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  1. [quote author=Simco123 link=topic=218.msg1523#msg1523 date=1327592947]
    [quote author=Andrew Reid - EOSHD link=topic=218.msg1521#msg1521 date=1327591449]
    [quote author=Simco123 link=topic=218.msg1515#msg1515 date=1327564292]
    I think it is a mixture of patent agreement and Japanese protectionism. Downscaling is effectively crippling therefore the quality is going to be poor. Appears Nikon D4 was allowed clean HDMI because the video is going to be crippled or downscaled and will not compete against the true high end video cameras.

    Why would Nikon cripple it? They don't HAVE any high end video cameras!!

    What I've said. Combination of patent agreement and Japanese protectionism. Sort of like we help you make your sensor for your camera, doesnt have to be this camera but for that camera so long as you cripple the video on your flagship camera we don't mind you having clean HDMI out. Japanese don't like losing face and Canon is not about to either.

    what about the GH2 then?

  2. [quote author=Simco123 link=topic=184.msg1355#msg1355 date=1326826413]
    Could well be Canon protecting the sales of the APS-C dSLRs by down grading video quality in the G1X. If you want great video you really need the flexibility to use different lenses. The G1X cant do that so no need to have good video.

    Or they will protect the C300 sales by giving crap video to anything below that price range (DSRLs included) like Sony did. If the c300 didn't exist I would have no doubt they will provide gh2-like new cameras. I wonder if the GH2 lowered the sales of the af100

  3. I was expecting this and honestly I don't see why this shouldn't indicate how the new DSLRs will be, this is not a stupid  "compact" camera with a small sensor, it's not even cheap! I don't see why they would put a worse video processing on this camera, I HOPE I'M WRONG
    Once we get a real video sample from the new DSLRs if I don't see anything AT LEAST ON PAR with the GH2 I'm done with Canon

  4. [quote author=Andrew Reid - EOSHD link=topic=157.msg1205#msg1205 date=1326295650]
    [quote author=wanderer63 link=topic=157.msg1195#msg1195 date=1326245862]
    Hi Andrew
    The footage shot by Corey Rich and team "Why" looks awesome don't you think

    Nicely shot but very soft resolution... Could have been done on 5DMkII anyway.

    from how they comment the video (the creators) it seems like they used the D4

  5. I just watched the video and I was shocked by gh2 resolution :| but it's true that the image looks more digital compared to the others big three (of course)

    At this point it all comes down to how the new processor on the next Canons will perform, it will of course decided by Canon if they want to destroy the GH2 or cripple them to protect the c300.

    BTW the Sony 5n aliasing was just HORRIBLE

  6. [quote author=hmcindie link=topic=98.msg942#msg942 date=1324992927]
    Well the HX9V that I have is definitely not that sharp compared to my 7d. Or is it? I've been using them together on the same shoots and occasionally used the material out of the HX9 but I've always enjoyed my 7d way more. The hx9 looks oversharpened and with a limited dynamic range. Here though it looks the best after GH2. Odd. Gonna have to run some tests now.

    that the dynamic range is worse there's no doubt since it's a smaller sensor, but that it resolves more resolution is real
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