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  1. Thanks for the reply! Helps a lot Craig
  2. [quote]Hi Craig, Take a look on: [url=http://www.eoshd.com/gh2-patch-vault]http://www.eoshd.com/gh2-patch-vault[/url] You have to shoot with each one and then watch the footage to make conclusions. And the same for the others. I like and recomend the EOSHD Intra-esting. Excellent quality( 88Mbit AVCHD Intra) and allows to record more then 10 minutes without stop. Also you get a intraframe codec ( there's no groups of frame) wich is better to perform on my imac(CPU). A 32 gb's card means 44 minutes record time. I use Sandisk class 10 30mbits. Saludos. Francisco.[/quote] Ok thanks, I'll take a look [quote author=kirk link=topic=294.msg1863#msg1863 date=1329673827] If I read you right, you are not talking about hacked GH2 and the various patches? If I'm right, the highest quality is the 24 fps cinema setting and with the new 1.1 firmware there's a high bit rate 30p setting too... The various film modes are good for different types of shots... I have become best friends with the Nostalgic setting, which I feel gives me the best flat base for grading... but shoot lots of test scenes in the varous settings to see for yourself! [/quote]The Nostalgic setting sounds good, as I like to color grade my footage. Is this a hacked-feature?
  3. All these quality settings I've seen on the GH2 confused me. Which one records the best, clearest quality? I'm not entirely worried about file size at this time (though there will be times I need a smaller file size) I just can't tell which one is best overall. Thanks
  4. A friend of mine, who uses DSLR's more then I do, told me that one of their weaknesses is the audio (with hissing, etc), even with a custom mic. I'm just wondering if the GL2 fixes this problem, or I should get an external audio recorder? Thanks
  5. Posted a comment on your video and thread on DVXuser haha ;)
  6. [quote]I'm a journalist who has used a Panasonic AG-HMC150 for video but I'm a complete newb when it comes to photography, micro four thirds and DSLRs. But I just sold my HMC150 and picked up a used GH2 on the cheap.[/quote]Heh, I'm in the process of selling my HMC40 for a GH2. ;) I was going to ask about lens to. I plan to get the 14-140mm kit lens to start with, but wondering if there are better options for filmmaking. The 50mm 1.4 sounds like a good place to start, thanks!
  7. Awesome. I hope to be ordering one in the next month or two, once I get the money ;)
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