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  1. 3 hours ago, EthanAlexander said:

    Is this one of the factors that led you to your decision to go other directions with music?

    Also, have you considered selling your YT channel to another filmmaker, or partnering with one so you could do less work but keep it active? We need channels like yours so we do have choices besides Logan Paul.

    I mean, not directly but maybe subconcooisly.  This was 2 years ago now.  The decision to do music stems more from not having devoted any time to music lately so I have a lot of energy to work on it.

    Never really considered selling or anything like that.  Will likely continue to utilize it just in a new direction. 

  2. I don't think this is new, "Logan Paul" has always been there, just in different forms.  In the 90's it was Jerry Springer, Real World, and Road Rules. Then all reality TV.  Now...those are gone and it's moved to YouTube. 

    For every person that watched Jerry Springer or Reality TV there are people that don't.  Same for this generation, they aren't all fucked because they don't all watch.  This generation will be the smartest of any generation to date.

    The fact that this is what's on YouTube is endlessly frustrating though.  We were in discussions to do. YouTube Red original series, YouTube read scripts and we went back and forth but ultimately they passed because we didn't have enough subscribers.  How does that make sense?  Either way, it's frustrating that they promote it but, to me, equally frustrating that people watch it.  Hard for me to be too upset at the system because it's not forced...I'm on YouTube a bit and I have never seen one of his videos.  So its still a choice.

  3. Dave, those videos are great man! Really great work before even considering the turnaround.

    I really have no desire to do a feature, and it doesn't have anything to do with funding or anything like that. I would just honestly rather do other stuff with my time.  That will likely change after 6 months of music and pursuing other things...that's usually what happens.  I just need time away to rebuild creative juices.


    Cooking/food has always been an intriguing art form. I like the idea of the work/creative output resulting in something tangible, for a change.

  4. I can see photography being very rewarding in that way.

    What is vitro meat?  I mean, I could Google it but I would rather hear your explanation.

    Yeah, crew members kind of get the best aspects of video...production!  That said, a crew member isn't having to see the whole thing through.

    Dave, I agree.  I shat on Vlogs as an art form but they really are creatively liberating.  Basically as instantly gratifying as music.  The most I want to do is stuff like that or short little creative vignettes that co-feature music and visuals.

  5. Thank you @Orangenz!

    I started with music long before video so it is easier for me. Video has always been tough, I can do it and I have invested time into it but definitely not something I am head over heels for.  Something about not realizing creative ideas for 3-12 months that doesn't sit well with my ADD. 

    Anyone else ever feel that way?  Its great and it's a fulfilling art form but damn is it tedious to see a creative idea from conception to completion. In my experiences, music is infinitely more fluid.

  6. I mean, depends on what you're expecting. I would say the median expectation is the closest to reality in this case...

    I will offer my 100% unbiased opinion because we are moving on from camera stuff after this.  I'm burnt out!  Will do that in the form of a Vlog and also here.

  7. 1 hour ago, Oliver Daniel said:

    Well you’ve spilled the beans there. It’s clear as crystal. 

    “Biting your tongue” refers to everything you’ve teased not to be true, and the GH5S   is actually a smart watch (watching clock). 

    All this lowlight talk is just about the smart watch glowing in the dark and beaming out organic and brighter ISO values to the current GH5. 

    The watch also has IBIS. 

    Never gets old ?

  8. I am less apt to blame the platform as that takes a fraction of accountability from the guilty individual.  The hive likes to exploit but it still is people doing the exploiting...not the system itself.

    Censor YouTube and people like Logan Paul will just find where the new boundaries are, re adjust, and continue exploiting.

    Don't give perpetrators an out by blaming their circumstances.

  9. Project has been done for a few weeks now, I edited and then sent elsewhere for a grade. 

    Overall...its OK, lol.  I wanted to do more but Marika went into labor and it cut into production a bit. Best excuse to cut a production short that I could ask for though.

    Filming a follow up vlog for our channel tomorrow that you all should enjoy.

    Quite excited to just talk openly about this...

  10. You don't need Cinelight, Adobe Camera RAW, Premiere Pro, AE, and Resolve all work with DNG from DJI products.

    Edit...you might have to on a Mac, I don't have any info on that.

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