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  1. @Attila Bakos @eyesuncloudedphoto I'm wondering about video usage and hot pixels - pretty terrible when I've bouncing between photo and video during an event with my X-T2: after some amount of 4k shooting, I will start having numerous hot pixels in my RAW files, which only become worse as the event goes on. I've not heard that complaint from folks with the X=H1. Also, everyone, sorry if there are already links earlier in this thread, but... Could anyone share some 4k H.265 clips (preferably Flog but Eterna is great too) in the 20 - 60 second range? 24p or 60p. Higher bitrates would be great. Dropbox link? I'd love to get a feel for some of the footage but mostly curious about editing performance of the H.265 with my system, the possible need to transcode, etc. Thank-you!
  2. These forums are descending into uselessness. Snarky, forum-fueled narcissism, unthoughtful. I come to these spaces to glean insight from smart, experienced people. That has been the case (and often still can be) here and in other venues, but typically once we are more than three pages into any given thread, the loathsome : generous ratio is not good.
  3. @Attila Bakos Hello! I just made a donation to you at colorizer.net and thanks for creating this LUTS. Is there any consideration still to make a flat Eterna LUT? I just find the backed in contrast of Fuji's Eterna LUT too severe as a starting point but I do think the color is beautiful. Curious. Still shooting with my X-T2.
  4. What do the last ten posts actually add... to anything meaningful?
  5. I don't think it's a nitpick. I was expecting to shoot F-Log with the exposure tools and / using a monitoring LUT with my SmallHD Focus. Buh-mer.
  6. Well, unsurprising actually, but thanks for the confirmation.
  7. Totally agree. Unhelpful, unnecessary, ego-driven, snarky. No, Kisaha, it is not "simply pointing out information" if your reply swings that way. These sorts of comments just bring the purpose of these forums down. I'm looking forward to spending significant time with the new firmware later in the week. Curious if the slow-mo aliasing issues of the X-H1 show up in the X-T2 post-firmware update - in the 60p as well. Glad, glad for the Flog and Eterna LUT. Jonnie at Cinema 5D had a nice, short intro to the new firmware. Basic story but the images look good.
  8. @Vladimir Thanks for sharing your work. Hard to discern much from about the X-H1 from that set of images - very much about creating an emotional feel rather than the "impact" of the second half. Can you say a bit about settings that worked better for you / differences from the X-T2 that you appreciated from bit rates to lens options, etc.? Whatever stood out to you / made the the shoot easier or not?
  9. I hear you but not everyone is film making. I'm trying to use my X-series cameras as a b-cam to my C100mk2 for interviews or as a stand-alone when I want a smaller kit. The fact that the X-T2 and X-H1 cannot switch between batteries w/o interrupting the recording is a real bummer, certainly for the interview approach I prefer. This becomes more challenging when doing both stills and video over the course of a working day and batteries have been partially drained in the grip. It's an issue for me and makes the new camera not working it. Interesting. I experienced the flow of battery use the opposite in the X-T2 - grip first. Results in blood pressure are the same however.
  10. That is an excellent review shared by @jindrich. Interesting to see the behavior of the IBIS in the "Laguna Beach" video. I've just packed up the X-H1 I recently purchased and sent it back to Adorama. It really is an excellent camera and so many improvements over the X-T2 for a true hybrid shooter. These were my issues: I also experienced too much jerkiness with the IBIS. In "Laguna Beach" you can see some of the hops and jerks now and then, even within their chosen edit. Even with smooth, slow pans, I would have a fair bit of this. I spoke with a Fuji tech yesterday and "Dan" informed me that is was likely an issue of "buffer on the sensor" and that was all he could say. There are time too when the IBIS produces an effect akin to a warp stabilizer in post that I loathe. I also picked up a Fringer Pro adapter and much prefer the quality of the stabilization I get in my Canon 17-55/2.8. I am using this with both my X-T2 and tried it with the X-H1, both IBIS off and lens stabilization on and IBIS on and lens stabilization off as well as both on. For me, relying on the lens stabilization in the Canon produced the best look consistently. I would love to use my fast, small Fuji primes, obviously, but this 1st gen. just IBIS just isn't there yet for me. The other issue I had was the increased aliasing in the X-H1's 1080p/60 vs. the X-T2. It's there. So with the Fringer adapter, the upcoming firmware, and examples like what @Vladimir posted, I've got a lot of mileage to pull from my X-T2 still. Feeling good about that. Excited about that shutter mechanism coming to the X-T3 or an X-H2 with better IBIS and aliasing control. Oh, lastly, I think the new grip is not universally better. It is better than an X-T2 w/o the battery grip, which I shoot with, but felt just a bit more than what I wanted. Subjective, is all.
  11. Dude, you had me until your previous post. Now I wonder how sincere you are to make a move for in-the-moment needed cash. You are in the same breath lusting after other things (i.e. the most expensive route of a $2k new body) and saying that you are so broke you need a body in the $500 range. Which is it? And how much can you actually make by selling what you have to purchase other, lesser equipment. You love your camera and Zeiss lenses. Refer to posts by @Mark Romero 2 and @anonim. I am all for cutting out the hardware "fluff" and selling off anything you do not need, but the notion of downgrading might leave you very unsatisfied. I'd suggest being honest and doing a budget sheet to calculate what you could reasonably sell your kit for, actually sell two lenses you have not used in the past year (if they exist), calculate what a lesser "kit" would cost you, and then figure out HOW ELSE to raise the difference in cash you need. I've no idea of your circumstance but picking up some other part-time work and budgeting tightly for a couple months might be all you need. If this does not work, then sell the GH5 and m43 lens and any Zeiss glass you don't use. Keep the rest of the Zeiss glass and say, I'm giving myself a year to get my financial life in order and then re-enter passion film making. Learn some new skills in the meantime and shoot with your phone.
  12. Gotcha. Fully understand. If I could provide you with a body, I gladly would. Thank you for your work and for making it available! I look forward to downloading and experimenting with your LUTs this weekend. Where are you located, btw?
  13. Ich kann auch Deutsch wenn nötig! @Attila Bakos Amazing! Yes, would like to talk more about a flatter Eterna. I have a X-H1 that I believe I will return early next week. Want to give myself the weekend to be sure, but with the upcoming X-T2 firmware, I think that sealed it for me. What I would miss the most is the Eterna and the shutter if the X-H1. You could help with one of those at least! Can you give me a shot list to shoot in both Eterna and FLog that I can shoot I've the weekend? Various conditions? What do you need?
  14. As another C100mk2 shooter, totally agree. @everyone Here is something interesting - http://colorizer.net/ I will contact them about possibly creating an Eterna LUT. Would be great if others did as well. Regardless, really hits the mark of having a film sim LUT without the heavy contrast curve I dislike in the official Eterna LUT. I am certainly buying them a coffee.
  15. Fujirumors believes there will be an announcement tomorrow but that the firmware will not be available till May - https://www.fujirumors.com/leaked-full-details-of-upcoming-firmware-udpates-first-images-of-gf-250mmf4-and-gf-1-4x-teleconverter/ I wish it were that effective. I find the curve imposed by the LUT to be too harsh. If there was an Eterna color / mild-curve LUT that could be further refined, I would appreciate that a lot.
  16. Interesting. I may not be the first to upgrade then. I'm not crazy about inheriting one of the image issues that would keep me from holding onto the X-H1.
  17. We will find out soon, but I and others have noted already that what is the X-T2's image is nice at 1080/60p and the X-H1 trips up. Will try to post what I have noticed the past few days later this eve.
  18. @Attila Bakos Are you shooting with the X-H1 now?
  19. Yes, I've been desiring internal F-Log as well and with the hopes of the Eterna LUT... But in playing with F-Log from the X-H1, the bummer about the LUT is that it applies a REC 709 curve which crushes shadows far too much for my liking. I wish there was an Eterna LUT with a much milder curve. When I simply applying a curve to F-Log pushes, blues push toward teal or purple (depending upon initial WB), i.e. more fiddly color correction, whereas the LUT just nails the color in a click. But that curve... I currently have an X-H1 which I am debating to return. This is tough - trying to determine if it brings enough benefit. I LOVE the shutter, the Eterna, relative ease of switch between photo and video, internal stabilization, quickly grabbing both photo/video with my Fuji lenses. The body grip is GOOD but I'm very happy with the X-T2 plus external battery grip. Either work well for lenses such as Sigma's 18-35. The X-H1 plus battery grip does appear larger to subjects - it's more noticeable - than the X-T2 and that's a bummer for the lower-profile event shooting that I do. I like to blend for candids. I would likely shoot the X-H1 w/o the battery grip at such events. I am MEH on the performance of the internal stabilization. It is great to shoot stabilized footage with my 23 or 56, etc. But there is jumpiness that I don't care for and at wider angles, there at times appears to be a "warp stabilizer" effect that I really loathe - I think it happens with a slight change of pitch rather than pan or tilt motions. I have been spoiled with the lens stabilization of Canon's 17-55/2.8 on my C100mkII. I've just picked up Fringer's Smart Adapter and now I really like that lens on the X-T2. It's just large, doesn't go to 1.4, etc. I DISLIKE the amount of additional aliasing I am seeing in the X-H1 footage. We all know about the 120 slow-mo but I see it in the 60p in circumstances where the X-T2 has none. Need to look more at the 24p in both HD and 4K to compare. The IBIS irregularities and the aliasing dissuade me. Now with this firmware update for the X-T2. Hmmm....
  20. There is no "easy" laptop hack. It's one thing to get OS X working and quite another for it to run fluidly and optimally. I have built three HackPros in the last six years and am using the third as my daily editing machine. No issues. I am nursing my late 2011 15" MacBook Pro and will continue to as long as possible. Tonymacx86 is a good resource.
  21. Totally reasonable to consider BUT this is a thread about the XT-2, not what best compliments the C100mkII as a b-cam. *wink face* I brought that is as another comparison for the XT-2 base upon how I work and what I hope to do with the camera that I couldn't with the XT-1. In fact, I was agonizing over wanting to stick with Fuji for stills but needing a b-cam. I was considering switching back to Sony for stills and a second camera for video. I was considering a D750 too. I posted this bit with the C100 since the XT-2 can now viably, it seems, play that role and I'm pretty pleased about it. I do think the XT-2 is clunky for video in the way that all these cameras with this form factor are. It reinforced for me my move to a proper video camera for video. I'm glad tho that Fuji now provides rather than precludes. (p.s. sidenote: I also couldn't get right with the GH4 in part for colors but mostly due to DR and the roll-off to the highlights was just too harsh for me.)
  22. Yes, we'll see. The C100's isn't your average 4.2.0. I was one of those "purchase a Ninja Star" people until I realized that it's improvement over the Canon's internal AVCHD was negligible. I don't do extreme image manipulation, green screen and I've never had a concern with CLog and the internal codec. As I mentioned, Canon's Wide DR profile had more flexibility than the XT-2 profile (blacks crushing more easily) but the XT-2 is quite good - perhaps very good. We'll see how this translates to internal FLog. I agree - the bulk is a greater turn off than the $. Not how I want to use the camera.
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