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  1. Andrew, do you think is there any chance to have all the framerates (60, 50, 30, 25, 24 fps) not just PAL [i]or[/i] NTSC in final version?
  2. I would like to see 3k resolution in GH3, 4k in GH4 and so on, since we had 2k in GH2. Come on, maybe at least a wide mode 2560x1080px. And moiré correction, please.
  3. I had a little different expression after watching the test footage from a[i][b] downloaded file[/b][/i]. E is no so bad while F is not so good as I thought initially. C is very natural and H stands out as seen for the first time. B would be the (obvious) choice to buy but look what is going on on the bottom left - on the stand of the lamp. It is more evident now on a downloaded file. It's terrible! G has a similar disadvantage also very visible on a bottom of the glass table. G and D is out of the choice. I like the idea of shooting with GH2 (or GH3) for it is compatible with the best cinema cameras for a convenient price. Should't be an another hack of GH2 yet? The color and moiré correction hack?
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