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  1. 1 minute ago, buggz said:

    2.666666 aspect ratio, FF anamorphic, though, I believe this has already been said...

    Sorry, this was not meant as "a slam".

    I even bought the daylight LUT.



    No, the Alexa LUT does this to un corrected GH5 footage plus Zeiss lenses are known for shifting this way as well. 

    I guess to me there is one clue to look at here to get an idea.  Or should I say, two clues. 

    Off topic, but this lens makes all other lenses seem inferior.  It is heads and shoulders above all other lenses!

  2. 1 minute ago, Jonesy Jones said:

    Does dual ISO have something to do with color temp/WB? I thought it was an exposure thing.

    Ok Luke. Here's the thing. 

    If I were trying to upload an image and it wouldn't let me, I would either...

    1. Think to myself, "Oh well. It wasn't really that important." Then I'd go on about my day.... OR
    2. Think to myself, "Oh wait. It doesn't accept tif files." Then I'd convert it to jpeg. And post it. 

    What I would never do is realize that it didn't accept tif files, and then post that it doesn't accept tif files -- knowing full well that I could simply convert to jpeg. The fact that you realized the forum didn't accept tifs and randomly posted that fact doesn't make any sense. 

    I know you did eventually convert to jpeg and post, but the first series of actions just doesn't add up, especially when you say there is "no hidden meaning!"

    Come on man. You're killing us.

    With 100% honesty, I only mentioned the .tif thing because someone asked.  I tried to upload this same image as a .tif, it looked like it worked and I hit "post" but realized it just attached the file.  So, sense I can't delete my post, I just changed it to say something random and deleted the image.  

  3. 47 minutes ago, buggz said:

    For me. on a calibrated display, too much red/magenta, like that Alexa LUT thingy...

    Shrug, a lot of people seem to like that look.

    On further review, it isn't even close to the Alexa LUT, your photo is more orange than red, nevermind...


    I mean, I added the Alexa LUT on a laptop so that could be it :)  I guess I could have been more specific, what OTHER than the grading do you notice.  I'm not spending any time grading this material as it's being done by a post house.

  4. Yes! This is one of my favorite setups!  I got a shot with the handle while hanging outside of our car of the Tetons that is really only possible with this.

    The shot at 0:49 specifically but there are a few more with the Osmo in the video as well.

  5. Someone asked what "1.tif" was about and I said I tried to upload a tif file but it wouldn't go through, no hidden meaning!


    I'm not a fan of DNG.  Huge messy files that Adobe software STILL cannot handle properly.  Give me ProRes or something like what is in the GH5 and I'm happy. 

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