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  1. I give up, why why why why? Who in their camera user base asked for this hey? They read the forums and know what everyone is saying about their cameras so why don't they tackle the big issues first, something we all really really want and will happily pay a little bit more for. Now that rant is over. This was in development for a while and was scheduled for releasing before COVID got in the way. This has a place for sure and as the Ursa is their new tech development platform it's a no brainer more cameras are coming with more K's
  2. I'm hoping for all what @Andrew Reid has in his wish list, especially the mount like what kinefinity have. I would love a zcam-ish box or even a URSA micro body. Putting the "Pro" in the title if true would mean they would add "pro" features like internal ND, articulating screen which can be turned off. There is a BUT in here because they would have to add this new wonder mount to the ursa line as it's their flagship which makes me think they will go with EF "Boooooo" and PL or fingers crossed user changeable.
  3. Here is a 3 part look into the Zcam E2 which looks at colour science, rolling shutter and a lot of other things when compared to the poker 4K and the GH5
  4. On paper, I'm disappointed but not totally surprised. It's a totally conservative move done so they can drip feed updates on future camera models while protecting the cinema. It's a step in the right direction. I'm interested in the new lenses and the secondary control ring more than the camera now. Looking forward to the Panasonic announcement, they are sure to at least be on par with Sony.
  5. There are a few pictures over on the BMCuser forum of it and ts DSLR shaped with a flip out screen. Has lots of buttons http://www.bmcuser.com/showthread.php?21705-Blackmagic-Pocket-Cinema-4K-Camera/page24
  6. So we have the GH5 is a hybrid and the G9 is the stills orientated then the GH5s could well be even more video orientated. It's interesting for sure and would make a nice addition to the family. I love the GH5 as is it ticks every box for my bay to day shoots and then some. The one issue I have is just a firmware fix.
  7. "I also think the G9 paves the way to a $3000 full frame camera system from Panasonic in the future" Panasonic have a big announcement scheduled for December maybe they will blow us all away with a larger sensor camera. My heart want it but my brain says "don't be stupid" and in the same breath "it would make sense" at some point Panasonic will need / want to move to larger sensors OR have a line of cameras with larger sensors
  8. I would like to think its a Interchangeable mount SLR with a phone / computer type device for its brain and screen. I was hoping for someone to do this with android when Samsung started sticking cameras on to their Android phones
  9. That is brilliant, great work. Would be great for a hand grip like FS7/5 but on steroids. Also the little Bluetooth joypad for gimbal work would be sweet. Can't wait
  10. As a freelance creative I say learn everything you can and don't discount tools. I'd never give up adobe its part of in the industry with After Effects especially (before anyone start about Fusion please dont) I love it used it for ages but for mograph its a NO! anyways, If I had clients that didn't care what I worked on then sure but until all the big agencies make the move or adobe does and Apple then I cant see any big shift. Long live Resolve and its user base will blow up but cant seeing it making a real dent.
  11. So I've been looking at all the Chinese cheap tech sites for years to see if Android tablets with HDMI in would ever be a thing just out of curiosity and I found a few Android DVR boxes with HDMI in and out with 4K playback and USB 3.0 and H.265 from about £80 - £150 NOW before anyone starts No I wouldn't use it on a production, They may not even accept 25/24p BUT it is a step in the right direction and I'm sure someone will slap a screen on one of these things before long and give us a nice monitoring tool with endless app possibilities.
  12. Love my 2.5k and when every I can get away with it I use it on jobs, I fully expect the 2.5k sensor to be shoved into a ursa mini body come NAB 2016
  13. This is great as Samsung Dont hang around if they smell blood in a product category and with an agressive development and iteration cycle they will get it right sooner than later. There is a lot to like with what they are doing and it just looks to get better. With Samsung being notorious spec freaks and hate getting trumped they could be hear to stay as a competitive forward thinking camera manufacturer.
  14.   Sweeeet. We were going to get a 3rd Black magic cam just for all the greenscreen work we do but factor in the slo mo and this cam could a real option. Shame about the 720p monitoring and No SDI but not the end of the world.
  15. I'm liking the moves they are making. The more competition the better I'd say. The only thing putting me off is the price of the media a 256 SSD is almost a 1k 
  16. [quote author=fabutch link=topic=951.msg6950#msg6950 date=1341782314] The monitor on top looks like the sony clm-v55... [/quote] I would say it is a clm-V55, Could it be Sony making an aggressive move? I hope we need as many companies as we can trying to capitalise on Canons lack of foresight. What ever the case this will make waves if it can match the BMCC for features and trump it in sensor size.
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