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  1. When you can shoot Cineform Raw, you don't care about Prores.
  2. More Kinefinity work- all shots on this are with the KineMini (except for sports footage, which was archive stuff)
  3. This was shot all on Kinemini 4k (except the drone shots). Some pretty weighty grading especially where we had to coax magic hour out of scenes shot at high noon. I would say I pushed the camera pretty well but still had more latitude to give. Lowlight is an area where the camera suffers- shadows can be quite noisy. I am currently upgrading to the KineMOUNT which will allow me to attach a speedbooser (Kinehancer), getting the crop factor down to about 1.15x and adding another stop of light. I am considering grabbing a KineMAX as well, but feel as though while it is a great value camera, my money would be better invested in glass right now. But I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to upgrade to a cinema-style camera.
  4. I've been shooting on their system for about year and had no issues with reliability whatsoever. The system is just rock solid. No issues at all. Cineform Raw is just so great to work with. Raw 4k at smaller file sizes than Prores. Support is quick to respond to any questions. I was disappointed when the URSA Mini was announced just weeks after I purchased mine. I've been shooting for a year now while the URSA Mini is where?
  5. My Kinefinity is currently in China receiving a mount upgrade. This system has a lot of potential. They're like the inverse of Black Magic. No buzz/hype about them, but they actually deliver.
  6. Are CFast prices dropping yet? I haven't followed them but a quick check on Amazon shows me that they're still stupidly expensive relative to SSDs
  7. Still waiting on examples of that "obvious misogyny" re: GB trailer. Your words. I am sure you can at least find a few nobodies on Twitter to prop up a baiting headline. Apparently that's all it takes these days.
  8. I didn't say it doesn't exist. Now you're saying you know what's inside people? That because it exists somewhere in the world, it must exist here? I don't have to look much further than an all-caps YouTube comment from ConcernedAtheist420_696969 to know that person is a troll. But for you to say that the real reason for people's wide dislike of a cult 80s reboot reveals a pattern of ingrained hatred of all women Elliot Rodger-style (becasue that's what misogyny actually is) is frankly nonsensical.
  9. This is yet another example of where I think in some ways we have actually gone backwards with this whole race/gender thing. Where ’progressivism’ becomes effectively re-gressivist, instead of just evolving society beyond such things. The example that stands out was whole deal about Finn in the Star Wars movie- I have never in my life once thought about the skin color of stormtroopers. Faceless fodder, no attention paid. But in 2015, it’s a call to war for both smug, insufferable race-baiters and actual, real racists to rage endlessly on about. Instead of, oh wow, putting a face on a Stormtrooper, that could be interesting, the actual discussion being had make me take note of the skin color, whereas I would have never thought about any of it in the first place. And apparently, nothing much has changed in 2016. I don’t care who you cast; I have little interest in any Ghostbusters without Bill Murray, and I’d assume many others feel the same. But that doesn’t stop the race(gender)-baiters and the real sexists (although sans 12yo YouTube trolls, I doubt many actually exist) from entirely shaping that’s the discussion here. Oh really? Go point out those terrible, awful, hurtful misogynistic comments. Oh wait it's a YouTube comment section, where anyone who's been on the internet for more than two days knows as a cesspool of tween-age trolling. I'm not reading a whole YouTube thread, but the comments on the first page are hardly "obvious misogyny" when the majority of them are basically "this sux, stop ruining classic movies hollywood" or obvious blatant trolling and baiting.
  10. That voiceover... As a current P3P owner, I can't get excited about anything other than the dual IMU/Compass. The camera is fine now for what it is, but really needs some kind of hack or something as the footage gets very crunchy after ISO400. Stopping down aperture would be nice, as well as a better LOG profile. I see absolutely no use for 120fps for a wide aerial shot. I never even use 60fps as it is. 45mph sounds nice, but not sure how often that'd actually be needed. Object avoidance and object tracking sounds cool but if you're a good pilot it's not really critical.
  11. Looks like someone has equity in BlackMagic Design. Change the world, give me a break. It looks fine. Great location, sharp long primes, and obvious grading effort. Playing field leveler lol
  12. I think this thread is (yet another) example of yearning for times that won't ever return. The internet has permanently disrupted how art is funded, created, distributed, and consumed. Yes, it's a world where only superhero moves can make money the old way, but it's also one where the consumer can find entertainment without even being aware of the superhero movie, it's one where passion projects can be funded and not be beholden to whims of others, it's one where the creator can generate revenue directly from the consumer, etc. I worked on a film recently that was pirated even before it was released while the creator was still taking pre-orders. Instead of whining and letting it ruin him, he decided to take it as a positive- that people wanted to see his film, and those that were moved by it would be motivated to spend the money on his self-distributed Blu-Ray (or private streaming link) which contained hours and hours of extra features. He already made the choice not to go the traditional investor/distributor route as he had for previous films. The internet has changed a lot of things but it hasn't changed the principle that if you want to make money doing anything, you have to continually find new ways to provide value to the customer.
  13. I don't agree with the policy implications of your points but this here is a real reason that movie piracy is still strong. I subscribe to Xbox Music because ~90% of what I want to listen to is on there, and if it's not, it's probably indie stuff that's available on YouTube in a playlist uploaded by the content creator themselves. Now try this with movies: http://www.canistream.it/ Try searching for well-known movies off the top of your head. Staples of cinema. Things that you'd actually want to see, not Asylum stuff at the bottom of the Walmart bargain bin. I tried about 20 movies and didn't hit on ANY ONE of them. That's why Popcorn Time, strem.io, and the like exist. I have no idea why people even bother with Netflix or Hulu or Amazon Prime for movies; it must be the TV shows. EDIT: Hey, I finally found one. http://www.canistream.it/search/movie/sharknado
  14. We also live in an age where brand new billion dollar industries are created in months, not decades. Where information has never been more accessible, plentiful, or instantly available. Where people like me with absolutely no formal film, marketing, or business education can start a production company that is responsible for the well-being of not only myself but others. There will be no return to the glory days of 1950s-era manufacturing and middle class single income union jobs. They're gone, that culture exists only in memories, and they're never coming back.
  15. Yeah just use and layer grain.
  16. Not been following this camera. It is still in pre-order? I wouldn't give them a cent until I see people actually receiving working cameras en masse.
  17. He uses some kind of anamoprhic lens. Not really the best way to judge a camera IMO.
  18. I have no problems balancing most DSLR cameras. It has a really unfortunate tendency to glitch out with heavier rigs. It's stable, then all of a sudden, collapses and requires a reboot. The horizontal drift is still an issue that crops up now and then.
  19. I have one and I find it to be glitchy- at best. It's rated for 8lbs I think- but if you're even at 5, expect issues. And good luck with DJI's customer service. Check out their forums http://forum.dji.com/forum-49-1.html Not sure what else out there is better though. The battery will last for a good 4-5hrs.
  20. Hmm, well checking it out further, that one in particular is a Red M, not a MX. Seems to make a big difference, and hence why it is so cheap. http://shootwithred.com/2010/03/20/mx-vs-m-red-results/
  21. Funny, I have the inverse problem. Clients complain that Vimeo is too slow. Even with a fast connection, HD is still very inconsistent.
  22. Nice look. Honestly, with the prime set worth probably about $1500 by itself, I'd definitely pick up a ready-to-shoot Red for $2500 even with the major downsides, even if just for the learning experience.
  23. Screw Bernie. Nice uniform look though. I'm a Zeiss guy but those Leicas...so lush.
  24. I agree that there is plenty of room for the next films. I know I'd be much more excited to see the next ones had Rey actually used every ounce of strength she had to hold off Ren and just got away at the last second, and maybe the Death Star..er Starkiller did end up firing off as well, killing her home, and thus setting up some strong motivations for her to train with Luke and seek retribution. I agree re: the backstory. Perhaps I need to check it out again, but the motivations of The First Order, The Resistance, and The Republic were pretty hazy. All completely separate factions? Why isn't the Republic fighting the First Order? Why the Resistance, and against what? Less chase scenes, and a bit more back story.
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