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  1. Yea, the idea is really great. There are some problems, though (cinema5d.com/news/?p=12190). Downsides There are four minor things you should be aware of: 1. The closest focusing distance of your lenses is changed. The Tokina 11-16mm used here could initially focus as close as 30cm, with the filter applied the closest point was 100cm. On the Canon EF-S 55-250mm it raised from 1.1m to about 1.5m 2. Focusing by using the zoom-in button on your 7D is not as easy as it was before. During zoom your image appears only about a third as sharp as without the filter. Focusing accurately is still 100% possible. 3. You cannot take useful photos while the filter is in. 4. Not intended for 720p mode.
  2. It is only a streaming version available on Vimeo. This 'black sun' effect blinks couple of times in this part of the video. Interesting! One of Canon EOS cameras had same problem. 5D Mark II, I guess.
  3. I found it here: vimeo.com/54141436 - about 1:31 BMCC with a serious night shot problem.
  4. Is it a crop mode in video settings in GH3 as it was in GH2?
  5. Well, this is realy expensive piece of hardware so it should generate much better image than for example GH3 which we know from GH3 pre-production units. Hmm.
  6. [quote name='galenb' timestamp='1353147896' post='21840'] Yeah, this is why I love time machine on the Mac. It just comes with OSX and has a very simple, intuitive yet extremely powerful interface... Oh crap! I said I wasn't going to say anything more about Mac and PC! Sorry! Uh... Yeah, BMCC! Can't wait for the next installment of BlackMagic Cinema Camera review! Yay! ;-) [/quote] Yes. What a relief ;-)
  7. [quote name='galenb' timestamp='1353114112' post='21823'] Do these programs actually do incremental backup on the hour? I thought this was just for ghosting your hard drive so you could go back to come state later in time? Not trying to be snarky, I'm asking honestly because I don't know. [/quote] You can have incremental backup on Norton Ghost. I am using on demand backup. But try it yourself - it is free to make a back up copies. You need a serial number (buy it) to restore a system or files. I do not know if [i]this [/i]program is the best on the planet. I am using it for couple of years and I do not need anything more. By the way, backup and recovery is a must have tool. Should be a part of a system.
  8. [quote name='EOSHD' timestamp='1353095592' post='21791'] Let's test this intuitive Windows 7 claim :) Task 1. I need to backup the entire system. I click Time Machine, it is done. You click.... [/quote] ...Norton Ghost.
  9. [quote name='EOSHD' timestamp='1353097879' post='21801'] Nice list and good point about 21:9 standards. There's already a Philips TV with that ratio isn't there? [/quote] Dell U2913WM UltraSharp 29 Inch Monitor LG's EA93 29 Inch too
  10. New design of anamorphic lens or converter is a realy nice. I have read about it couple of days ago and I liked it right away assuming I can afford it :) My tips: 1. No dual focus Sedulous design: 2. Sharp images full of tiny datails. 3. No barrel distortions (can be seen of a video - streetlight on the right) 4. Not to much anamorphic flares 5. 21:9 compliant. upcoming standard 21:9 is 2,35 (2540x1080). In this case may be little more than 1080 to crop it in post production but not less. In a 1920 world it should give 1920 x 820 rather than 815 - no 2 pixel wide letterbox in 21:9 screen. 6. Affordable. normal lenses price in mind. I don't realy care about oval bokeh
  11. Pro division makes a camera only comparable to what consumer division did.
  12. [url="http://www.eoshd.com/content/9035/interview-with-yoshiyuki-inoue-senior-engineering-planner-for-the-panasonic-gh3"]Interview[/url] with Yoshiyuki Inoue: [b]EOSHD:[/b] May I ask about the sensor size of the AF100? [b]Inoue: [/b]Ah professional camera. Firstly, that camera once was popular, but at this time not as popular. [b]EOSHD:[/b] OK, because the GH3, in some ways is better now. I’d like to see a 35mm version of the AF100. [b]Inoue: [/b]The AF100 is another division, we are focussed on the consumer DSC. We are completely seperate. separate, well...
  13. 18Mps, 1080p recording? There must be some mistake.
  14. [quote name='basschicago' timestamp='1351712438' post='20729'] Slightly off topic, but I wonder if it's too late in the game for Panasonic to implement global shutter on the GH3, I'm just saying... [/quote] [quote name='FilmMan' timestamp='1351744189' post='20753'] More camera[size=6][b]s[/b][/size] coming... ;) [/quote] Yea, the question is do we still like 8bit-4:2:0-moiré-2K-camera. Isn't it a year too late for GH3...
  15. Come on, we have five pocahontas in this vid!
  16. "Codec was the same as at Photokina and once again this was PAL / NTSC switchable between 24/25p" Did you have a possibility to choose 24, 25 [i]and [/i]30 fps as well as 50 [i]and [/i]60 fps?
  17. [quote name='quobetah' timestamp='1348326297' post='18906'] After seeing this video, [url="https://vimeo.com/49875510"]https://vimeo.com/49875510[/url] , h.264 cameras dont interest me anymore. I say deat to 4:2:0!!! [/quote] Good example. Maybe you rather mean Canon cameras ;) This video is a promotional BMCC flick, but in fact Canon effect is awful. When it comes to GH3 there is something very useful- [url="http://www.imaging-resource.com/news/2012/09/28/qa-with-panasonic-the-story-behind-the-new-gh3-and-compact-system-tech"]uncompresed HDMI output[/url]. Very good interview, by the way.
  18. [quote name='Speediakal' timestamp='1348683166' post='19081'] Low budget film makers aren't looking to use 4K. They don't need it. It's a hassle for them. A lot of low budget film makers shoot in 720p since it is easier, faster, and more convenient for them. [/quote] Yeah, even VHS is sufficient for a low budget film makers :D Remember DV format? Hardly. So called Full HD is becoming a history as we see it. We need 4K in the same way as we needed Full HD 4 years ago when DV and DVD started to be a history. If anyone think about showing his works 4 years from now, wants and needs an affordable 4K camera today (affordable not necessarily mean Canon, of course). Yes, [i]needs[/i].
  19. "I’d happily pay $3000 for this [better image in the next, upcoming camera], as the GH3 already is a bargain for $1299". I would NOT. GH3 is a new camera that many are waiting for. It costs more than GH2 so it is obvious it should be more then just an improvement over previous model. And a camera is not everything. Lenses and propriety accesories makes additional costs, so if a new camera for $1299 doesn't generate a better image it doesn't have any sens. Aliasing and moiré instability of an image is passé as a chromatic aberration. A new camera have not to be affected by this image defect. Specially that GH3 is made with possible professional use in mind, right? It doesn't make any sense to wait again and again for a newer camera, because this way we will stay with nothing always waiting.
  20. [quote name='QuickHitRecord' timestamp='1348246999' post='18831'] I thought that it already was: [url="http://www.eoshd.com/content/9011/the-panasonic-gh3-is-here"]http://www.eoshd.com...nic-gh3-is-here[/url] [/quote] Yes, and also [url="http://***URL removed***/previews/panasonic-lumix-dmc-gh3/2"]here[/url] but I'm afraid they are about to make two versions (pal and ntsc) which is not good.
  21. This poll is a great idea. I have already voted, but let me say it here. In addition to the first choice (moire filter) please let us have all the framerates - 60, 50, 30, 25, 24 fps - to choose from. The length limit of a clip (29 minutes in Europe) does not matter, but we should not be sentenced to just 25/50 fps.
  22. "No XLR" complain - do we still remember GH3 is a still image camera? ;)
  23. [quote name='Orangenz' timestamp='1348141765' post='18677'] Wouldn't that be a political problem more than anything? They would have to limit the recording time for the whole camera to be sold in Europe to get the cheaper tax rate but if it was the same camera then everyone would buy the USA model and import. It does my head in, too complicated. Silly tax imho. [/quote] I think one of the Canon cameras got it. I mean 24, 25, and 30 fps.
  24. I asked about it on another topic - is there any chance to have all the framerates (60, 50, 30, 25, 24 fps) not just PAL or NTSC in final version of firmware?
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