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  1. I look forward to what the GH6 has to offer, and hope Panasonic continues to develop more L mount glass. The built-in ND filter option would be sooooo nice, especially for video shooters, but I understand the implications of changing the body size to accommodate it. The electronic ND on my old Sony FS5 was a wonderful thing, and I'm surprised that it hasn't become a standard feature on other cinema cameras by now. As an owner of GH4, GH5, EVA1 and S1H, I am somewhat committed to Panasonic for my work flow. I never had great results color grading Sony Slog, but get consistently great results with Panasonic Vlog. One feature that could be useful is a voice driven menu. In the field I often spend more time hunting for seldom used features buried in the menus. All Panasonic hybrid cameras have microphones, and the menu data set can't be very large, so voice recognition would be relatively easy. Of course, if would have to be multi-lingual for different regions, but that would be an easy firmware patch. Wishful thinking...
  2. Can anyone confirm if the Samyang VDSLR II lenses are identical to the Rokinon DS lenses? The Samyang tend to sell for less than the Rokinons, and I've seen some speculation that the Rokinon lenses may pass a higher quality control level. FWIW, I have the 24, 35, 50 and 85mm Rokinon DS lenses, and for the price I am quite pleased with them.
  3. Aside from brand markings are the Samyang VDSLRII and Rokinon DS cine lenses identical? The Samyang 14mm version costs $100 less than the Rokinon version on B&H, so I'm wondering if there are differences in coatings or build quality.
  4. Jon - Thanks for your thoughts. When the industry norm defaults providing an RMA number instead of actually "support", I think we're in a bad place, regardless of the cost of the product. Many times, I have been able to resolve technical issues by speaking with the right people who had actual answers. Fortunately, internet user group forums often provide better "support" than what we receive from the manufacturers of the products we buy. I will continue to search for answers, and post any results I find.
  5. I have used the GH3 and GH4 for time lapses, and love the built in intervalometer...one less external gizmo to carry around! However, using the save-to-movie feature after shooting RAW stills with the GH4 causes it to freeze. Every time. None of the controls are functional, including the on/off switch, and I have to pull the battery to reboot the camera. My GH2 and GH3 cameras never froze up on me, so this concerns me. I haven't lost any stills due to the freeze ups...yet. Has this happened to anyone else?
  6. I will ech For scaling footage, selecting the maximum render quality definitely helps, but takes longer to render. I typically disable both options for preliminary renders, and enable them for my final render.
  7. The times my GH4 has crashed after saving the time lapse stills to a movie, non of the files were lost or corrupt. Just the same, I am going to avoid using the save-to-movie feature, as I can do that in post. I finally got a reply to my email inquiry from Panasonic, advising me to talk to phone support. Sadly, the person on the phone clearly was reading script "solutions" and had no knowledge of the GH4. Her "solution" was for me to send the camera in for "repair", requiring a two week minimum turnaround. This doesn't guarantee that they will actually fix what may be a design flaw. I was hoping to speak with someone who had technical knowledge, but the girl on the phone would not allow that. I guess that Panasonic treats the GH4 as a consumer product, and consumers don't have urgent needs like professionals who rely on their equipment. Thus, Panasonic isn't targeting the professional market.
  8. My GH4 crashes after shooting a time lapse and choosing the option to save the files to a movie. Happens every time, regardless of image file type or resolution. I sent an email request to Panasonic and waiting for an answer.
  9. If you're considering an external recorder, this may be of interest: I recently bought a Tascam DR-40 recorder for $150/shipped via ebay. Its built-in mics sound better than the GH2 mics, but the main reason I got it was to use a pair of condenser mics with the DR-40's phantom power. The GH2 mics aren't "bad" per se, but as they are position at the camera and facing upwards, the sound quality is less "direct" and prone to picking up ambient sounds. Instead of an external recorder, you could add a microphone with a cable that can be placed closer to the sound source. Proximity makes a big difference in sound quality. Also, having the mic plugged into the camera eliminates the need to sync an external recorder's audio to the audio from the GH2.
  10. Hi Ron. I purchased some old Canon FD lenses and use a really cheap ($20) adapter off of ebay. The adapter worked fine with my Canon FD 50mm lens, but the aperture of my Canon FD 28mm lens would get stuck wide open. I noticed a lever on each lens that gets pushed into position when connected to the adapter. My adapter has a very small screw that engages this lever. On my 28mm lens, the screw was just a bit too small to make good contact. After searching for a longer screw and not finding one, I gently bent the lever, and now it works fine. I wouldn't have done this with an expensive lens, but as the 28mm only cost me $40, I wasn't too concerned. Suffice to say the better adapters are probably made to much higher tolerances, and this probably wouldn't have been an issue. cheers, Dave
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