 52mm thread. The Hypergonar works from (some of) 35mm lenses, then up, without vignetting. No vignetting with the Voigtlander 40mm, very slight vignetting at closed aperture (f11, f16).


    All my films are in this album :



    examples in the album below :


    on the Voigtlander 40mm f1.4:




    on the Fujian :




    on the SLR Cine 0.95 :



    on the Canon FD :



    and here is two exclusive movies : 


    password : lac



    password : 501



    The Voigtlander is a very good 40mm pancake lens, it's like new. With the 43mm-52mm step up ring included, you can use it alone with 52mm filters.


    The Hypergonar begin to be sharp from f2.8, very good at f4 and perfect at f5.6. With the diopter you can shoot at f1.4 with sharp result. It's in good condition due to its age. Very tiny dust, no haze.

    I'm filming with the baby Hypergonar for month now, and I can tell you this is such a good lens. You can watch all the test I've done with it in the link bellow. As you can see I've tried it on several lenses (Fujian 35mm f1.6, Canon FD 50mm f1.8, Holga Lomo f8, SLR Magic Cine lens 50mm f0.95 and Voigtlander 40mm f1.4) and the combination with the Voigtlander is the ultimate set for me.

    1.75X squeeze is also perfect, wider than the common 1.5X, and not to much wider than the 2X anamorphic lens. I apply 57,14% scale in Adobe Premiere.


    The baby Hypergonar gives very beautiful anamorphic flares and stretched bokeh.


    A useful comment from Alan about this Berthiot 1.75X anamorphic lens :

    "you have the smallest hypergonar lens ever made and one of the last designs of the great french man. Professor Henri Chrétien signed over the rights to his fantastical optical invention Hypergonar to Twentieth Century-Fox in 1952,he was legally bound not to develop commercial scope lens or work with any other studios. or sell the optics commercially. This beauty was the only tiny amateur cinemascope lens he could legally make and could only be sold in france and her colonies :sad:

    it was made for amateur standard 8mm film cameras.

    his friends at the Société technique d'Optique et de Photographie (s.t.o.p). At first said it was impossible to scale a cinemascope lens down to this size,and make a usable system. Chrétien went too work and made this tiny gem a beauty. A work of genius.In the late 70s early 80s a supply of spare lens where found and and added too fuji single 8 plastic pocket size film cameras many of these lens would have been thrown in the dustbin in the late 1980s with the standard 8 and single 8 cameras,with the rise rise of video : ( so are now quite rare. i am glad the lens has gone home too france : )"

    "Me too ! :)"


    You won't regret that perfect anamorphic lens for your micro 4/3 camera (Panasonic GH1, GH2, GH3, Olympus….). It worth any penny !!!!




  7. Thanks Rudolf, I do appreciate. Yes this baby Hypergonar is a jewell when it's married to the good lens. I'm happy with the Voigtlander, I also try it with SLR Cine lens 50mm 0.95 and Canon FD lens. Here is different movies with it :
    Thanks for the "handling" compliment, I'm 40, but in this movie quite all is at 50% slow mo, it helps :)

  8. Hello 


    I just want to share my last movie taken with GH1 hacked (I don't have the GH2 anymore, waiting for the GH3) with Voigtlander 40mm Classic 1.4 + baby Berthiot Hypergonar 1.75X anamorphic.


    Remember the baby Hypergonar is hard to find, and it's weight is 52 grams !!!! Yes there is no mistake, this is it's weight....


    This 7mn movie is in festivals, that' why there is a PASSWORD : lac




    Thanks for watching :)



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