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  1. 18 minutes ago, ajay said:

    Yes, plenty of footage with native ISO values, but not side-by-side under harsh lighting conditions. It's the only way that you can potentially see the differences in dynamic range and highlight roll-off. If its not side-by-side, the results are subjective.

    Please understand Luke, no disrespect to your fine work. If anyone can get the best out of these cameras it is YOU.

    My hope is the GH5s will bridge the gap between the GH5 and the EVA-1. I'm just not convinced yet that it is offering much else other than excellent low-light performance w/o IBIS. I was hoping for a least one stop better dynamic range and so far I am seeing maybe 1/2 stop at best over the GH5. It's definitely not 2 stops better.


    Thank you and I appreciate that, also understand that I'm not put up to anything I say, this is my impression.  I didn't see two stops either, the only thing I noticed was a more pleasing rolloff.  Probably comes out to 1/2 stop but for me it's in the right spot.  I don't need much more, I just want that smooth rolloff...I got that in this footage but not really ever with the GH5.  

  2. 16 minutes ago, ajay said:

    I will look forward to seeing side-by-side tests at native ISO's 400 and 2500.

    I won't be doing any such tests but I'm sure someone will.  You don't need to take anyone's word for it though, plenty of footage out there using the native ISO values.

  3. Had to send the camera back a few days ago but will likely get a production unit soon.  Same thing happened with the GH5.

    Ha, @Jonesy Jones that confusion was a mistake on my part. I think I did one to fit a UHD window, one where I scaled up horizontal resolution and one where I scaled down vertical.  All shots were with the same resolution though, I think it's like 3328x2160 or something?  I can't remember

  4. 6 minutes ago, IronFilm said:

    I wonder what exactly is the technical conflict between those two which means they can't be included together at once? 

    And will they be in the future, is this a hurdle that can be overcome on a future camera?

    I think it's the juice needed to give each photosite 2x native ISOs

  5. 2 minutes ago, Spgreen65 said:

    Luke, when do we get to see the finished Sci-Fi Robot short you shot with the GH5S? The low light test footage is crazy clean. No post clean up,(noise reduction) correct?

    I haven't seen that online yet, should be soon I would think!  No post clean up outside of a few shots that I got in VLog.  The one that is clearly VLog and then a low angle over the water (with obvious different coloring).  Everything else has no noise reduction applied!

    Also, everything in that playlist is GH5s footage, with the exception of "The Super Secret Project" which has some GH5s, some GH5.

    Some thoughts (also...that thumbnail)


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