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    Tony Anastasi reacted to Cinegain in Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera   
    I'm slowly forgetting about the A6300. :P And thinking about the BMMCC & G7 with a Pilotfly H2 + handle kit.
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    Tony Anastasi reacted to DayRaven in Sony a6300 4k   
    Mines supposed to be arriving today, so as soon as I'm able, and if no-one else gets round to it first, I will
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    Tony Anastasi reacted to Pyriphlegethon in Sony a6300 4k   
    I think my overall impression of this camera (after a day of shooting so take that with a grain of salt) it a positive one. These Sony cameras bring options not available on something like a Canon and it comes with a steep learning curve. However, using the camera correctly (using S-log 2 only when necessary, getting white balance right, avoiding rolling shutter, maximizing function buttons, finding audio solution) you're really getting a lot for $1k. As always it depends on your needs. I did a little first impressions write up here: 
    A lot of what I found has already been mentioned in this forum thread. My biggest disappointment was LACK OF CANON AF FOR VIDEO. I can't even select AF-C with a Canon lens attached via Metabones. 
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    Tony Anastasi reacted to Andrew Reid in Sony a6300 4k   
    Hey Jordan
    No way! It kills me to have a misunderstanding like this
    I am an avid follower of your videos at The Camera Store, I absolutely love then
    I featured your video on the blog purely out of love for what you do and to draw attention to it.
    I'd have a hard time passing that off as my own!! Berlin might be cold but it's not that cold!! I do not have a stunning beard. I do not have Chris's strange accent either
    The PR comment wasn't aimed at you guys
    *At all*
    I get involved with the manufacturers and try to build a relationship, I go to the events organised by PR companies to try out the cameras early when I can fit it in, nothing wrong with this and all reviewers do it. I didn't realise you and Chris just got back from a Sony press event so it was a really stupidly badly timed comment on my part.
    No one can deny there's generally a subversive whitewashing going on due to so much PR in the consumer electronics world but YOUR reviews are NOT like that... I like to think we remain balanced about negatives and unbiased and thinking of our content rather than our relationship with the manufacturers and this is totally what sites like ours do... We shoot from the gut and we are outspoken.
    I can't tell you how sorry I am for this misunderstanding it is terrible...
    I'm up for a chat on the phone if it helps solve any issues
    Sorry - Andrew
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    Tony Anastasi got a reaction from IronFilm in Sony a6300 4k   
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    Tony Anastasi got a reaction from Swiss in Sony a6300 4k   
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    Tony Anastasi got a reaction from DayRaven in Sony a6300 4k   
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    Tony Anastasi reacted to Andrew Reid in Sony a6300 4k   
    Ad payouts are pretty much all these early rushed out shitty reviews are done for.
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    Tony Anastasi reacted to Nikkor in Sony a6300 4k   
    It has sony colors, I will stick to my eos rebel t1.
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    Tony Anastasi reacted to Cinegain in Time to step up - Panasonic GH5 must go 6K Super 35mm to compete in 2016   
    From a size perspective... the A5100 and A6000 are smaller than GH4. All APS-C stills cameras are aimed at the consumer crowd and priced accordingly/affordable (except perhaps the 7D & Hasselblad Sony rebrands). Just about all fullframe cameras are aimed at the enthusiast/prosumer/pro crowd and priced accordingly as well. There's a big gap in between APS-C and FF. Yet, between M43 and APS-C not so much. So from a costs perspective, I'm not sure why you'd oppose it either, if anything, APS-C actually seems the more mainstream, convenient and economical option to go with.
    Lenses... I have seen small enough lenses on Sony E-mount cameras as well. You don't want to use other than M43 lenses with your S35 camera... ok, fine, don't. You can still use your M43 line-up lenses and have the sensor cropped accordingly, acting as a 4/3" sensored camera. Don't see why introducing a new line-up is a bad thing? Mutliple manufacturers have more than one specific sensor area covering mount. Panasonic has to keep up. Easy as that. You can't just magically make a sensor suddenly be hell of a lot more sensitive... but what's always an easy fix is increasing it's size. And as I said before, I think APS-C is where it's at. Sure they could introduce a fullframe system or a strictly APS-C one... but that's bad. You already have a eco system... and you want to give the people already shooting a Panasonic, having a bunch of native lenses to not start a system with like 3 lenses that will work natively only. Introducing a S35 camera that takes an existing lens eco system and expands on that with a new line-up... I think it's a smart move. Sure you could say 'well, if that's your philosophy, then you can also make it a fullframe camera and make it take M43 and act as a 4/3" sensored camera', well, you're forgetting why people love the GH-series then. S35 just makes sense. To me atleast. I'd like to see it. Don't find it too far fetched at all.
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    Tony Anastasi reacted to mike_tee_vee in Sony a6300 4k   
    The lack of touch screen is unforgiveable. 
    For all the people that moan that pros don't need a touch screen in models like the A7 and RX series, seeing Dan Chung's News Shooter touch screen demo clearly illustrates the focus pulling-like capabilities a touch screen offers. 
    What's the point of having state-of-the-art PDAF without having easy access to focus point selection?
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    Tony Anastasi reacted to Jimmy in Canon struck raw, EVF and brighter zoom from XC10 “for cost reasons”   
    It is almost perfect, especially the global shutter and DR. I will be very interested to see if DJI or others make a nice gimbal for it (the marketing images look very much like a DJI gimbal?)
    I just wish they had though about post stabalisation. The 2.7k sensor would have been so much better. No matter how good your gimbal, adding a touch of stablisation in post just gives it that floaty, filmic feel. Hopefully the 1080p will be good enough that you could stabilise and resize it back up and still have a detailed image.
    I would also like to see 48p and maybe a smaller battery. It is pretty damn exciting though.
    My "bread and butter" work is now calling for 4K, but this camera would really suit a more narrative based work (where I don't think 4K means alot, personally).
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    Tony Anastasi got a reaction from Jimmy in Canon struck raw, EVF and brighter zoom from XC10 “for cost reasons”   
    HI Jimmy, 
    just wondering what your thoughts on the new Black Magic drone camera are ?
    peeps are saying stuff like 
    "I think some of the big points for us are:
    Global Shutter, RC control - including lens functions, Compact package, Interchangeable lenses - not a GoPro or DJI style camera
    Expansion interface which the controller can interact with, and they will publish the specifications. Speculation on my part is it looks like it could be balanced aerodynamically as well the weight distribution. "
    and talk about
    " S.Bus and PWM pins on the expansion port let you set up remote or wired camera controls for total flexibility so you can build a setup that allows you to control everything from exposure to focus and even zoom from a remote location. A stabilized drone camera with a remotely controlled zoom lens on it? "
    - so I'm just wondering what your thoughts are on this one.. I'm sure the next version will have  2.2k/2.7k/4k for sure

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    Tony Anastasi reacted to tosvus in Panasonic GH4 in a professional setting - FAQ   
    the second item has been answered by multiple reviews I have seen. For "ntsc", there is no recording limit. If you switch to pal/25/50, 30 min limit due to EU restrictions.
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    Tony Anastasi got a reaction from Julian in Blackmagic Prodution 4k now shipping for 3k!   
    yeah and the other 40+ 4K imaging devices due on the market this year.. 
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