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    He sounds like a defeated man. I don't think he should have mentioned the haters in his farewell speech, He's done enough (more than enough), he doesn't really need to offer any excuses.   Say what you want about the man, he definitely changed the industry for the better.
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    Some seriously wonky maths going on. I can't factor in conversion rates, can only speak for Europe where the camera is currently shipping, for a set price.     Aside from the high performance media which you don't have to buy (you can use generic SSDs) how in any way is the following over priced compared to competing raw cameras?   Bodies:   5D Mark III = 2700 euro KineRAW MINI = 3199 euro   Basic components for 5D = 4x 64GB CF cards = 500 euro 4x spare genuine batteries = 300 euro 1x monitor = 500 euro Cage and top handle = 500 euro   Total inc. body = 4500 euro   Basic components for KineRAW = 2x 120GB SSDs = 150 euro 1x Switronix PB70 = 250 euro 1x monitor = 500 euro Top handle = 100 euro   Total inc. body = 4199 euro   Other raw shooting bodies...   Scarlet = 15,000 euros (kitted up) FS700 + recorder = 11,000 euros F5 + recorder = 16,000 euros Epic = 25,000 euros Alexa = 70,000 euros   OK it is not suitable for someone to whom $600 for a GH2 is a lot of money I admit that. But c'mon. Enough with the moaning.
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    Eire- Ireland 5D Mark III Raw

    A short compilation of footage from a recent trip to Ireland. Thank you Andrew for putting together the 5d raw shooting guide, it was invaluable.       http://vimeo.com/72332567  
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    Brett Stark

    How to resources/blogs

    Hi - Sorry for the noobie questions...   I see the guides on this site. I am a little unsure of them because I am interested in learning the real basics and not so attached to the camera itself...I actually just bought a rx100 to start out and will add something next yr.   So, can anyone recommend any good blogs with really decent beginning/how to articles or an ebook or something or even kindle book etc that will get me into this film/video stuff?   Or would you recommend say the GH2 and 50D guides on this site?   thx Brett   PS - Andrew - I am sure the guides are great:). Just checking if there is something even more intro I could get into first.    
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    https://www.facebook.com/groups/cmountm43/ Over 600 people on there seem to think c mount lenses are ideal for BMPC and other M4/3 cameras. Some people here need to get a relaity check and start learning the fine art of manual focusing.
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    Magic Lantern - RAW and Anamorphic

    This is an interesting development.  One can argue that the Canon engineers pretty much knew that the camera was capable of 24p with the higher (1000x) cards, as it's not like the flash memory manufacturers aren't testing their products with all of the various camera companies prior to their release.  The 1000x cards have been out for a year and a half now, so it's safe to say that Canon engineers knew full well that the MKIII was capable of RAW recording using (the fastest) CF cards. That said, RAW video isn't something Canon has dabbled in extensively at that prosumer level and price point.  So even though the feature was obviously workable, it may not have been guaranteed/developed in time for the camera's release.  Canon can't deliver a camera worldwide and advertise such an important feature and have it cause their cameras to crash/overheat because they didn't have time to test it out. As for this news trouncing BMCC/BMPC/BMCC4K?  Meh.  The hack, I'm certain, is welcome for those that already own the camera, but really, unless you already own a ton of Canon glass, the MKIII isn't a "must buy" now that it has 1080p RAW via a hacked firmware update.  The BMPC camera pretty much equals the apparent quality of new haxored MKIII at three times less the price.  Granted you don't get full frame, but if you really need FF, then feel free to pay three times the price.  It IS a bargain if you need FF-RAW. Regardless, this is good news.  Hopefully Canon will embrace this, and release their own firmware update instead of trying to pretend the same people that can afford the MKIII are the same people that can afford their c100/c300 pro line.  The CF card costs are actually reasonable if you're getting RAW FF for the price of a really good CF card.  Another good plus of getting a 1000x card is that they dump to storage -really- fast.   Now all Magic Lantern has to do to REALLY shake things up is offer 1080p RAW on the T4i/T5i. :)
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