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  1. Canon's stock (in the last 3 years) was at it's highest in early 2010 which not surprisingly coincides with their only moment of brilliance, innovation wise, in recent memory...the addition of 24p on the Mark II.


    I put Canon in the same boat as a game developer like EA Sports with the Madden series.  Can they just update rosters and menus and spew out the same game over and over while making a huge profit?  Probably.  At some point though, enough two star reviews on Amazon and negative reviews on blog sites (like this one) WILL take their toll and they will lose their spot as the go to camera for their go to market.  


    It's disappointing for someone that got their start with a T2i because that was when Canon had "it".  The Mark II was innovative, the T2i had decent 1080p video for super cheap and they were killing it.  I loved Canon.  Then they just stopped impressing. Playing it super SUPER safe with both pricing and specs.


    Do you guys remember the November announcement two years ago?  Where they built up the C300 as something that was going to change the industry?!!!  Do we need any more evidence that Canon is out of touch with their target audience?  

  2. Yes, but this was a choice that was made before filming started, that had nothing to do with the script or the story in general, that is defying the past 50 years of cinema.  You don't think this was a large topic of discussion?  Everyone just signed off on it without being convinced that it was the right choice?  If it makes 3D better, what's the problem, you get the best 3D plus the 24p 2D version.  Win/win.
  3. Don't you think Warner Brothers would make ABSOLUTELY certain, 500 million times, that this is a good decision.  You don't think they shot test footage and screened it to countless execs and people in the business?  The idea that this is a $500 million test video for Peter Jackson is laughable.  This WILL look amazing in the theaters, just like Bane's voice will be fine.  "I can't hear what Bane is saying!!".  Yeah, he's in an airplane that's been cut in half, I can't hear much either.
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