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  1. If if weren't for Color Finale and Neat Video, I don't think I would be using FCPX. CF was very good and I'm still getting on top of the new features of CF Pro which is much improved - a lot of streamlining to repeat corrections and looks, great integration of LUTS, etc. I really like it - love the curves and and the wheels are a breeze, etc. (Now if only there was a proper sharpening plugin for FCPX...) I didn't use a ColorChecker. I recently purchased a Passport version but am not accustomed to it in my workflow - need to start! "Back to topic," after I set exposure and white balance on both cameras, I merely looked at the two screens (man - amazing how much better the C100mkII screen is vs mkI) and then went into the XT-2's custom WB to take out a bit of green that I saw on the XT-2's screen compared to the C100. Once in Final Cut, I made no further color adjustments to either camera other than take an almost equal amount of red out of the mids. I made separate exposure adjustments but otherwise, no color adjustments to get the XT-2 and C100mkII "talking" to each other. I'm pleased it was that easy. One thing I noticed tho is that the C100 seemed to have more information to push around in the file. If I needed to be more aggressive, the C100's image seemed more robust. Particularly with the black levels as the XT-2 wanted to crush blacks with less adjustment. I'm a CLog person mostly and I soooo want to work with FLog to compare. No desire to dump another $850-$1200 on a 4K recorder, however.
  2. Face/Eye AF was OFF in photo mode. As far as I can tell, I don't have the option of enabling it for video even if I wanted. Fn button is unresponsive and option is greyed out in the menu during video mode.
  3. Here is my first attempt to intercut the XT-2 with my C100mkII. I had hoped to have the XT-2 as a companion in this way and I'm pretty happy about it already. Camera settings in the video and more info in the description. Short report is that I used Wide DR and ProNegStd dialed down. I shot the XT-2 in 4K. pswd: twocam
  4. Actually, you cannot change ISO while recording, but I'm referring to things like zebras and histograms, etc.
  5. I spoke with Billy at the Fuji booth at PhotoPlus (NYC) on Friday - compliments and feedback on the XT-2. He asked how the XT-2 has changed my work and obviously I talked with him about video and that the camera was "almost" to the point that for certain events, I could use it exclusively for photo/video vs. always bringing my C100 mk. II and using the XT-1 for stills. I emphasized the shortfalls for me was the lack of exposure tools in video to which he was very acknowledging - "That's a priority for me too." I also mentioned the desire for internal FLog - "We are hearing that from everyone..." He will be in Tokyo next month and said he would be bringing two months of feedback with him. His tone was appreciative and optimistic. It was clear to me that they don't feel at all complete with camera's video as it currently stands.
  6. The C100 has sold! I could ship to you for $205 if you pay via PayPal friends and family or please add 3% for PayPal fees. I would cover the shipping over $30.
  7. Also frustrating to note that FLog is apparently only available as 4K output, not available in 1080p HDMI out. That's what the menu told me but outputting to my Ninja Star just now confirmed it. Wish it weren't restricted to 4K only. Firmware, Fuji? Nice to note that the 422 HQ 1080p wasn't a marked improvement over the internal recording using @Lothar's settings. I will do a few more comparisons of 1080p internal/external this afternoon. Wouldn't claim it yet but could be another Canon C100 scenario in which the ext recorder is redundant unless needing Fuji's flat profile.
  8. @Inazuma Interesting tests, thanks. Notable that you had to raise the exposure of the Nikon 1 2/3 stops to match exposure at each ISO value, is that right? On another note, my XT-2 is still firmware 1.0 and beta testers were using up to 1.42, which we don't have access to on the Fuji support website. I imagine they are waiting for a complete 2.0 firmware before releasing an update to us?
  9. Yes, still available. PM replied to.
  10. Price drops: C100 - $2050 Z-Finder - $175 DP4 - $300
  11. Very clean C100 with PDAF and 259 hours. More than 80% of usage was indoors and well handled and protected always. Not much to say about the camera beyond it comes with battery, charger, and other standard accessories, manuals, and original box. Also included is a eye cup for the vf with Bluestar eye cushion. Price is $2100 net to me. Sale and shipping within Continental US only please. PayPal payments from users with verified addresses accepted. Next, a Zacuto C100 Viewfinder also with a Bluestar. The Z-finder makes a huge difference for hand-holding stability. $200. CONUS. Lastly, a SmallHD DP4 with EVF. It's in good, clean shape - only a few very slight rub marks on the acrylic protective screen - actual monitor screen is perfect. Not noticeable when in use and there is a second, unused protective screen you can switch to when you wish. EVF cup is missing one magnet. Come with original boxes, battery plates for Sony, Canon, or AA's, cables, sun hood, pouch, etc. $325 net to me. CONUS. Thanks.
  12. This direct engagement "from the horses mouth" is always assuring, particularly from a company the size of Fujifilm. It's worth noting that this FLog is their first iteration. I wonder what the limitation/choice between 8-bit and 10-bit is? If they are already doing the HDMI out at 4:2:2, why not raise the bit-rate as well? It's certainly not that they have another camera they are worried about undercutting (cough, Canon.) But I've no idea about the hardware and processing requirements.
  13. We have some FLog to download: In FCPX, I was able to pull down the highlights so that the roll-off seemed less harsh, but no detail recovered. Even after bringing the blacks down and applying a curve, shadows remained quite noisy. This is a fairly extreme dr scene but I am struck by the amount of shadow noise at base ISO. My C100 is my baseline. Curious what others think.
  14. This is quite interesting to me. I've been using a C100 for video and Fuji - an XT-1 - for quite a while now. I've been lamenting the isolation of the systems and the inability to use the Fuji's as a second cam to the C100 and that might be able to change soon. I'm not in a rush and will wait a bit for an XT-2 unless I have a compelling project that forces my hand earlier.
  15. I have switched to CS6 from FCPX in recent weeks and I am generaly pleased. I however also developed a stuttering with the 50mb mov files from my GH3. (I have a CUDA enabled GTX 660, 3770k, 16 gb RAM, ssd, raid for scratch disks, etc.)   I wish the renaming to mpg would have worked but it did not. Transcoding to 442 via MPEG Streamclip has been my fix. Downside is the resulting larger files.   Curious that others have no troubles with their GH3 files. Leaves me scratching my head...
  16. @John (and all others) Thanks for that statement. The rash, reflexive bashing become difficult here (and in other forums) to weed out from the reasonable critique/conjecture which is ostensibly why we come here: to thoughtfully discuss a camera we are all interested in.
  17. I have been working with the strengths and weaknesses of the 5n for several months now. You can do a lot with the camera considering its weaknesses - handling issues you can adjust too. The sensor is fabulous and I would take it over the any of the hacked gf models for sure - better ergonomics than the gf's, the sensor performance, very good codec, 1080 60p, incredible stills when you take them (dynamic range, high iso, etc.) I like the video from it better than from the Nex-7. Yes, I have also seen that blochy video noise at 1600 and 3200 iso when I have pushed it. Sunset seemed a better than portrait profile in those instances. I've shot at 3200 in b/w with contrast and sharpness ramped down and it looked gorgeous. Also shooting primarily with FD glass. Protect your highlights when shooting with the 5n - they blow-out fast. The type of shooting I, overheating has only twice been an issue. I generally shoot short clips of interviews, scenes, etc. But the few times I have had a shot cut short due to overheating, it was a major bummer and I wanted a gh2 right then and there. All that said, the gh2 is a much more capable, all-round camera for video and I am definitely purchasing one now that I've worked with the 5n for these months. I'll still use the 5n, but the gh2 quality even with basic hacks is so impressive. There are folks hacking and making solid improvements to the audio: http://www.personal-view.com/talks/discussion/1152/gh2-audio-hacks/p5 I've spent hundreds getting good audio for the 5n which I then have to sync later. Quality is great but it is extra steps and all the money adds up. I very much understand being on a tight budget. Depending what you want to do, you may spend the difference between the 5n and the gh2 on an external recorder alone... (ps. do not get a h4n. for the price, there is better equipment now.) Even without the gh2, Andrew's book has been very helpful, fun, inspiring.
  18. Axel said so much that I learned from here that I'll only reinforce one point - get ND filters as soon as possible. They make [i]the[/i] difference shooting outdoors. I was choking a bit to drop the coin on a variable ND (I bought the Fader) rather than several separate filters I could stack. I am so glad I spent on the variable. The tune-ability for exposure control is very helpful. Grab a 77mm or whatever size of your largest lens diameter and inexpensive step-up rings to fit your other lenses.
  19. Not intending to be snarky or leave folks with a non-solution, but issues such as this are why I uninstalled Lion and returned to Snow Leopard. Seem to have been chronically bitten in inconvenient moments/ways. Otherwise, yeah, Media Converter is my preferred "wrapper" for my Nex-5N AVCHD 2.0 files. From there I've also taken to using MPEG Streamclip for converting to ProRes422 outside of FCPX - loads faster and seemingly less cpu-intensive. Needed MC first for MPEG to recognize the 60p files. Willing to be corrected on this workflow tho - still figuring out best practices.
  20. Hi. I'm also a 5n user and have only handled Canon's in-store. Depends upon the shooting but I am approaching video as a compilation of many short shots. Hence, lot's of shorter segments of recording and I have never experienced overheating problems with the 5n. That could be different for you depending... Very little moire and aliasing but cannot directly compare to Canon. Cheaper, yes, and I purchased a pricy cold-shoe mount from j-tech and that has been super helpful on many occasions. Lack of mic input is a pain. That said, I am getting better audio with a shotgun into an external recorder than I would an external mic into the camera. Syncing is an other step. Form-factor: I found the 550/600D too small for me also in the form factor (I like the 60D) and ed_lee is right, when I'm shooting video, I almost always have some form of stabilization going on, trying to get my hands off the camera itself. Very susceptible to shake without stabilized lenses. That said, I have three FD lenses and the Sony 16mm and I'm thrilled with what I can produce. I at times miss the viewfinder when I want to compose a static shot, but for video I would minimally have the LCD Viewfinder for either camera. I have it for the 5n - more stability. 60p conformed to 24p is awesome! Magic Lantern looks awesome! I am truly envious of that or something similar, but there is no assurance that they didn't "7D" the upcoming 650D and make it harder/impossible to hack. No one knows yet. No lens that you put on a 650D you cannot put on a Nex, especially with this new Metabones adapter, plus you can put a million lenses on the 5n you cannot on the Canon, including Canon FD lenses. I am also curious about the Sony 50/1.8 because it would be helpful to have something not so sensitive to handling movement. I am not even pushing for the 5n here. Just a lot more experience with it. It has not limited me for my style of shooting yet.
  21. I have been getting my head around dslr video via the Nex-5n. I'm taking my time to learn skills and experiment the next months and then see what is released in the next six month before purchasing a more robust camera. The Nex-7 is a camera I've been curious about (along with everyone else.) Would you say that the color correction is more difficult with the 7 than the 5n? As I'm learning, I find this tricky enough with the 5n's Portrait and Sunset profiles each at -3, -1, -3. Wouldn't want to feel even more limited... 5n's need to be stable is something already I've learned the hard way.
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